Women Water Polo Olympic Games 2000 Qualification Palermo (ITA) 22-30.04 - Winner Russia
Gamedateteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
Final30.04RUS Russia6-5USA United States2-13-24-4
3-430.04HUN Hungary8-4ITA Italy1-15-16-3
5-630.04GRE Greece10-8KAZ Kazakhstan2-16-38-6
7-830.04JPN Japan4-2BRA Brazil0-02-14-1
9-1030.04ESP Spain10-9GER Germany3-34-67-7
11-1230.04FRA France10-5Czechia4-0 7-0
1/229.04USA United States6-5HUN Hungary3-15-35-5
1/229.04RUS Russia8-7ITA Italy3-34-45-6
5-829.04GRE Greece9-4BRA Brazil2-13-28-2
5-829.04KAZ Kazakhstan9-4JPN Japan1-04-19-2
9-1229.04ESP Spain13-5Czechia3-16-29-4
9-1229.04GER Germany12-3FRA France1-26-29-2
Final rankingPwdlgfga
1. Russia1470198:38
2. United States1050260:35
3. Hungary1260171:35
4. Italy1050273:38
5. Greece840355:39
6. Kazakhstan840355:52
7. Japan731449:58
8. Brazil840445:55
9. Spain630450:50
13.Great Britain000312:42
Russia and United States qualified to Sydney 2000 Olympic Games Olympic Women 2000.
Kazakhstan qualified as Asian team placed 8th or better.
Folowing qualification rule: Any African, Asian or Oceanian team placed eight or better earns the third berth.
Second Groups Round. First 2 to 1/2 Finals. Rest to Classification.
Group Epwdlgfga
1. Italy1050062:22
2. United States840149:24
3. Kazakhstan630238:38
4. Greece420336:27
5. Germany210435:46
6. Czechia000514:77
United States ---9:46:114:612:3
Kazakhstan ---7:48:515:4
Greece ---8:719:2
Germany ---13:3
Czechia ---
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
26.04--:-2USA United States14-6GER Germany6-210-311-4
26.04--:-4KAZ Kazakhstan7-4GRE Greece3-24-24-3
26.04--:-6ITA Italy18-2Czechia2-16-210-2
27.04--:-1USA United States6-1GRE Greece2-14-15-1
27.04--:-3GER Germany13-3Czechia2-26-210-2
27.04--:-5ITA Italy16-4KAZ Kazakhstan3-17-111-1
28.04--:-1KAZ Kazakhstan8-5GER Germany3-05-16-2
28.04--:-3GRE Greece19-2Czechia3-07-214-2
28.04--:-5ITA Italy10-8USA United States2-14-56-6
Group Fpwdlgfga
1. Hungary1050058:25
2. Russia840167:23
3. Brazil630226:39
4. Japan311329:41
5. Spain210427:36
6. France101420:63
Russia ---12:316:59:421:1
Brazil ---7:64:38:3
Japan ---6:37:7
Spain ---12:7
France ---
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
26.04--:-1HUN Hungary8-5JPN Japan6-19-214-3
26.04--:-3RUS Russia21-1FRA France7-09-015-0
26.04--:-5BRA Brazil4-3ESP Spain1-02-13-3
27.04--:-2RUS Russia9-4ESP Spain2-15-27-3
27.04--:-4JPN Japan7-7FRA France2-13-36-5
27.04--:-5HUN Hungary15-4BRA Brazil3-15-29-4
28.04--:-2BRA Brazil8-3FRA France2-16-17-1
28.04--:-4JPN Japan6-3ESP Spain2-1 5-2
28.04--:-6HUN Hungary10-9RUS Russia3-25-47-7
First Groups Round. First 3 to Second Groups Round.
Scores are transferred.
Draw on 19.03 in Maritim Grand Hotel, Hannover (GER).
Group Apwdlgfga
1. Italy420018:8
2. Greece210112:12
3. Germany000211:21
Greece ---8:7
Germany ---
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
22.05--:-5ITA Italy5-4GRE Greece1-14-15-3
23.04--:-5ITA Italy13-4GER Germany3-17-111-2
24.04--:-2GRE Greece8-7GER Germany3-26-48-5
Group Bpwdlgfga
1. United States420021:7
2. Kazakhstan210119:13
3. Czechia00027:27
United States---9:412:3
Kazakhstan ---15:4
Czechia ---
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
22.04--:-1USA United States9-4KAZ Kazakhstan0-12-15-2
23.04--:-2KAZ Kazakhstan15-4Czechia3-09-113-3
24.04--:-3USA United States12-3Czechia1-04-39-3
Group Cpwdlgfga
1. Hungary420025:7
2. Spain210117:17
3. France00029:27
Spain ---12:7
France ---
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
22.04--:-2ESP Spain12-7FRA France4-26-49-5
23.04--:-3HUN Hungary15-2FRA France4-17-111-1
24.04--:-4HUN Hungary10-5ESP Spain1-24-38-4
Group Dpwdlgfga
1. Russia630045:11
2. Brazil420123:21
3. Japan210223:29
4. Great Britain000312:42
Brazil ---7:613:3
Japan ---12:6
Great Britain ---
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
22.04--:-3JPN Japan12-6GBR Great Britain2-05-09-3
22.04--:-4RUS Russia12-3BRA Brazil2-03-19-2
23.04--:-1BRA Brazil7-6JPN Japan1-24-45-4
23.04--:-4RUS Russia17-3GBR Great Britain4-07-114-2
24.04--:-1BRA Brazil13-3GBR Great Britain4-07-011-3
24.04--:-5RUS Russia16-5JPN Japan7-110-213-3
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