Women Water Polo XVI European Championship 2016 Beograd (SRB) 10-22.01 - Winner Hungary
Current champion: Spain. Played along with XXXII Men 2016. All matches played at Kombank Arena, Beograd.
Hungary qualified to Olympic Women 2016. Next 4 (Spain, Italy, Greece and Russia) to Olympic Women OQ 2016. Netherlands pre-qualified as Host. France and Germany were invited to replace Cuba and 2nd Asia team.
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
Fri 22.0120:15HUN Hungary9-7NED Netherlands3-34-57-7
3rd place Play-Off
Fri 22.0118:45ITA Italy10-9ESP Spain2-34-58-7
5th place Play-Off
Fri 22.0117:15GRE Greece9-9RUS Russia2-35-77-9
Penalty strokes: 4-3.
7th place Play-Off
Fri 22.0115:45FRA France13-9GER Germany2-48-611-9
9th place Play-Off
Fri 22.0113:30Serbia9-6POR Portugal3-16-48-4
11th place Play-Off
Fri 22.0112:00CRO Croatia12-4TUR Turkey1-15-17-2

Semi-Finals (1/2).

datetimeteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
Thu 21.01.1615:45NED Netherlands9-9ESP Spain4-46-68-7
penalty shootouts: 6-4. Netherlands XOOOO-OO ; Spain OOOXO-OX.
Thu 21.01.1617:15HUN Hungary10-5ITA Italy2-15-38-3
Classification 5-8
Thu 21.01.1612:00GRE Greece12-6FRA France2-17-29-5
Thu 21.01.1613:30RUS Russia22-2GER Germany7-012-118-2

Quarter-Finals (1/4).

datetimeteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
Wed 20.01.1612:00ITA Italy10-4GRE Greece1-04-06-2
Wed 20.01.1613:30NED Netherlands19-2GER Germany8-011-116-1
Wed 20.01.1615:45HUN Hungary18-6FRA France6-111-413-6
Wed 20.01.1617:15ESP Spain12-8RUS Russia2-27-28-4
Final RankingPwdlgfgag+-
1. Hungary21701119:49+70
2. Netherlands19611127:49+78
3. Italy21701116:42+74
4. Spain16512135:50+85
5. Greece10314102:67+35
6. Russia13413122:59+63
7. France1240463:82-19
8. Germany620656:136-80
9. Serbia620445:71-26
Qualification Women Q 2016

Groups Round

First 4 advance to Quarter-Finals (1/4). Rest to Classification.
Group Apwdlgfgag+-2014
1. Netherlands 1550092:29+632.
2. Hungary 1240182:31+513.
3. Russia 930283:36+475.
4. Greece 620377:42+356.
5. Portugal 310421:111-90
6. Turkey 000514:120-106
Netherlands, Hungary, Russia and Greece advanced to 1/4 Finals.
Hungary -----11:109:625:027:1
Russia -----16:621:529:0
Greece -----27:328:3
Portugal -----11:10
Turkey -----
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
played with 1 rest day after each round.
Sun 10.01.1611:00GRE Greece27-3POR Portugal7-114-219-2
Sun 10.01.1612:30RUS Russia29-0TUR Turkey8-013-021-0
Sun 10.01.1615:15NED Netherlands14-10HUN Hungary4-18-312-6
Tue 12.01.1611:00RUS Russia21-5POR Portugal6-011-115-2
Tue 12.01.1612:30NED Netherlands25-0TUR Turkey8-014-021-0
Tue 12.01.1615:45HUN Hungary9-6GRE Greece3-25-37-5
Thu 14.01.1611:00NED Netherlands28-2POR Portugal6-013-222-3
Thu 14.01.1612:30HUN Hungary27-1TUR Turkey7-013-122-1
Thu 14.01.1615:45RUS Russia16-6GRE Greece3-28-39-4
Sat 16.01.1611:00HUN Hungary25-0POR Portugal9-015-019-0
Sat 16.01.1612:30GRE Greece28-3TUR Turkey6-013-120-2
Sat 16.01.1615:45NED Netherlands14-7RUS Russia4-28-411-5
Mon 18.01.1612:30POR Portugal11-10TUR Turkey2-25-59-6
Mon 18.01.1615:45NED Netherlands11-10GRE Greece1-34-67-10
Mon 18.01.1617:15HUN Hungary11-10RUS Russia2-16-29-5
Group Bpwdlgfgag+-2014
1. Italy 1550091:19+724.
2. Spain 15401105:23+821.
3. France 930238:43-57.
4. Germany 620343:82-39
5. Serbia 310436:65-29
6. Croatia 000521:102-81
Spain, Italy, France and Germany advanced to 1/4 Finals.
Spain----21:6 26:321:229:3
Serbia ---- 8:4
Germany 14:13 ---- 20:9
France 7:6 12:3----14:3
Croatia ----
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
played with 1 rest day after each round.
Mon 11.01.1611:00ESP Spain29-3CRO Croatia8-016-221-2
Mon 11.01.1612:30ITA Italy10-3FRA France2-26-37-3
Mon 11.01.1617:15GER Germany14-13Serbia3-56-610-10
Wed 13.01.1611:00ESP Spain21-2FRA France5-111-115-1
Wed 13.01.1612:30ITA Italy22-3GER Germany5-010-116-1
Wed 13.01.1617:15Serbia8-4CRO Croatia1-33-36-4
Fri 15.01.1611:00ITA Italy31-2CRO Croatia8-015-023-1
Fri 15.01.1612:30FRA France12-3GER Germany2-05-29-2
Fri 15.01.1615:45ESP Spain21-6Serbia6-011-415-5
Sun 17.01.1611:00FRA France14-3CRO Croatia5-18-211-2
Sun 17.01.1612:30ESP Spain26-3GER Germany5-011-119-3
Sun 17.01.1615:45ITA Italy19-3Serbia6-110-217-3
Tue 19.01.1612:30GER Germany20-9CRO Croatia6-09-515-8
Tue 19.01.1615:45ITA Italy9-8ESP Spain4-36-58-6
Tue 19.01.1617:15FRA France7-6Serbia2-32-35-4
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