Women Discus Athletics II World Championship Rome, Italy 1987 - Monday 31.08 - Gold Medal: Martina Opitz-Hellmann, East Germany
1. Martina Opitz-HellmannGDRGDR71.62m CR71.0868.9069.6671.62X67.86
2. Diana Sachse-GanskyGDRGDR70.12m66.6467.5070.1268.7865.42X
3. Tsvetanka KhristovaBULBUL68.82m63.7266.1065.3863.3668.8268.80
4. Ilke WyluddaGDRGDR68.20m68.2062.6062.0667.6467.0667.44
5. Svetla Mitkova-SinirtasBULBUL66.58m64.8665.4465.4865.58X66.58
6. Zdenka SilhavaTCHTCH64.82m64.3464.82X64.4664.0363.88
7. Larisa MikhalchenkoURSURS64.72m64.1864.7259.7263.6660.6863.54
8. Mariana LengyelROUROU62.30m62.3059.2859.54X58.1460.86
9. Maritza MartenCUBCUB62.00m
10.Larisa KorotkevichURSURS60.74m
11.Renata KatewiczPOLPOL58.22m
-. Connie Price-SmithUSAUSANMXXX

Women Discus Throw History

Venue: Olympic Stadium.
Hellmann (née Opitz) became the first athlete to retain a world title. She did so emphatically: with the first throw of the final, she set a championship record of 71.08. This she improved to 71.62 in the fourth round. The only other 70m throw of the contest was by Gansky in the third.
The GDR filled three of the first four places, with world junior record holder Wyludda in fourth spot. World senior record holder Šilhavá placed sixth, just as she had in Helsinki.

Qualification - Sunday 30.08

Mark 62.50m - 7 Athletes passed and 5 more were added to Final.
Group ADistanceRk.
1. Diana Sachse-GanskyGDRGDR63.64m5.
2. Svetla Mitkova-SinirtasBULBUL62.80m6.
3. Larisa MikhalchenkoURSURS62.52m7.
4. Maritza MartenCUBCUB60.40m9.
5. Connie Price-SmithUSAUSA59.90m10.
6. Mariana LengyelROUROU59.72m11.
7. Anne Paavolainen-KansakangasFINFIN57.10m16.
8. Hourun YuCHNCHN56.70m17.
9. Nabila MouelhiTUNTUN45.94m20.
10.Hanane Ahmed KhaledEGYEGY42.64m21.
11.Dorie CortejoPHIPHI40.98m22.
12.Morgyn WarnerZIMZIM38.56m23.
Group BDistanceRk.
1. Ilke WyluddaGDRGDR68.40m1.
2. Tsvetanka KhristovaBULBUL66.86m2.
3. Martina Opitz-HellmannGDRGDR66.80m3.
4. Zdenka SilhavaTCHTCH64.64m4.
5. Larisa KorotkevichURSURS60.48m8.
6. Renata KatewiczPOLPOL58.88m12.
7. Carol CadyUSAUSA58.50m13.
8. Xuemei HouCHNCHN58.26m14.
9. Anne Salak-KhorinaURSURS57.76m15.
10.Maria Isabel UrrutiaCOLCOL53.94m18.
11.Maria MarelloITAITA52.74m19.
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