Men High Jump Athletics VIII World Championship 2001 Edmonton (CAN) - Wednesday 08.08 - Gold Medal: Martin Buss, Germany
Final 18:40Height220225230233236
1. Martin BussGERGER2.36m PBOOOX-XO
2. Vyacheslav VoroninRUSRUS2.33m-OOOXXX
2. Yaroslav RybakovRUSRUS2.33mOOOOXXX
4. Sergey KlyuginRUSRUS2.30mO-XOXXX
4. Stefan HolmSWESWE2.30mOOXOX-XX
6. Staffan StrandSWESWE2.25m-OXX-X
6. Mark BoswellCANCAN2.25mOO-XXX
8. Kwaku BoatengCANCAN2.25mOXXOX-XX
9. Charles AustinUSAUSA2.20mO-XXX
9. Abderahmane HammadALGALG2.20mOXXX
11.Gilmar MayoCOLCOL2.20mXXOXXX
-. Javier SotomayorCUBCUB2.33m-OXOOXXX
One of the biggest shocks in Edmonton was provided by Germany’s Martin Buss. The 1999 bronze medallist had not bettered 2.30 outdoors since Seville, but in Edmonton he chose the perfect time to set a personal best of 2.36. He had failed once at 2.33 whereas Rybakov, Voronin and former champion Sotomayor went over the first time. Those three plus Buss and Holm all failed 2.36 on their first try, then the German surprised everyone by succeeding on the second (and his final) round.
Sotomayor’s fourth place marked the end of a long career, but after the championships it was revealed that he had failed a doping control test in July 2001. He later admitted to the offence, which resulted in a life ban as he had already served another suspension in 1999/2000. Consequently, his Edmonton performances were annulled.

Qualification - Sunday 05.08 10:17h

Mark 2.29m 0+12 Athletes
Group AHeight215220225227
1. Charles AustinUSAUSA2.27m-O-O
2. Staffan StrandSWESWE2.27m-OXXOO
3. Mark BoswellCANCAN2.27m-O-XO
3. Yaroslav RybakovRUSRUS2.27mOOOXO
5. Martin BussGERGER2.27m-OXOXO
6. Sergey KlyuginRUSRUS2.25mOOOXXX
7. Jan JankuCZECZE2.25m-OXOXXX
8. Sergiy DymchenkoUKRUKR2.25mXXOXOXXOXXX
9. Mika PolkuFINFIN2.20mOOXXX
9. David FurmanUSAUSA2.20mOOXXX
11.Elvir KrehmicBIHBIH2.20m-XXOXXX
12.Grzegorz SposobPOLPOL2.15mOXXX
13.Jacques FreitagRSARSA2.15mXXOXXX
Group BHeight215220225227
1. Javier SotomayorCUBCUB2.27m-OOO
2. Stefan HolmSWESWE2.27m-OXXOO
2. Vyacheslav VoroninRUSRUS2.27mOOXXOO
4. Abderahmane HammadALGALG2.27mOXOOXO
5. Kwaku BoatengCANCAN2.27m-XOXOXO
6. Gilmar MayoCOLCOL2.25mOXOOXXX
7. Nathan LeeperUSAUSA2.25mOXOXOXXX
8. Ben ChallengerGBRGBR2.20mOXOXXX
8. Aleksandr KravtsovRUSRUS2.20mOXOXXX
10.Einar Karl HjartarsonISLISL2.20mXOXOXXX
11.Andriy SokolovskyyUKRUKR2.15mOXXX
-. Eugene ErnestaSEYSEYNMXXX
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