Men Water Polo Olympic Games 1968 Mexico City, Mexico - 14th to 26th October - Gold Mewdal: Yugoslavia
Final matches
Gamedatetimeteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
Final26.10.6817:00YUG Yugoslavia13-11aetURS Soviet Union2-35-58-6
after 2 extra times FT 11-11, 1ET 13-11.
Yugoslavia: Stipanic, Trumbic 1, Bonacic 3, Marovic 5, Lopatni, Jankovic 1, Poljak, Dabovic, Perisic, Sandic 3, Hebel.Soviet Union: Gulayev, Chikvania, Grishin, Dolgushin, Barlalov 7, Grigorovsky, Semyonov, Shidlovsky, Skok 4, Osipov, Bovin.
3-426.10.6810:00HUN Hungary9-4ITA Italy1-15-29-3
5-625.10.6815:30USA United States6-4GDR East Germany1-14-35-4
7-825.10.6815:30NED Netherlands8-5CUB Cuba4-06-28-3
9-1025.10.6810:00ESP Spain7-5FRG West Germany1-13-36-4
11-1225.10.6810:00MEX Mexico5-4JPN Japan1-23-34-3
13-1425.10.6810:00BRA Brazil5-2GRE Greece0-11-24-2

Semi-Finals (1/2).

Gamedatetimeteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
1/224.10.6815:00URS Soviet Union8-5ITA Italy3-14-38-4
1/224.10.6815:00YUG Yugoslavia8-6HUN Hungary1-02-34-5
5-824.10.6809:00GDR East Germany8-2CUB Cuba1-04-16-1
5-824.10.6815:00USA United States6-3NED Netherlands1-05-25-3
9-1224.10.6809:00ESP Spain5-0JPN Japan0-00-02-0
9-1224.10.6809:00FRG West Germany6-3MEX Mexico0-02-14-3
13-1524.10.6809:00BRA Brazil5-3EGY Egypt0-01-02-2
Final Rankingptswondrwlstgfgag+-
1.YUG Yugoslavia1571186:35+51
2.URS Soviet Union1260262:36+26
3.HUN Hungary1470154:26+28
4.ITA Italy1361257:38+19
5.USA United States1151249:43+6
6.GDR East Germany1361278:30+48
7.NED Netherlands1151353:39+14
8.CUB Cuba731438:51-13
9.ESO Spain521532:42-10
10.FRG West Germany630544:440
11.MEX Mexico521635:66-31
12.JPN Japan630630:67-37
13.BRA Brazil521532:56-24
14.GRE Greece210736:67-31
15.EGY Egypt101724:70-46
-.AUS Australia DNS
Australia Case

Groups Round.

