Women Long Jump Athletics Olympic Games 2008 Beijing, China - Friday 22.08 - Gold Medal: Maurren Maggi, Brazil
1. Maurren Higa MaggiBRABRA7.04m2.97.04XXX6.73X
2. Blessing OkagbareNGRNGR6.91m12.126.916.626.796.706.83X
3. Chelsea HammondJAMJAM6.79m11.116.796.686.51X6.646.59
4. Brittney ReeseUSAUSA6.76m1.16.656.764.23X6.466.67
5. Oksana UdmurtovaRUSRUS6.70m6.66.696.706.676.616.656.49
6. Jade JohnsonGBRGBR6.64m10.86.516.646.406.596.43X
7. Grace UpshawUSAUSA6.58m5.76.58X6.52XXX
8. Carolina KluftSWESWE6.49m4.10X6.496.42
9.Tabia CharlesCANCAN6.47m8.26.166.386.47
10.Keila CostaBRABRA6.43m7.4XX6.43
11.Funmilayo JimohUSAUSA6.29m9.36.24X6.29
-. Tatyana LebedevaRUSRUS7.03m3.56.97XXXX7.03
The big shock in the qualifying round was the elimination of world leader Naide Gomes. The Portuguese had leapt 7.12 in 2008 and in Beijing had two fouls in the range of 7m before managing only 6.29. The top three positions in the final were settled by the end of the first round, but this was not a competition with an obvious conclusion. To begin with, it had commenced with a substitution. Ukrainian Lyudmila Blonska qualified with 6.76, but failed a doping control test after appar- ently winning silver in the heptathlon. As a result, Okagbare was advanced to the final in place of Blonska, and rarely has an athlete made so much of a second chance. Lebedeva (6.97) and Maggi (a sea- sonal best of 7.04) had already determined the top medals when Okagbare took her first round jump, a lifetime best of 6.91 to ensure the bronze medal. Hammond, fourth placer with 6.79, also achieved her best in the first round. All the jumpers, save one, had jumped their furthest by the end of the second round. Lebedeva, defending her title, soared to her best jump of the year – 7.03, to fail by the smallest possible margin. Maggi’s jump had been perfect on the board, while Lebedeva had left 5.5cm to spare on her 7.03. The Russian accepted defeat graciously, but some other jumpers were less than thrilled by Maggi’s win, the Brazilian having served a two-year doping ban to 2005.
Qualification - mark 6.75m 2+10 Athletes
Group A 19.08 09:40TeamDist.Rk.SO1.2.3.
1. Maurren Higa MaggiBRABRA6.79m2.36.686.79
2. Carolina KluftSWESWE6.70m4.216.70X-
3. Grace UpshawUSAUSA6.68m5.136.476.68X
4. Oksana UdmurtovaRUSRUS6.63m6.126.48X6.63
5. Tabia CharlesCANCAN6.61m8.76.336.616.49
6. Funmilayo JimohUSAUSA6.61m9.66.426.286.61
7. Chelsea HammondJAMJAM6.60m11.166.60XX
8. Hrysopiyi DevetziGREGRE6.57m14.9X6.57X
9. Yargelis SavigneCUBCUB6.49m17.17XX6.49
10.Denisa ScerbovaCZECZE6.46m20.106.406.465.17
11.Patricia SylvesterGREGRE6.44m21.196.446.426.38
12.Viktoria RybalkoUKRUKR6.43m23.2XX6.43
13.Karin MelisTURTUR6.42m24.18X6.42X
14.Nina KolaricSLOSLO6.40m26.14.926.196.40
15.Naide GomesPORPOR6.29m31.5XX6.29
16.Volha SenrgeenkaBLRBLR6.25m32.
17.Pamela Mouele-MboussiCGOCGO6.06m35.4X5.946.06
18.Rhonda WatkinsTRTTRT5.88m37.15X5.88X
19.Tricia FloresBIZBIZ5.25m38.85.25X-
-. Jana VeldakovaSVKSVKNM 14XXX
-. Lyudmila BlonskaUKRUKR 11
Group B 19.08 09:40TeamDist.Rk.SO1.2.3.
1. Brittney ReeseUSAUSA6.87m1.7X6.87
2. Tatyana LebedevaRUSRUS6.70m3.106.656.70-
3. Keila CostaBRABRA6.62m7.9X6.446.62
4. Jade JohnsonGBRGBR6.61m10.206.336.156.61
5. Blessing OkagbareNGRNGR6.59m12.136.376.496.59
6. Tatyana KotovaRUSRUS6.57m13.66.376.57X
7. Concepcion MontanerESPESP6.53m15.126.536.426.43
8. Bronwyn ThompsonAUSAUS6.53m16.21X6.53X
9. Iryna Charnushenka-StasiukBLRBLR6.48m18.36.48XX
10.Kumiko IkedaJPNJPN6.47m19.176.446.47X
11.Viorica TigauROUROU6.44m22.15X6.386.44
12.Ruky AbdulaiCANCAN6.41m25.1X6.416.25
13.Ksenija BaltaESTEST6.38m27.8X6.38X
14.Soonok JungKORKOR6.33m28.14XX6.33
15.Olga RypakovaKAZKAZ6.30m29.11X6.306.04
16.Ivana SpanovicSRBSRB6.30m30.2XX6.30
17.Oleksandra StadnyukUKRUKR6.19m33.18X6.19X
18.Marestella TorresPHIPHI6.17m34.164.275.946.17
19.Arantxa KingBERBER6.01m36.46.01XX
-. Anju Bobby GeorgeINDINDNM 19XXX
-. Jacqueline EdwardsBAHBAHNM 5XXX
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