Men Water Polo II Pan-American Games 1959 Chicago (USA) - 30.08-06.09 Winner United States
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Final Rankingpwdlgfgag+-
1. United States1260046:17+29
2. Argentina630345:27+18
3. Brazil630341:34+7
4. Mexico210317:31-14
5. West Indies00047:47-40
West Indies was made up of players from Barbados, Jamaica and Trinidad Tobago.
Thanks to Peter Bourbe
United States---5:36:35:217:4
Mexico ---5:2
West Indies ---
"United States lineup consisted mostly of Ilinois Athletic club players. The IAC team coached by Sam Grelier, has been perennial National Amateur Athletic Union champion." Chicago Tribune Aug. 31, 1959.
Ronald Crawford (Lynwood) only not IAC member.
Chicago 1959
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Water Polo America Men PG 1959
dateteam 1scoreteam 2HT
played at Portage park pool.
Sun 30.08USA United States5-2MEX Mexico
Sun 30.08BRA Brazil14-1West Indies
Mon 31.08USA United States8-2BRA Brazil
Mon 31.08ARG Argentina15-4MEX Mexico
Tue 01.09USA United States17-4West Indies
Tue 01.09BRA Brazil7-6ARG Argentina3-2
Wed 02.09ARG Argentina11-0West Indies
Wed 02.09BRA Brazil9-6MEX Mexico4-2
Thu 03.09MEX Mexico5-2West Indies
Thu 03.09USA United States5-3ARG Argentina
Final Games
Fri 04.09ARG Argentina7-6BRA Brazil2-4
Sat 05.09USA United States5-3ARG Argentina2-2
Sam Koolstra 3, Ronald Crawford (Lynwood) 3, Art Koblish ; Pedro Consuegra.
Sun 06.09USA United States6-3BRA Brazil
1. United States (IAC)
Sam Koolstra
William Koolstra
Don Good
Frank Connor
Andrew Haberman
Kenneth Hahn
Ron Severa (Linwood)
Coach: Sam Grelier
Official manager: Warren Blanchard, South California
Ron Crawford (Linwood)
Edward Javorski (New York)
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