Men Greek Discus Throw Athletics IV Olympic Games London, Great Britain 1908 - Saturday 18th, July - Gold Medal: Martin Sheridan, United States
Final Rankingdist.
1. Martin SheridanUSA United States37.99m
2. Bill HorrUSA United States37.32m
3. Verner JärvinenFIN Finland36.48m
4. Arthur DearbornUSA United States35.65m
5. Michalis DorizasGre Greece33.34m
6. Nikolaos GeorgantasGre Greece33.21m
7. István MudinHUN Hungary33.11m
8. Wilbur BurroughsUSA United States32.81m
9. Elmer NiklanderFIN Finland32.46m
10.Umberto AvattaneoITA Italy29.15m
-. Platt AdamsUSA United StatesUnknown
-. John BarrettGBR Great BritainUnknown
-. Alfred FlaxmanGBR Great BritainUnknown
-. Folke FleetwoodSWE SwedenUnknown
-. John GarrelsUSA United StatesUnknown
-. György LuntzerHUN HungaryUnknown
-. Walter HendersonGBR Great BritainUnknown
-. Imre MudinHUN HungaryUnknown
-. Henry LeekeGBR Great BritainUnknown
-. Eric LemmingSWE SwedenUnknown
-. Ernest MayGBR Great BritainUnknown
-. Mór KóczánHUN HungaryUnknown
-. Miroslav ŠusteraBOH BohemiaUnknown

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In the Greek-style event, throwers hurled the discus from atop a rectangular platform raised above the ground. Throwing style was strictly prescribed by the rules of the event. The event had been contested at the 1906 Summer Olympics, but was not held again after 1908.
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