Women Water Polo I European Championship 1985 Oslo (NOR) - 12-18.08 Winner Netherlands
The detailed data was suplied by Sergio Cort├ęs Guerrero sagremor76@hotmail.com
Final Rankingpwdlgfga
1. Netherlands14700175:14
2. Hungary1260193:43
3. West Germany941283:67
4. Norway840363:66
5. Belgium731358:59
6. Great Britain420536:90
7. France210629:101
8. Sweden000730:127
First 6 teams qualified for World Championship World Women 1986.
Hungary ---12:712:510:518:518:119:1
West Germany ---12:67:713:413:525:6
Norway ---10:810:415:415:3
Belgium ---12:512:413:5
Great Britain ---9:69:6
France ---9:8
Sweden ---
dateteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
12.08NOR Norway15-3SWE Sweden
12.08NED Netherlands26-0FRA France
12.08FRG West Germany7-7BEL Belgium
12.08HUN Hungary18-5GBR Great Britain
13.08NED Netherlands18-1BEL Belgium
13.08HUN Hungary18-1FRA France
13.08NOR Norway10-4GBR Great Britain
13.08FRG West Germany25-6SWE Sweden
14.08FRG West Germany13-4GBR Great Britain
14.08HUN Hungary10-5BEL Belgium
14.08NOR Norway15-4FRA France
14.08NED Netherlands37-1SWE Sweden
15.08NED Netherlands27-6FRG West Germany
15.08BEL Belgium13-5SWE Sweden
15.08HUN Hungary12-5NOR Norway
15.08GBR Great Britain9-6FRA France
16.08FRG West Germany13-5FRA France
16.08NED Netherlands25-0GBR Great Britain
16.08NOR Norway10-8BEL Belgium
16.08HUN Hungary19-1SWE Sweden
17.08GBR Great Britain9-6SWE Sweden
17.08HUN Hungary12-7FRG West Germany
17.08NED Netherlands23-2NOR Norway
17.08BEL Belgium12-4FRA France
18.08FRA France9-8SWE Sweden
18.08BEL Belgium12-5GBR Great Britain
18.08FRG West Germany12-6NOR Norway
18.08NED Netherlands19-4HUN Hungary
Men 1985
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