Men Water Polo 9th ODESUR Games 2010 Medellin (COL) - 20-25.03 Winner Argentina
Panam Games ODESUR_2010 index
Gamedatetimeteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
Final25.0320:00ARG Argentina8-7COL Colombia1-12-34-5
3-425.0318:30BRA Brazil11-3VEN Venezuela4-08-09-2
5-624.0317:00PER Peru7-6ECU Ecuador2-05-06-3
1/224.0318:30ARG Argentina8-7VEN Venezuela0-12-33-4
1/224.0320:00COL Colombia6-4BRA Brazil1-12-25-2
Final rankingPwdlgfga
1. Argentina1470088:39
2. Colombia941288:46
3. Brazil941297:36
4. Venezuela420565:57
5. Peru311427:97
6. Ecuador101524:114
Group Round. First 4 to Semi-Finals. 5th and 6th to Classification.
Round Robinpwdlgfga
1. Argentina1050072:25
2. Brazil731182:27
3. Colombia731175:34
4. Venezuela420355:38
5. Peru101420:91
6. Ecuador101418:107
Brazil ----12:1210:425:129:3
Colombia ----9:821:326:3
Venezuela ----17:320:3
Peru ----8:8
Ecuador ----
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
20.0317:00BRA Brazil10-4VEN Venezuela5-27-28-3
20.0318:30ARG Argentina24-1ECU Ecuador6-013-021-1
20.0320:00COL Colombia21-3PER Peru4-09-018-2
21.0317:00BRA Brazil29-3ECU Ecuador8-216-322-3
21.0318:30VEN Venezuela17-3PER Peru3-28-212-3
21.0320:00ARG Argentina8-7COL Colombia4-05-36-4
22.0308:00BRA Brazil25-1PER Peru6-113-119-1
22.0309:30ARG Argentina13-6VEN Venezuela3-06-27-5
22.0311:00COL Colombia26-3ECU Ecuador8-114-320-3
22.0317:00ARG Argentina20-5PER Peru2-210-215-4
22.0318:30VEN Venezuela20-3ECU Ecuador4-211-217-3
22.0320:00BRA Brazil12-12COL Colombia5-48-89-10
23.0317:00ARG Argentina7-6BRA Brazil0-23-26-2
23.0318:30PER Peru8-8ECU Ecuador1-11-25-4
23.0320:00COL Colombia9-8VEN Venezuela4-25-36-4
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