Men Water Polo World Championship 2005 Montreal (CAN) - 18-30.07 Winner Serbia Mont.
Part of Aquatics World Championship 2005 swimming World 2005 index
Gamedatetimeteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
Final14:3030.07SRB Serbia Mont.8-7HUN Hungary1-13-35-5
3-430.0713:00GRE Greece11-10CRO Croatia2-15-46-6
a2ET ; FT 9-9 ; 1ET 9-9
1/228.0720:15SRB Serbia Mont.5-4CRO Croatia3-23-24-2
1/228.0721:30HUN Hungary7-6GRE Greece2-15-36-4
1 4 Finals
1/426.0715:15CRO Croatia6-4RUS Russia0-14-26-3
1/426.0716:30SRB Serbia Mont.10-8ROU Romania3-26-37-6
1/426.0720:15HUN Hungary8-6ESP Spain3-16-17-2
1/426.0721:30GRE Greece13-9ITA Italy2-36-510-8
1 8 Finals
1/824.0712:00ESP Spain17-2CUB Cuba6-110-214-2
1/824.0713:15ITA Italy6-5USA United States2-12-15-3
1/824.0720:15CRO Croatia10-6AUS Australia3-07-38-6
1/824.0721:30ROU Romania6-5GER Germany3-33-46-5
Classification matches
5-630.0710:45ESP Spain8-7ROU Romania2-25-37-5
7-830.0709:30RUS Russia7-6ITA Italy3-14-24-4
9-1028.0710:45GER Germany11-5AUS Australia2-16-18-1
11-1228.0709:30USA United States10-6CUB Cuba2-06-28-2
13-1426.0710:45CAN Canada10-8JPN Japan2-33-67-7
15-1626.0709:30RSA South Africa7-6CHN China2-35-47-5
5-828.0712:00ROU Romania11-7RUS Russia2-16-38-5
5-828.0713:15ESP Spain7-4ITA Italy0-21-24-3
9-1226.0712:00AUS Australia16-3CUB Cuba4-19-213-3
9-1226.0713:15GER Germany5-3USA United States1-21-34-3
13-1624.0709:30JPN Japan13-8RSA South Africa2-26-49-4
13-1624.0710:45CAN Canada11-5CHN China3-27-59-5
Final Rankingptswondrwlstgfgag+-m
1.SCG Serbia Mont.1260069:29+406
2.HUN Hungary1050157:31+266
3.GRE Greece1050159:42+176
4.CRO Croatia840359:44+157
5.ESP Spain1050263:38+257
6.ROU Romania630450:52-27
7.RUS Russia840242:41+16
8.ITA Italy420549:48+17
9.GER Germany840245:36+96
10.USA United States630342:35+76
11.AUS Australia420454:49+56
12.CUB Cuba210527:85-586
13.CAN Canada420330:53-535
14.JPN Japan210438:51-135
15.RSA South Africa210430:56-265
16.CHN China000527:51-245
Host - Canada (13.)
_ Olympic Men 2004 - Hungary (2.), Serbia Mont. (1.), Russia (7.), Greece (3.), Germany (9.), Spain (5.)
_ Europe Men WQ 2005 - Croatia (4.), Italy (8.) and Romania (6.)
_ America Men WQ 2005 - United States (10.), Cuba (12.)
Oceania - Australia (11.)
Asia - Japan (4.), China (16.)
Africa - South Africa (15.)
Groups Round. Winners to 1/4 Finals, 2nd and 3rd to 1/8 Finals. 4th to Classification.
Group Apwdlgfga
1. Russia630024:18
2. Spain420125:17
3. Italy210224:16
4. South Africa000315:37
Spain ---7:511:4
Italy ---15:4
South Africa ---
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
18.0709:30RUS Russia11-7RSA South Africa4-17-410-5
18.0712:00ESP Spain7-5ITA Italy2-24-25-4
20.0710:45ESP Spain11-4RSA South Africa4-26-38-3
20.0712:00RUS Russia5-4ITA Italy3-14-25-2
22.0710:45RUS Russia8-7ESP Spain2-14-27-4
22.0712:00ITA Italy15-4RSA South Africa3-15-29-3
Group Bpwdlgfga
1. Serbia Mont.630046:10
2. United States420124:18
3. Cuba210216:42
4. Japan000317:33
Serbia Mont.---8:421:117:5
United States ---13:67:4
Cuba ---9:8
Japan ---
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
18.0710:45USA United States7-4JPN Japan2-04-24-3
18.0713:15SRB Serbia Mont.21-1CUB Cuba4-08-015-0
20.0709:30SRB Serbia Mont.17-5JPN Japan4-18-313-5
20.0713:15USA United States13-6CUB Cuba2-17-110-3
22.0709:30CUB Cuba9-8JPN Japan3-25-45-6
22.0712:00SRB Serbia Mont.8-4USA United States2-14-27-2
Group Cpwdlgfga
1. Hungary630035:11
2. Croatia420129:18
3. Romania210218:22
4. Canada00039:40
Croatia ---6:419:4
Romania ---10:2
Canada ---
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
18.0715:15HUN Hungary14-4ROU Romania2-16-111-1
18.0719:00CRO Croatia19-4CAN Canada5-011-017-3
20.0715:15CRO Croatia6-4ROU Romania3-04-05-1
20.0719:00HUN Hungary11-3CAN Canada3-04-18-1
22.0715:15HUN Hungary10-4CRO Croatia2-15-18-2
22.0719:00ROU Romania10-2CAN Canada3-05-08-0
Group Dpwdlgfga
1. Greece630029:16
2. Germany420124:22
3. Australia210227:25
4. China000316:33
Germany ---9:811:6
Australia ---11:6
China ---
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
18.0716:30GRE Greece11-4CHN China2-15-27-3
18.0717:45GER Germany9-8AUS Australia3-14-27-5
20.0716:30GRE Greece8-4GER Germany1-03-26-4
20.0717:45AUS Australia11-6CHN China5-17-28-4
22.0716:30GER Germany11-6CHN China3-27-210-3
22.0717:45GRE Greece10-8AUS Australia2-15-37-6
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