Women Long Jump Athletics II World Championship Rome, Italy 1987 - Friday 04.09 - Gold Medal: Jackie Joyner-Kersee, United States
Final 17:50Distancewind1.
1. Jackie Joyner-KerseeUSAUSA7.36m CR+0.46.917.127.366.956.956.99
2. Yelena BelevskayaURSURS7.14m-
3. Heike Daute-DrechslerGDRGDR7.13m-0.76.917.037.13XX5.62
4. Helga RadtkeGDRGDR7.01m-0.16.956.567.01XX6.95
5. Galina ChistyakovaURSURS6.99m+0.96.996.74XX6.836.80
6. Irina ValyukevichURSURS6.89m-0.96.806.416.806.836.666.89
7. Jennifer InnissUSAUSA6.80m-0.86.806.776.72XX6.51
8. Nicole BoegmanAUSAUS6.63m-0.5X6.416.636.37X6.22
9. Ljudmila Ninova-RudollBULBUL6.50m-0.1
10.Sylvia Khristova-MonevaBULBUL6.45m-0.3
11.Sheila EcholsUSAUSA6.39m-1.0
12.Lene DemsitzDENDEN6.11m-0.8

Women Long Jump History

The clash of the two co-world record holders – Drechsler (née Daute) and Joyner-Kersee – was spoiled by an injury to Drechsler’s left knee which prevented her from taking her last two jumps.
Even so, the GDR athlete would have needed to be at her best to have defeated the American, who leapt 7.36 in the third round. JoynerKersee, who won the heptathlon three days earlier, was initially given a red flag for her winning jump. This decision was reversed on closer inspection of the plasticine.
Drechsler, about to lose for the first time since 1985, was pushed back into third place when Belevskaya leapt 7.14 in the fourth round.
World Record: Heike Daute-Drechsler (GDR) 7.45m 21.06.86 Tallin, Soviet Union and 03.07.86 Dresden, East Germany.
World Record: Jackie Joyner-Kersee (USA) 7.45m (+0.6) 13.08.87 Dresden, East Germany.
Championship Record: Heike Daute-Drechsler (GDR) 7.27m W 14.08.83 Helsinki, Finland.

Qualification - Thursday 03.09

Mark 6.58m - 12 athletes passed and advanced to Final.
Group ADist.windRk.
1. Heike Daute-DrechslerGDRGDR6.95m+0.71.
2. Galina ChistyakovaURSURS6.86m0.02.
3. Irina ValyukevichURSURS6.82m+0.94.
4. Jennifer InnissUSAUSA6.75m0.05.
5. Sylvia Khristova-MonevaBULBUL6.71m0.06.
6. Lene DemsitzDENDEN6.58m-0.510.
7. Ringa Ropo-JunnilaFINFIN6.55m-0.213.
8. Antonella CapriottiITAITA6.31m+0.316.
9. Zhihui WangCHNCHN6.28m+0.519.
10.Madeline De JesusPURPUR6.20m+0.522.
11.Beatrice UtonduNGRNGR6.17m+2.223.
12.Carmen SirbuROUROU6.00m-0.226.
13.See Huey ChanSINSIN5.49m-0.927.
14.Jacqueline RossSTVSTV5.29m+1.728.
-. Eva MurkovaTCHTCHNM
Group BDist.windRk.
1. Jackie Joyner-KerseeUSAUSA6.86m+2.92.
2. Sheila EcholsUSAUSA6.61m+2.97.
3. Nicole BoegmanAUSAUS6.60m-0.38.
4. Ljudmila Ninova-RudollBULBUL6.60m-0.49.
5. Helga RadtkeGDRGDR6.58m+0.710.
6. Yelena BelevskayaURSURS6.58m-1.310.
7. Marieta IlcuROUROU6.50m-0.314.
8. Sofiya BozhanovaBULBUL6.43m+0.715.
9. Eva KarblomSWESWE6.31m+1.316.
10.Vali Ionescu-ConstantinROUROU6.30m+1.818.
11.Euphemia HugginsTRITRI6.26m+0.920.
12.Eloina EchevarriaCUBCUB6.23m+1.221.
13.Tracy SmithCANCAN6.17m+1.123.
14.Sigal GonenISRISR6.03m+0.625.
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