Women Heptathlon Athletics I World Championship Helsinki, Finland 1983 - Monday 08, Tuesday 09.08 - Gold Medal: Ramona Neubert, East Germany
FinalPoints100m HHighShot200mLongJavel800m1984
1. Ramona NeubertGDRGDR671413.29s1.80m15.38m23.27s6.67m45.12m2:11.346770
2. Sabine Paetz-JohnGDRGDR666213.11s1.83m14.23m23.60s6.68m44.52m2:11.596713
3. Anke Vater-BehmerGDRGDR653213.58s1.86m14.05m23.49s6.32m37.84m2:05.646525
4. Sabine EvertsFRGFRG639813.50s1.86m12.32m23.82s6.46m36.36m2:06.806388
5. Valentina DimitrovaBULBUL636214.21s1.80m15.67m25.08s6.11m44.60m2:08.106344
6. Yekaterina SmirnovaURSURS632113.36s1.83m13.77m24.48s5.66m45.76m2:10.986277
7. Glynis Nunn-CearnsAUSAUS619513.17s1.74m12.98m24.02s6.31m32.64m2:10.966131
8. Tineke HiddingNEDNED615513.77s1.77m12.22m24.19s6.30m38.62m2:12.466103
9. Annette TannanderSWESWE597714.00s1.83m11.86m26.10s6.09m45.24m2:17.865932
10.Marcela KoblasovaTCHTCH596514.17s1.74m14.99m25.15s6.04m40.58m2:24.965888
11.Marlene HarmonUSAUSA592514.17s1.74m11.91m24.92s6.17m36.06m2:12.165833
12.Kristine TannanderSWESWE592214.25s1.80m12.70m25.13s5.58m39.36m2:12.385811
13.Anne KyllonenFINFIN586614.33s1.80m12.87m25.77s5.88m36.16m2:13.775763
14.Corinne SchneiderSUISUI585114.62s1.83m12.06m25.81s5.73m46.22m2:19.685770
15.Florence PicautFRAFRA5766 5659
16.Terry GengeNZLNZL5739 5607
17.Helena OtahalovaTCHTCH5721 5583
18.Melitta AignerAUTAUT5629 5471
19.Dalila TayebiALGALG4976 4759
20.Patricia MeighaGUAGUA3955 3659
-.Jane FrederickUSAUSA5431 DNS5375
-.Judy Livermore-SimpsonGBRGBR4733 1.92m NMDNS4798
-.Conceicao GeremiasBRABRA4367 4330
-.Jackie Joyner-KerseeUSAUSA3719 3793
-.Zeina Mina El JasLIBLIB1255 DNS abandoned1351
-.Natalya ShubenkovaURSURS851 DNS abandoned961
World record holder Ramona Neubert had never been beaten in an heptathlon. She not only maintained that record but led her country to a sweep of the medals.
Paetz, who had pushed Neubert in the previous year’s European Championships, took an initial lead with a 13.11 100m hurdles. She was overtaken by Britain’s Judy Livermore, who high jumped 1.92 but was to fall back thereafter and drop out after three fouls in the javelin throw.
Neubert was as low as seventh after the high jump, but her 23.27 200m not only gave her an overnight lead of 43 points, but also put her 29 points ahead of world record schedule.
The second day saw Neubert lose contact with her world record pace but stay comfortably ahead of Paetz. The third GDR athlete, Vater, consolidated her hold on the bronze medal with a win in the final event.

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