Men Water Polo Olympic Games 1980 European Qualification - Hvar (YUG) - 03-09.09.1979
First 4 progress to the Intercontinental Qualification Olympic Men OQ 1980
After the Western Boycott of OG 1980 Sweden and Bulgaria played in the main tournament Olympic Men 1980
Final Rankingpwdlgfga
1. Spain1151038:19
2. Netherlands1050140:29
3. Greece840224:23
4. France630337:37
5. Sweden420428:41
6. Bulgaria311437:39
7. Great Britain000619:35
Netherlands ---6:410:67:39:85:4
Greece ---4:37:44:33:2
France ---9:69:85:3
Sweden ---7:64:3
Bulgaria ---8:6
Great Britain ---
dateteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
03.09ESP Spain4-3NED Netherlands
03.09GRE Greece4-3BUL Bulgaria0-12-22-3
03.09SWE Sweden4-3GBR Great Britain
04.09ESP Spain4-4BUL Bulgaria1-22-24-3
04.09NED Netherlands10-6FRA France
04.09GRE Greece3-2GBR Great Britain
05.09ESP Spain10-1GBR Great Britain
05.09GRE Greece7-4SWE Sweden
05.09FRA France9-8BUL Bulgaria1-33-55-6
06.09ESP Spain5-2GRE Greece
06.09NED Netherlands7-3SWE Sweden
06.09FRA France5-3GBR Great Britain
07.09ESP Spain9-4SWE Sweden
07.09NED Netherlands9-8BUL Bulgaria2-07-19-4
07.09GRE Greece4-3FRA France
08.09ESP Spain6-5FRA France
08.09NED Netherlands5-4GBR Great Britain
08.09SWE Sweden7-6BUL Bulgaria1-33-54-6
09.09NED Netherlands6-4GRE Greece
09.09FRA France9-6SWE Sweden
09.09BUL Bulgaria8-6GBR Great Britain3-24-26-3
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