First 2 to Semi-Finals (1/2). Rest to Classification.
Group Aptswondrwlstgfgag+-to
1.HUN Hungary1260039:14+251/2
2.URS Soviet Union1050143:18+251/2
3.USA United States731237:36+15-8
4.CUB Cuba731231:35-45-8
5.FRG West Germany420433:34-19-12
6.ESP Spain101520:37-179-12
7.BRA Brazil101522:51-2913-15
-.AUS Australia not allowed
Soviet Union ---8:311:46:35:08:2
United States ---6:67:510:710:5
Cuba ---7:64:39:2
West Germany ---5:310:5
Spain ---6:6
Brazil ---
Australia ---
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
14.10.6810:00USA United States10-5BRA Brazil3-15-25-3
14.10.6815:00URS Soviet Union11-4CUB Cuba0-14-27-3
15.10.6810:00FRG West Germany5-3ESP Spain3-04-14-2
15.10.6815:00CUB Cuba9-2BRA Brazil2-05-16-1
16.10.6810:00HUN Hungary6-4FRG West Germany1-14-34-3
16.10.6815:00USA United States10-7ESP Spain2-15-38-5
17.10.6810:00URS Soviet Union6-3FRG West Germany0-12-25-3
17.10.6810:00USA United States6-6CUB Cuba3-24-34-4
17.10.6815:30HUN Hungary7-1ESP Spain1-04-06-0
19.10.6810:00URS Soviet Union5-0ESP Spain2-03-03-0
19.10.6815:30HUN Hungary5-1USA United States2-12-13-1
19.10.6815:30FRG West Germany10-5BRA Brazil1-21-36-4
20.10.6809:00CUB $Cuba7-6FRG West Germany1-02-14-3
20.10.6815:30ESP Spain6-6BRA Brazil1-02-25-4
20.10.6815:30HUN Hungary6-5URS Soviet Union2-24-35-5
21.10.6810:00CUB $Cuba4-3ESP Spain1-12-23-3
21.10.6810:00URS Soviet Union8-3USA United States1-13-25-3
21.10.6815:30HUN Hungary8-2BRA Brazil0-03-06-1
22.10.6809:00URS Soviet Union8-2BRA Brazil1-04-17-2
22.10.6815:30USA United States7-5FRG West Germany1-13-35-4
23.10.6809:00HUN Hungary7-1CUB $Cuba1-02-14-1
Group Bptswondrwlstgfgag+-to
1.ITA Italy1361048:21+271/2
2.YUG Yugoslavia1151165:18+471/2
3.GDR East Germany1151166:22+445-8
4.NED Netherlands941242:28+145-8
5.JPN Japan630426:57-319-12
6.MEX Mexico311527:56-299-12
7.GRE Greece210634:62-2813-15
8.EGY Egypt101621:65-4413-15
Yugoslavia ---4:47:417:29:011:113:2
East Germany ---8:38:012:411:419:2
Netherlands ---9:18:19:56:3
Japan ---6:38:77:4
Mexico ---11:83:3
Greece ---7:6
Egypt ---
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
14.10.6810:00NED Netherlands9-5GRE Greece2-05-25-3
14.10.6815:00YUG Yugoslavia13-2EGY Egypt2-13-18-2
14.10.6815:00ITA Italy9-2JPN Japan2-04-26-2
15.10.6810:00GDR East Germany12-4MEX Mexico3-05-08-2
15.10.6815:00JPN Japan8-7GRE Greece3-15-27-5
15.10.6815:00ITA Italy10-1EGY Egypt2-03-07-1
16.10.6810:00YUG Yugoslavia4-4GDR East Germany0-01-03-2
16.10.6815:00NED Netherlands8-1MEX Mexico1-04-17-1
16.10.6815:00GRE Greece7-6EFY Egypt0-22-54-6
17.10.6810:00ITA Italy5-4GDR East Germany1-12-13-3
17.10.6815:30YUG Yugoslavia9-0MEX Mexico2-05-06-0
17.10.6815:30NED Netherlands9-1JPN Japan1-04-05-1
19.10.6810:00GDR East Germany11-4GRE Greece3-13-18-2
19.10.6810:00JPN Japan7-4EGY Egypt1-13-26-2
19.10.6815:30ITA Italy10-5MEX Mexico3-15-39-4
19.10.6815:30YUG Yugoslavia7-4NED Netherlands1-13-26-3
20.10.6809:00GDR East Germany8-0JPN Japan2-04-07-0
20.10.6809:00MEX Mexico11-8GRE Greece4-38-49-6
20.10.6815:30ITA Italy5-4YUG Yugoslavia1-13-35-3
20.10.6815:30NED Netherlands6-3EGY Egypt1-13-15-2
21.10.6810:00JPN Japan6-3MEX Mexico1-04-14-2
21.10.6810:00YUG Yugoslavia11-1GRE Greece3-07-08-1
21.10.6815:30ITA Italy3-3NED Netherlands1-02-13-3
21.10.6815:30GDR East Germany19-2EGY Egypt2-09-016-1
22.10.6809:00MEX Mexico3-3EGY Egypt1-02-12-1
22.10.6809:00ITA Italy6-2GRE Greece2-13-15-1
22.10.6815:30GDR East Germany8-3NED Netherlands2-03-05-2
22.10.6815:30YUG Yugoslavia17-2JPN Japan6-18-213-2
HungaryMen 19641st
YugoslaviaMen 19642nd
Soviet UnionMen 19643rd
ItalyMen 19644th
RomaniaMen 19645th
East GermanyMen 19646th
West GermanyMen OQ 19681st
NetherlandsMen OQ 19682nd
SpainMen OQ 19683rd
United StatesAmerica Men PG 19671st
BrazilAmerica Men PG 19672nd
MexicoAmerica Men PG 19673rd
CanadaAmerica Men PG 19674th
Australia Case
Australia was elected initialy by FINA to play in the Olympic Games. The Australian Olympic Federation in their initial plans for the participation in the Games had limited the number of Athletes in the swimming Competitions. So there was not room for the Water Polo Team. Until the last days before the competition FINA and the Australian Swimming Federation insisted the Team has to participate. In the last moment IOC took the side of AOF and forbide the Water Polo team to play. The Team was in Mexico and had played many friendly preparation games. The athletes had spent their own money.
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