Women Hepthatlon Athletics II World Championship Rome, Italy 1987 - 31.08,01.09 - Gold Medal: Jackie Joyner-Kersee, United States
Final RankingPoints100m HHighShot200mLongJavel800m
1. Jackie Joyner-KerseeUSAUSA712812.91s1.90m16.00m22.95s7.14m45.68m2:16.29
2. Larisa Nikitina-TurchinskayaURSURS656413.77s1.87m15.66m24.48s6.33m55.24m2:27.01
3. Jane FrederickUSAUSA650213.65s1.78m16.30m24.69s6.33m46.62m2:13.77
4. Anke Vater-BehmerGDRGDR646013.59s1.81m13.77m23.54s6.67m35.82m2:09.03
5. Liliana NastaseROUROU632513.09s1.75m13.11m24.09s6.59m41.84m2:17.91
6. Marion ReicheltGDRGDR629613.65s1.81m13.39m24.17s6.46m38.64m2:12.76
7. Marianna MaslennikovaURSURS622813.46s1.84m13.22m24.41s6.12m35.42m2:08.12
8. Yuqing ZhuCHNCHN621113.37s1.78m15.12m23.99s6.10m43.40m2:27.45
9. Kim HaggerGBRGBR616713.24s1.81m12.63m24.68s6.56m35.64m2:17.59
10.Jane FlemmingAUSAUS614913.50s1.81m13.21m23.75s6.20m38.24m2:20.58
11.Nadine DeboisFRAFRA613913.64s1.72m13.22m24.23s6.25m34.70m2:05.17
12.Cindy GreinerUSAUSA604213.76s1.72m13.46m24.45s6.29m36.84m2:13.99
13.Tineke HiddingNEDNED604013.77s1.72m13.11m24.18s6.18m40.14m2:16.10
14.Svetlana BuragaURSURS598213.15s1.75m13.36m24.17s5.89m33.76m2:15.58
15.Joanne MullinerGBRGBR584213.84s1.75m12.86m24.80s5.80m36.72m2:13.83
16.Ragne KytolaFINFIN579114.27s1.78m11.78m25.16s5.92m38.96m2:14.03
17.Cornelia HeinrichFRGFRG566414.48s1.75m14.04m25.67s5.94m41.06m2:29.90
18.Sabine BraunFRGFRG562114.14s1.75m12.42m25.49s5.77m37.74m2:20.94
19.Connie Polman-TuinCANCAN560814.35s1.66m12.85m25.27s6.10m35.80m2:19.77
-. Eva KarblomSWESWE495114.40s1.66m13.61m25.10s6.25m39.06mDNS
-. Ingrid MeilickePARPAR385415.19s1.51m10.35m27.28s5.14m34.70mDNS
-. Zuzana LajbnerovaTCHTCH350414.15s1.75m14.06m25.59sDNS
-. Manuela MarxerLIELIE225514.76s1.66m10.69mDNS
-. Chantal BeaugeantFRAFRA89214.62sDNS
-. Alessandra BecattiITAITADNFDNF
None of the Rome world champions was more dominant than JoynerKersee in the Heptathlon. The world record holder started in style with a fast win in the 100m hurdles. After personal bests in the high jump and shot put, she was 121 points ahead of world record schedule. An excellent 200m of 22.95 – just a tenth slower than her best – left her with a world best first day score of 4256. Second at this point was Nikitina on 3918.
JJK maintained a brilliant standard with a 7.14 long jump, breaking the championship record for that event. The heat took its toll in the final two events. The American was below her best in the javelin and clocked only 2:16.29 in the final event to miss a world record by 2.2 seconds. She nonetheless won from Nikitina by 564 points. The Russian had secured the silver with a personal best in the javelin.
There was more good news for the USA as the bronze went to 35 year-old Jane Frederick, a veteran of the 1972 Olympic Games.

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