Men Pole Vault Athletics VIII World Championship 2001 Edmonton, Canada - Thursday 09.08 - Gold Medal: Dmitri Markov, Australia
Final 18:10Height550565575585590595605610
1. Dmitri MarkovAUSAUS6.05m--XXO-OOXOXXX
2. Aleksandr AverbukhISRISR5.85m-XOOOX-XX
3. Nick HysongUSAUSA5.85m-OOXOXXX
4. Michael StolleGERGER5.85mXXOOOXOXXX
5. Romain MesnilFRAFRA5.85m-XXOOXXOXXX
6. Christian TammingaNEDNED5.75mOOOXXX

Men Pole Vault History

6. Richard SpiegelburgGERGER5.75mOOOXXX
8. Adam KolasaPOLPOL5.75mXOOOXXX
9. Timothy MackUSAUSA5.75mOXXOOXXX
10.Viktor ChistiakovAUSAUS5.75mXXOXOXOXXX
11.Danny EckerGERGER5.65m-O-XXX
12.Martin ErikssonSWESWE5.50mXOXXX
A record 10 men cleared 5.75 in the final. At 5.85, four were successful, excluding Seville silver medallist Markov who was nursing a stubbed toe. He saved himself for 5.90, and had he failed the Belarusborn Australian would have finished just 10th. He cleared first time, while Hysong, Stolle and Mesnil were eliminated. Only Averbukh was left to challenge Markov after saving his last two attempts for 5.95. Markov was over the first time while Averbukh went out. Then the 26 year-old produced arguably the finest performance of the Edmonton Championships by going over 6.05 on his second attempt.. This was not only a meeting record, but also the highest ever mark at any major championship. After his win, Markov gave three bottles of champagne to the doctors who had treated his injured toe for 13 hours prior to the final.

Qualification - Tuesday 07.08 9.00h

Mark 5.75m 0+13 Athletes
Group AHeight530550560570
1. Christian TammingaNEDNED5.70mXOOOO
1. Timothy MackUSAUSA5.70mXOOOO
3. Richard SpiegelburgGERGER5.70mXOOXXOO
3. Viktor ChistiakovAUSAUS5.70mOXXOXOO
5. Michael StolleGERGER5.70mXOXOXXOO
6. Romain MesnilFRAFRA5.70m-XXO-XO
7. Martin ErikssonSWESWE5.70m-OXOXXO
7. Aleksandr AverbukhISRISR5.70m-OXOXXO
7. Adam KolasaPOLPOL5.70mOXOOXXO
10. Dominic JohnsonLCALCA5.60m-OXOXXX
11. Vasiliy GorshkovRUSRUS5.50mOXXOXXX
-. Manabu YokoyamaJPNJPNNMXXX
Group BHeight530550560570
1. Dmitri MarkovAUSAUS5.70m--OO
2. Nick HysongUSAUSA5.70m-XOOO
3. