Women High Jump Athletics II World Championship Rome, Italy 1987 - Sunday 30.08 - Gold Medal: Stefka Kostadinova, Bulgaria
1. Stefka KostadinovaBULBUL2.09m WR22-OOOOOOXXOXO XO
2. Tamara BykovaURSURS2.04m28-OOOOOOOXX-X
3. Susanne Helm-BeyerGDRGDR1.99m26-OOOOXOXXX
4. Silvia CostaCUBCUB1.96m23-OOOOXX-X
5. Larisa KositsynaURSURS1.96m PB23-OOXXOOXXX
6. Heike Redetzky-HenkelFRGFRG1.96m PB23-OOOXOXXX
7. Svetlana Isaeva-LesevaBULBUL1.93m20-OOOXXX
8. Louise RitterUSAUSA1.93m29-OXOOXXX
8. Lyudmila AvdeyenkoURSURS1.93m23-XOOOXXX
10.Madely BeaugendreFRAFRA1.93m PB21 -O
11.Coleen SommerUSAUSA1.90m27-OXOX
12.Lyudmila AndonovaBULBUL1.85m27OOXXX
Like in Helsinki four years earlier, Tamara Bykova was involved in a terrific contest for the gold medal. This time her opponent was Stefka Kostadinova, the world record holder at 2.08. These two dominated the final in which they were the first two to jump. At 1.99 the medallists were clear. Bykova and Kostadinova continued their record of first-time clearances. The only other woman to make 1.99 was Beyer, on her second attempt. She went out at 2.02. The leading two each succeeded first time. It was the first time two women had cleared that high in the same meeting. At 2.04, Bykova went clear again but Kostadinova failed twice. She made it, easily, on her third try. The next height, 2.06, saw Bykovafail for the first time. The Bulgarian followed with a miss. Bykova failed a second time, before Kostadinova produced a successful clearance to take the lead. The Soviet jumper now needed to go higher with her last try to win. Amid the excitement of Ben Johnson’s sprint win, she went for 2.08 and failed. The triumphant Kostadinova then had the bar raised to 2.09 which she cleared on her second try. Just 10 minutes after the infamous 9.83 100m, Rome had seen its second world record.
World Record: Stefka Kostadinova (BUL) 2.08m 31.05.86 Sofia, Bulgaria.
Championship Record: Tamara Bykova (URS) 2.081 09.08.83 Helsinki, Finland.

Qualification - Saturday 29.08

Mark 1.91m - 12 athletes
Group AHeight180185188191
1. Heike Redetzky-HenkelFRGFRG1.91m -0
1. Lyudmila AvdeyenkoURSURS1.91m -0
1. Coleen SommerUSAUSA1.91m -0
1. Silvia CostaCUBCUB1.91m -0
1. Stefka KostadinovaBULBUL1.91m -0
1. Madely BeaugendreFRAFRA1.91m -0
7. Amra TemimYUGYUG1.88m -0
7. Xiuling NiCHNCHN1.88m -0
7. Hee-Sun KimKORKOR1.88m -0
7. Alina AstafeiROUROU1.88m -0
11. Alessandra BonfiglioliITAITA1.85m -0
-. Sigrid KirchmannAUTAUTNM
Group BHeight180185188191
1. Louise RitterUSAUSA1.91m -0
1. Susanne Helm-BeyerGDRGDR1.91m -0
1. Lyudmila AndonovaBULBUL1.91m -0
1. Svetlana Isaeva-LesevaBULBUL1.91m -0
1. Tamara BykovaURSURS1.91m -0
1. Larisa KositsynaURSURS1.91m -0
7. Megumi SatoJPNJPN1.88m -0
7. Christine StantonAUSAUS1.88m -0
9. Phyllis BluntsonUSAUSA1.85m -0
9. Hanne HauglandNORNOR1.85m -0
11.Thordis GisladottirISLISL1.80m-0
11.Orlane Maria Dos SantosBRABRA1.80m-0
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