Men Water Polo Olympic Games 1980 Qualification Sofia, Bulgaria - 28th April to 4th May - Winner Spain
Final Groupptswondrwlstgfgag+-
1. Spain731131:24+7
2. Australia731128:22+6
3. Cuba723031:27+4
4. Netherlands630235:22+13
5. Greece210424:36-12
6. Canada101516:34-18
Spain, Australia, Cuba, Netherlands and Greece qualified to Olympic Games Men 1980.
Spain, Netherlands, Greece and France qualified from Europe Men OQ 1979
Cuba, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico quaified from America Men PG 1979
Spain--- 7:74:310:46:4
Australia6:4---5:5 8:46:3
Cuba ---8:77:44:4
Netherlands 6:3 ---8:511:2
Greece ---7:3
Canada ---
dateteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
01.05.80ESP Spain7-7CUB Cuba1-13-35-4
01.05.80AUS Australia6-3CAN Canada2-03-25-3
01.05.80NED Netherlands8-5GRE Greece3-15-26-3
02.05.80CUB Cuba8-7NED Netherlands2-35-47-6
02.05.80AUS Australia6-4ESP Spain1-03-25-2
02.05.80GRE Greece7-3CAN Canada2-23-25-3
03.05.80CUB Cuba7-4GRE Greece2-14-16-3
03.05.80ESP Spain6-4CAN Canada2-12-25-3
03.05.80NED Netherlands6-3AUS Australia3-04-15-2
04.05.80AUS Australia5-5CUB Cuba1-12-24-3
04.05.80ESP Spain10-4GRE Greece2-14-25-3
04.05.80NED Netherlands11-2CAN Canada2-03-16-1
Final Rankingptswondrwlstgfgag+-
1.ESP Spain1151161:30+31
2.AUS Australia1151141:32+9
3.CUB Cuba1143048:34+14
4.NED Netherlands1050265:26+39
5.GRE Greece630436:45-9
6.CAN Canada412436:44-8
Group 7-12
7.CHN China941248:38+10
8.FRA France933145:37+8
9.MEX Mexico521437:30+7
10.ISR Israel412428:46-18
11.JPN Japan420532:61-29
12.EGY Egypt000723:77-54
-.NZL New ZealandDNS
-.PUR Puerto RicoDNS
First 5 to Olympic Games Men 1980
Best Goalkeeper: Periche (CUB)
Best Defender: Jan Weer (NED)
Best Atacker: M. Estiarte (ESP)
Group 7-12pwdlgfga
7. China941036:24
8. France832033:21
9. Mexico521230:19
France ---3:15:511:58:4
Mexico ---3:312:510:3
Israel --- 4:3
Japan 7:5---6:4
Egypt ---
dateteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
01.05.80FRA France11-5JPN Japan2-14-27-3
01.05.80CHN China7-6ISR Israel2-04-17-2
01.05.80MEX Mexico10-3EGY Egypt3-03-35-3
02.05.80FRA France3-1MEX Mexico1-02-03-1
02.05.80CHN China12-5EGY Egypt3-06-210-3
02.05.80JPN Japan7-5ISR Israel1-12-44-5
03.05.80FRA France8-4EGY Egypt1-02-03-2
03.05.80CHN China6-3JPN Japan1-03-15-2
03.05.80MEX Mexico3-3ISR Israel0-01-02-1
04.05.80CHN China6-6FRA France1-13-25-4
04.05.80MEX Mexico12-5JPN Japan1-14-37-4
04.05.80ISR Israel4-3EGY Egypt1-11-13-1
Groups Round
First 2 to Final Group. Rest to Group 7-12. Scores are transferred.
Group Apwdlgfga
1. Cuba521021:11
3. Canada412024:14
2. France202117:21
4. Israel101210:26
Canada ---7:713:3
France ---5:5
Israel ---
dateteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
28.04.80CUB Cuba8-2ISR Israel1-05-06-0
28.04.80CAN Canada7-7FRA France2-23-35-5
29.04.80CUB Cuba9-5FRA France2-04-27-4
29.04.80CAN Canada13-3ISR Israel2-06-19-2
30.04.80CUB Cuba4-4CAN Canada1-13-13-4
30.04.80FRA France5-5ISR Israel2-14-25-4
Group Bpwdlgfga
1. Australia630021:14
2. Greece420116:17
3. China210217:18
4. Mexico000211:16
Greece ---6:56:4
China ---5:4
Mexico ---
dateteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
28.04.80AUS Australia8-7CHN China4-36-58-5
28.04.80GRE Greece6-4MEX Mexico1-12-15-2
29.04.80AUS Australia5-3MEX Mexico2-12-24-2
29.04.80GRE Greece6-5CHN China3-24-25-2
30.04.80AUS Australia8-4GRE Greece2-03-16-2
30.04.80CHN China5-4MEX Mexico2-13-24-3
Group Cpwdlgfga
1. Spain630034:9
2. Netherlands420133:8
3. Japan210212:27
4. Egypt00038:43
Netherlands ---10:220:2
Japan ---6:4
Egypt ---
dateteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
28.04.80ESP Spain17-2EGY Egypt3-07-112-1
28.04.80NED Netherlands10-2JPN Japan2-06-09-1
29.04.80ESP Spain13-4JPN Japan3-05-28-3
29.04.80NED Netherlands20-2EGY Egypt4-08-112-1
30.04.80ESP Spain4-3NED Netherlands1-03-03-2
30.04.80JPN Japan6-4EGY Egypt2-25-35-3
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