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2018 index
Water Polo Ladies World League Intercontinental Round 2015
2021Olympic Men 2020Olympic Women 2020
Olympic Men OQ 2020Olympic Women OQ 2020
2020Europe Men 2020Europe Women 2020
2019World Men 2019World Women 2019
America Men PG 2019America Women PG 2019
World League Men 2019World League Women 2019
2018World League Men 2018World League Women 2018
Europe Men 2018Europe Women 2018
Europe Men Europa Cup 2018Europe Women Europa Cup 2018
2017World Men 2017World Women 2017
World League Men 2017World League Women 2017
2016Olympic Men 2016Olympic Women 2016
Asia Men 2016Asia Women 2016
World League Men 2016World League Women 2016
Olympic Men OQ 2016Olympic Women OQ 2016
Europe Men 2016Europe Women 2016
2015World Men 2015World Women 2015
America Men PG 2015America Women PG 2015
World League Men 2015World League Women 2015
2014World Cup Men 2014World Cup Women 2014
Europe Men 2014Europe Women 2014
World League Men 2014World League Women 2014
Other Commonwealth Men 2014Other Commonwealth Women 2014
2013World Men 2013World Women 2013
2012Olympic Men 2012Olympic Women 2012
Europe Men 2012Europe Women 2012
America Men Junior 2012America Women Junior 2012
World Men Youth 2012World Men Youth 2012
2011World Men 2011World Women 2011
America Men PG 2011America Women PG 2011
World Men Junior 2011World Men Junior 2011
2010World Cup Men 2010World Cup Women 2010
Europe Men 2010Europe Women 2010
Asia Men AG 2010Asia Women AG 2010
America Men ODESUR 2010America Women ODESUR 2010
2009World Men 2009World Women 2009
Europe Men II 2009
2008Olympic Men 2008Olympic Women 2008
Europe Men 2008Europe Women 2008
Olympic Men OQ 2008
2007World Men 2007World Women 2007
America Men PG 2007America Women PG 2007
Europe Men II 2007
2006Europe Men 2006Europe Women 2006
World Cup Men 2006World Cup Women 2006
Asia Men AG 2006
2005World Men 2005World Women 2005
World Women Junior 2005
2004Olympic Men 2004Olympic Women 2004
Olympic Men OQ 2004
2003World Men 2003World Women 2003
Europe Men 2003Europe Women 2003
America Men PG 2003America Women PG 2003
World Men Junior 2003World Women Junior 2003
2002World Cup Men 2002World Cup Women 2002
2001World Men 2001World Women 2001
Europe Men 2001Europe Women 2001
World Men Junior 2001World Women Junior 2001
2000Olympic Men 2000Olympic Women 2000
Olympic Men OQ 2000
1999World Cup Men 1999World Cup Women 1999
Europe Men 1999Europe Women 1999
America Men PG 1999America Women PG 1999
World Men Junior 1999World Women Junior 1999
1998World Men 1998World Women 1998
Asia Men AG 1998
1997World Cup Men 1997World Cup Women 1997
Europe Men 1997Europe Women 1997
World Men Junior 1997World Women Junior 1997
Universiade Men 1997
1996Olympic Men 1996
Olympic Men OQ 1996
1995World Cup Men 1995World Cup Women 1995
Europe Men 1995Europe Women 1995
America Men PG 1995
1994World Men 1994World Women 1994
Asia Men AG 1994
1993World Cup Men 1993World Cup Women 1993
Europe Men 1993Europe Women 1993
1992Olympic Men 1992
Olympic Men OQ 1992
1991World Cup Men 1991World Cup Women 1991
Europe Men 1991Europe Women 1991
America Men PG 1991
1990World Men 1991World Women 1991
Asia Men AG 1990
Other Men Goodwill 1990
1989World Cup Men 1989
Europe Men 1989Europe Women 1989
1988Olympic Men 1988
Olympic Men OQ 1988World Cup Women 1988
Asia Men 1988
1987World Cup Men 1987
Europe Men 1987Europe Women 1987
America Men PG 1987
1986World Men 1986World Women 1986
Other Men Goodwill 1986
Asia Men AG 1986
1985World Cup Men 1985
Europe Men 1985Europe Women 1985
1984Olympic Men 1984
Olympic Men OQ 1984World Cup Women 1984
1983World Cup Men 1983World Cup Women 1983
Europe Men 1983
America Men PG 1983
1982World Men 1982World Women 1982
Asia Men AG 1982
1981World Cup Men 1981World Cup Women 1981
Europe Men 1981
World Men Junior 1981
1980Olympic Men 1980
Olympic Men OQ 1980World Cup Women 1980
1979World Cup Men 1979World Cup Women 1979
Europe Men OQ 1979
America Men PG 1979
1978World Men 1978
Asia Men AG 1978
1977Europe Men 1977
1976Olympic Men 1976
Europe Men OQ 1976
1975World Men 1975
America Men PG 1975
1974Europe Men 1974
Asia Men AG 1974
1973World Men 1973
Europe Men WQ 1973
1972Olympic Men 1972
Olympic Men OQ 1972
1971America Men PG 1971
1970Europe Men 1970
Asia Men AG 1970
1968Olympic Men 1968
Olympic Men OQ 1968
1967America Men PG 1967
1966Europe Men 1966
Asia Men AG 1966
1964Olympic Men 1964
1963America Men PG 1963
1962Europe Men 1962
1960Olympic Men 1960
1959America Men PG 1959
1959Universiade Men 1959
1958Europe Men 1958
Asia Men AG 1958
1956Olympic Men 1956
1955America Men PG 1955
1954Europe Men 1954
1952Olympic Men 1952
1951America Men PG 1951
Asia Men AG 1951
1950Europe Men 1950
1948Olympic Men 1948
1947Europe Men 1947
1938Europe Men 1938
1936Olympic Men 1936
1934Europe Men 1934
1932Olympic Men 1932
1931Europe Men 1931
1928Olympic Men 1928
1927Europe Men 1927
1926Europe Men 1926
1924Olympic/Men 1924
1920Olympic Men 1920
1912Olympic Men 1912
1908Olympic/Men 1908
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