Men Hammer Athletics II World Championship Rome (ITA) 1987 - Tuesday 01.09 - Gold Medal: Sergey Litvinov, Soviet Union
1. Sergey LitvinovURSURS83.06m74.7683.0680.5881.50X80.64
2. Juri TammURSURS80.84m78.3877.94X76.8878.1880.84
3. Ralf HaberGDRGDR80.76mX77.9278.9479.1880.7678.78
4. Christoph SahnerFRGFRG80.58m72.3875.8076.6877.3279.5080.58
5. Igor NikulinURSURS80.18m76.6278.7479.4878.1880.1880.00
6. Heinz WeisFRGFRG80.18m77.7079.0278.3679.2680.1878.76
7. Tibor GecsekHUNHUN77.56m76.5475.8077.3477.5674.9476.94
8. Plamen MinevBULBUL77.06m75.1677.06XXXX
9. Gunther RodehauGDRGDR76.18m
10.Ivan TanevBULBUL76.00m
11.Walter CiofaniFRAFRA75.34m
12.Harri HuhtalaFINFIN74.98m

Men Hammer Throw - History.

Sergey Litvinov’s only disappointment was that his victory was slightly devalued by the absence of Yuriy Sedykh. The defending champion started the final with a moderate 74.76, but won with his next effort of 83.06.
The battle for the other medals was ferocious. At the halfway point in the competition, Nikulin’s 79.48 was second with Weis’s 79.02 third. The order stayed the same in the fourth round, but there were fireworks from round five. First, Sahner threw 79.50 to overtake Nikulin by the smallest possible margin. Next to throw, Nikulin responded with 80.18. Weis immediately matched that distance. Both were then overtaken by Haber, who closed the round with 80.76.
In round 6, Tamm threw 80.84 to move from sixth to second. Sahner, who had slipped from second to sixth in the space of one round, moved up again to fourth with his final throw. In all, six men bettered 80m, the most ever.

Qualification - Monday 31.08

Mark 76.50m - 8 athletes passed and 4 more best were added.
Group ADistance
1. Sergey LitvinovURSURS81.78m
2. Walter CiofaniFRAFRA76.12m
3. Gunther RodehauGDRGDR76.06m
4. Plamen MinevBULBUL75.18m
5. Juha TiainenFINFIN75.10m
6. Jud LoganUSAUSA74.80m
7. Kjell BystedtSWESWE74.46m
8. Lucio SerraniITAITA74.00m
9. Jorg SchaeferFRGFRG73.58m
10.Viktor ApostolovBULBUL73.46m
11.Michael BeierlAUTAUT72.70m
12.Andres CharadiaARGARG63.70m
13.Gary HalpinIRLIRL63.68m
Group BDistance
1. Ralf HaberGDRGDR79.46m
12. Igor NikulinURSURS78.60m
3. Heinz WeisFRGFRG77.78m
4. Tibor GecsekHUNHUN77.52m
5. Juri TammURSURS77.42m
6. Christoph SahnerFRGFRG77.02m
7. Ivan TanevBULBUL76.50m
8. Harri HuhtalaFINFIN75.64m
9. Tore GustafssonSWESWE73.54m
10.Ken FlaxUSAUSA73.36m
11.Francisco FuentesESPESP69.54m
12.Dave SmithGBRGBR68.56m
13.Angus CooperNZLNZL63.64m
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