Men High Jump Athletics Olympic Games 2008 Beijing, China - Tuesday 19.08 - Gold Medal: Andrey Silnov, Russia
Final 19.08 19:10TeamHeightQSO215220225229232234236242
1. Andrey SilnovRUSRUS2.36m5.11-OOOOOOXXX
2. Germaine MasonGBRGBR2.34m1.2-OOX-OOXXX
3. Yaroslav RybakovRUSRUS2.34m9.8-OOOXXOOXXX
4. Stefan HolmSWESWE2.32m5.3-OOOOX-XX
5. Raul-Roland SpankGERGER2.32m5.1OOOOXXOXX-X
6. Jaroslav BabaCZECZE2.29m1.6OOOOX-X-X
7. Tomas JankuCZECZE2.29m1.4OOOXOX-XX
8. Tom ParsonsGBRGBR2.25m12.9OOOXXX
9. Martyn BernardGBRGBR2.25m5.7OOXOX-XX
10. Filippo CampioliITAITA2.20m9.5OOXXX
10. Jesse de LimaBRABRA2.20m1.10-OXXX
12. Rozle PrezeljSLOSLO2.20m9.12OXXOXXX
The qualifying height was 2.32, but only eight jumpers cleared 2.29, so a further four men with good countback at 2.25 were included. When the bar reached 2.32 in the final, only reigning champion Holm and Silnov had a perfect record. Both men went over 2.32 first time, but were preceded by the surprising Mason, a Jamaican transfer to Britain. He astounded onlookers by being the first over 2.34, and after Holm missed once, the Briton was joined by Silnov and Rybakov with first time clearances at 2.34. Silnov cleared 2.36 first time, and none of the others could get over that height, Holm, Spank and Bába all making desperation efforts at 2.36 without a 2.34 clearance. Silnov, the European Champion, had placed fourth in the Russian Championships, and was not initially selected for Beijing, but a 2.37 leap in London a week later convinced the Russian selectors to include him at the expense of Andrey Tereshin.
Qualification - mark 2.32m 0+12 Athletes
Group A 17.08 20:20TeamHeightRk.SO210215220225229
1. Jaroslav BabaCZECZE2.29m1.20 -OOO
1. Germaine MasonGBRGBR2.29m1.12 -OOO
3. Raul-Roland SpankGERGER2.29m5.9 -OOXO
4. Stefan HolmSWESWE2.29m5.16--OOXO
5. Rozle PrezeljSLOSLO2.25m9.8-OOOXXX
5. Yaroslav RybakovRUSRUS2.25m9.1-OOOXXX
7. Andra MansonUSAUSA2.25m13.3-XOXOOXXX
8. Andrea BettinelliITAITA2.25m14.7-OOXOXXX
8. Mickael HananyFRAFRA2.25m14.5OOOXOXXX
8. Vyacheslav VoroninRUSRUS2.25m14.6-OOXOXXX
11.Dragutin TopicSRBSRB2.25m17.10-OXOXOXXX
12.Nikita PalliISRISR2.20m21.15OOOXXX
12.Donald ThomasBAHBAH2.20m21.11-OOXXX
14.Michal BieniekPOLPOL2.20m24.2-XOOXXX
14.Majed Aldin GazalSYRSYR2.20m24.4OXOOXXX
16.Dusty JonasUSAUSA2.20m26.18OOXOXXX
17.Peter HorakSVKSVK2.15m33.13OXOXXX
17.Gerardo MartinezMEXMEX2.15m33.19OXOXXX
19.Konstantinos BaniotisGREGRE2.10m37.17XOXXX
20.Oleksandr NartovUKRUKR2.10m38.14XXOXXX
Group B 17.08 20:20TeamHeightRk.SO210215220225229
1. Jesse de LimaBRABRA2.29m1.5-OOOO
1. Tomas JankuCZECZE2.29m1.14OOOOO
3. Martyn BernardGBRGBR2.29m5.13-OOOXO
3. Andrey SilnovRUSRUS2.29m5.4-OOOXO
5. Filippo CampioliITAITA2.25m9.7OOOOXXX
6. Tom ParsonsGBRGBR2.25m12.12-OXOOXXX
7. Kyriakos IoannouCYPCYP2.25m18.2-XOXOXOXXX
8. Mike MasonCANCAN2.25m19.20-OOXXOXXX
8. Jesse WilliamsUSAUSA2.25m19.17-OOXXOXXX
10.Dmytro Dem'yanyukUKRUKR2.20m23.3OOOXXX
11.Linus ThornbladSWESWE2.20m26.16-OXOXXX
12.James GraymanANTANT2.20m28.8XOXXOXOXXX
13.Javier BermejoESPESP2.20m29.18-OXXOXXX
13.Kabelo KgosiemangBOTBOT2.20m29.19OOXXOXXX
13.Alessandro TalottiITAITA2.20m29.15OOXXOXXX
16.Hup Wei LeeMASMAS2.20m32.6OXOXXOXXX
17.Iurii KrimarenkoUKRUKR2.15m33.9OXOXXX
18.Naoyuki DaigoJPNJPN2.15m36.1XXOXXOXXX
19.Sergey ZasimovichKAZKAZ2.10m39.10XOXXX
-. Haiqiang HuangCHNCHNNM 11XXX
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