Men Water Polo I World Championship 1973 Beograd (YUG) - 01-09.09 Winner Hungary
Part of Aquatics World Championship 1973 swimming World 1973 index
Final Grouppwdlgfga
1. Hungary941028:17
2. Soviet Union840130:16
3. Yugoslavia521223:22
4. Italy420322:25
5. United States420322:28
6. Cuba000515:32
Soviet Union ---6:26:28:56:2
Yugoslavia --- 6:58:3
Italy 5:4--- 6:3
United States 6:5---4:3
Cuba ---
dateteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
06.09HUN Hungary6-2USA United States
06.09URS Soviet Union6-2ITA Italy
06.09YUG Yugoslavia8-3CUB Cuba
07.09YUG Yugoslavia6-5USA United States4-25-36-3
07.09ITA Italy6-3CUB Cuba1-01-13-1
07.09HUN Hungary5-4URS Soviet Union1-12-12-2
08.09USA United States6-5ITA Italy
08.09HUN Hungary3-3YUG Yugoslavia
08.09URS Soviet Union6-2CUB Cuba
09.09HUN Hungary8-4CUB Cuba1-14-35-3
09.09Italia5-4YUG Yugoslavia1-11-33-4
09.09URS Soviet Union8-5USA United States
Final RankingPtswdlgfga
1. Hungary1571059:24
2. Soviet Union1680165:28
3. Yugoslavia1361256:38
4. Italy1050344:33
5. United States731436:42
6. Cuba630531:39
Group 7-12
7. Romania1151255:36
8. Netherlands1260352:34
9. Mexico832440:41
11.West Germany622436:44
Group 13-16
15.Great Britain311521:50
First 10 from Munchen Olympic Games Olympic Men 1972.
First 2 from European Qualification Europe Men WQ 1973 - Bulgaria and Greece.
1 team (3rd) from PanAm games America Men_PG 1971 - Mexico.
Israel from Asia (Qualification in Iran July 1973? after Japan withdrawl). Japan was winner of Asia Men_AG 1970.
Australia from Oceania.
Great Britain as 3rd European team was added (replacing Africa team?).
First Groups Round
Group A
Group B
Group C
Group 7-12pwdlgfga
7. Romania941035:21
8. Netherlands840131:18
9. Mexico412221:22
11.West Germany311319:27
Netherlands ---5:35:49:37:2
Mexico ---5:3 4:4
Spain ---6:55:4
West Germany 7:6 ---1:1
Greece ---
dateteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
06.09ROU Romania11-6GRE Greece
06.09NED Netherlands5-4ESP Spain1-02-13-3
06.09FRG West Germany7-6MEX Mexico
07.09ESP Spain6-5FRG West Germany2-13-34-4
07.09MEX Mexico4-4GRE Greece1-11-21-3
07.09ROU Romania6-5NED Netherlands2-14-24-3
08.09ESP Spain5-4GRE Greece
08.09NED Netherlands9-3FRG West Germany0-14-15-3
08.09ROU Romania3-3MEX Mexico
09.09ROU Romania5-3FRG West Germany
09.09MEX Mexico5-3ESP Spain
09.09NED Netherlands7-2GRE Greece3-05-06-0
Romania - Netherlands reported also 5-5.
Group 13-16pwdlgfga
15.Great Britain311116:14
Australia ---4:112:1
Great Britain ---10:5
Israel ---
dateteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
06.09BUL Bulgaria3-2AUS Australia0-02-03-1
06.09GBR Great Britain10-5Israel
07.09BUL Bulgaria8-3Israel3-15-36-3
08.09BUL Bulgaria5-5GBR Great Britain
08.09AUS Australia12-1Israel

First Groups Round.

First 2 to Final Group. 3rd and 4th to Group 7-12.Rest to Group 13-16. Scores are transferred.
Group Apwdlgfgato
1. Soviet Union1050041:14Final Group
2. Yugoslavia840135:22Final Group
3. Netherlands630226:19Group 7-12
4. Mexico420322:24Group 7-12
5. Australia210418:29Group 13-16
6. Great Britain00056:40Group 13-16
Soviet Union---6:25:47:49:314:1
Yugoslavia ---8:56:510:69:0
Netherlands ---5:34:28:1
Mexico ---5:35:3
Australia ---4:1
Great Britain ---
dateteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
01.09NED Netherlands5-3MEX Mexico3-13-14-2
transferred to Group 7-12
01.09YUG Yugoslavia9-0GBR Great Britain1-03-07-0
01.09URS Soviet Union9-3AUS Australia3-04-26-3
02.09AUS Australia4-1GBR Great Britain0-01-04-1
transferred to Group 13-16
02.09URS Soviet Union5-4NED Netherlands1-13-24-3
02.09YUG Yugoslavia6-5MEX Mexico2-22-34-5
03.09MEX Mexico5-3AUS Australia1-13-24-2
03.09URS Soviet Union14-1GBR Great Britain3-06-19-1
03.09YUG Yugoslavia8-5NED Netherlands2-14-17-3
04.09YUG Yugoslavia10-6AUS Australia
04.09NED Netherlands8-1GBR Great Britain2-04-15-1 Goals
04.09URS Soviet Union7-4MEX Mexico
05.09MEX Mexico5-3GBR Great Britain
05.09NED Netherlands4-2AUS Australia1-11-12-1
05.09URS Soviet Union6-2YUG Yugoslavia
transferred to Final Group
Group Bpwdlgfgato
1. Hungary840036:11Final Group
2. Italy630126:14Final Group
3. Romania420230:19Group 7-12
4. Spain210320:25Group 7-12
5. Israel00046:49Group 13-16
Italy ---6:45:211:2
Romania ---10:412:1
Spain ---11:3
Israel ---
dateteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
01.09ESP Spain11-3Israel3-08-010-1
01.09ITA Italy5-4ROU Romania1-13-24-3
02.09ROU Romania12-1Israel3-06-19-1
02.09HUN Hungary7-3ESP Spain2-04-05-2
03.09ITA Italy5-2ESP Spain1-03-14-2
03.09HUN Hungary15-0Israel2-07-013-0
04.09HUN Hungary6-4ITA Italy
transferred to Final Group
04.09ROU Romania10-4ESP Spain
transferred to Group 7-12
05.09ITA Italy11-2Israel
05.09HUN Hungary8-4ROU Romania
Group Cpwdlgfgato
1. Cuba630119:11Final Group
2. United States521118:17Final Group
3. West Germany412118:18Group 7-12
4. Greece311216:19Group 7-12
5. Bulgaria210319:25Group 13-16
Cuba--- 6:57:23:0
United States4:3---3:36:5
West Germany ---1:19:8
Greece ---8:5
Bulgaria 6:5 ---
dateteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
01.09FRG West Germany1-1GRE Greece0-00-00-0
transferred to Group 7-12
01.09USA United States4-3CUB Cuba0-12-24-2
transferred to Final Group
02.09CUB Cuba7-2GRE Greece0-13-24-2
02.09BUL Bulgaria6-5USA United States2-12-34-4
03.09USA United States3-3FRG West Germany0-11-22-3
03.09CUB Cuba3-0BUL Bulgaria1-02-03-0
04.09CUB Cuba6-5FRG West Germany
04.09GRE Greece4-4BUL Bulgaria
Game annuled after Bulgaria made a protest for time keeper error (possible last second bulgarian goal).
04.09GRE Greece8-5BUL Bulgaria0-13-25-3
05.09USA United States6-5GRE Greece
05.09FRG West Germany9-8BUL Bulgaria1-15-37-6
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