Men Freestyle Javelin Throw Athletics IV Olympic Games London, Great Britain 1908 - Wednesday 15th, July - Gold Medal: Eric Lemming, Sweden
Final Rankingdist.age
1. Eric LemmingSWE Sweden54.44m28
2. Michalis DorizasGre Greece51.36m22
3. Arne HalseNOR Norway49.73m20
4. Charalambos ZourasGre Greece48.61m23
5. Hugo WieslanderSWE Sweden47.56m18
6. Armas PesonenFIN Finland46.04m23
7. Imre MudinHUN Hungary45.96m20
8. Jalmari SauliFIN Finland43.30m18
9. Juho HalmeFIN Finland39.88m19
-. Ferenc JesinaHUN Hungary36.82m20
-. Edward BarrettGBR Great BritainUnknown30
-. Emilio BrambillaIta ItalyUnknown25
-. Conrad CarlsrudNOR NorwayUnknown24
-. Alfred FlaxmanGBR Great BritainUnknown28
-. Nikolaos GeorgantasGre GreeceUnknown28
-. György LuntzerHUN HungaryUnknown21
-. Walter HendersonGBR Great BritainUnknown27
-. István MudinHUN HungaryUnknown26
-. Evert JakobssonFIN FinlandUnknown22
-. Jarl JakobssonFIN FinlandUnknown27
-. Verner JärvinenFIN FinlandUnknown38
-. John JohansenNOR NorwayUnknown25
-. Johan KempFIN FinlandUnknown26
-. Henry LeekeGBR Great BritainUnknown28
-. Knut LindbergSWE SwedenUnknown26
-. Ernest MayGBR Great BritainUnknown29
-. Mór KóczánHUN HungaryUnknown23
-. Otto NilssonSWE SwedenUnknown28
-. Aarne SalovaaraFIN FinlandUnknown21
-. Bruno SöderströmSWE SwedenUnknown26
-. František SoučekBOH BohemiaUnknown
-. Ludwig UettwillerGeR GermanyUnknown21
-. Emil WelzGeR GermanyUnknown29

world Men Javelin Throw History

Venue: White City Stadium
33 competitors from 9 nations
The javelin could be held anywhere.
Eric Lemming (SWE) had set the current World Record 57.33m at the seddish championship on June 7th, throwing in a conventional center-grip technique.
Hense, there was little difference between the two javelin competitions and the freestyle event was dropped ftom the Olympi program.
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