Men Water Polo Olympic Games 2016 Qualification Trieste (ITA) - 03-10.04 - Winner Hungary
First 3 - Hungary, Italty and Spain qualify to Olympic Games Rio de Janeiro Men 2016
France after Africa traditionaly did not enter a team to Olympic Games Tournament.
Europe 5 berths
Best teams from Europe Men 2016.
invited to replace Argentina, Mexico, China and Oceania team.
America 3 berths America Men PG 2015.
Asia 2 berths
Africa 1 berth
South Africa
South African NOC prohibited RSA teams to qualify only winnig African quotas. So South Africa had to play Intercontinental qualification. Africa quota was transferred to Intercontinental.
Oceania 1 berth
No team
Gamedatetimeteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
FinalSun 10.04.1617:00HUN Hungary10-8ITA Italy2-36-59-6
3-4Sun 10.04.1615:30ESP Spain16-4FRA France4-19-313-3
5-6Sun 10.04.1612:30NED Netherlands9-8Canada1-23-47-7
7-8Sun 10.04.1611:00ROU Romania10-9GER Germany3-25-48-5
Semi-Finals (1/1).
1/2Sat 09.04.1619:00HUN Hungary15-9FRA France4-28-610-7
1/2Sat 09.04.1620:30ITA Italy6-5ESP Spain0-11-12-3
5-8Sat 09.04.1616:00NED Netherlands8-7GER Germany1-21-54-7
5-8Sat 09.04.1617:40Canada14-7ROU Romania5-39-311-4
Quarter-Finals (1/4) - Virtual Olympic Qualification.
1/4Fri 08.04.1616:00HUN Hungary8-7GER Germany1-05-27-3
1/4Fri 08.04.1617:30ESP Spain8-7Canada2-14-37-3
1/4Fri 08.04.1619:00FRA France8-8NED Netherlands1-33-45-6
Penaltu Shoot-Out: 4-3.
1/4Fri 08.04.1620:30ITA Italy8-7ROU Romania2-04-37-6
Final RankingPtswdlgfgag+-
1. Hungary15710106:68+38
2. Italy1260289:48+41
3. Spain1260284:42+42
4. France731467:95-28
5. Netherlands1361171:59+12
6. Canada1042284:68+16
7. Romania622474:84-10
8. Germany311676:72+4
9. Russia311340:49-9
12.South Africa000521:88-67

Groups Round.

First 4 advance to Quarter-Finals (1/4).
Group Apwdlgfgag+-
1. Hungary941073:44+29
2. Canada832055:44+11
3. France630246:56-10
4. Romania412250:53-3
5. Russia311340:49-9
6. Slovakia000539:57-18
Canada ----13:510:107:611:9
France ----12:1112:1110:8
Romania ----8:813:11
Russia ----7:4
Slovakia ----
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
Sun 03.04.1613:50Canada7-6Russia1-13-34-5
Sun 03.04.1615:10HUN Hungary13-7FRA France6-08-411-4
Sun 03.04.1616:30ROU Romania13-11Slovakia3-48-610-9
Mon 04.04.1616:30HUN Hungary14-14Canada4-38-713-11
Mon 04.04.1617:50FRA France12-11ROU Romania3-46-710-10
Mon 04.04.1619:10Russia7-4Slovakia2-05-35-4
Tue 05.04.1613:50HUN Hungary12-8ROU Romania4-26-510-6
Tue 05.04.1615:10Canada11-9Slovakia2-27-39-6
Tue 05.04.1616:30FRA France12-11Russia3-38-710-9
Wed 06.04.1616:30Canada10-10ROU Romania1-17-510-9
Wed 06.04.1617:50HUN Hungary18-8Russia6-211-515-6
Wed 06.04.1619:10FRA France10-8Slovakia0-24-48-7
Thu 07.04.1613:50Canada13-5FRA France1-03-17-3
Thu 07.04.1615:10HUN Hungary16-7Slovakia5-410-512-6
Thu 07.04.1616:30Russia8-8ROU Romania3-14-47-7
Group Bpwdlgfgag+-
1. Italy840167:26+41
2. Netherlands840146:36+10
3. Spain840155:25+30
4. Germany311353:46+7
5. Kazakhstan311334:55-21
6. South Africa000521:88-67
Italy----11:5 12:614:322:3
Netherlands ----7:59:88:517:7
Spain9:8 ----10:516:415:1
Germany ----11:1123:4
Kazakhstan ----11:6
South Africa ----
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
Sun 03.04.1617:50NED Netherlands7-5ESP Spain3-23-45-4
Sun 03.04.1619:10GER Germany23-4RSA South Africa6-010-218-3
Sun 03.04.1620:30ITA Italy14-3KAZ Kazakhstan4-17-111-2
Mon 04.04.1613:50NED Netherlands8-5KAZ Kazakhstan3-05-27-4
Mon 04.04.1615:10ESP Spain10-5GER Germany1-11-25-4
Mon 04.04.1620:30ITA Italy22-3RSA South Africa5-111-118-2
Tue 05.04.1617:50NED Netherlands9-8GER Germany2-14-37-6
Tue 05.04.1619:10KAZ Kazakhstan11-6RSA South Africa2-35-59-6
Tue 05.04.1620:30ESP Spain9-8ITA Italy4-16-37-6
Wed 06.04.1613:50GER Germany11-11KAZ Kazakhstan2-25-57-9
Wed 06.04.1615:10ESP Spain15-1RSA South Africa3-19-113-1
Wed 06.04.1620:30ITA Italy11-5NED Netherlands3-18-410-4
Thu 07.04.1617:50ESP Spain16-4KAZ Kazakhstan3-26-313-3
Thu 07.04.1619:10NED Netherlands17-7RSA South Africa4-27-511-5
Thu 07.04.1620:30ITA Italy12-6GER Germany1-15-29-3
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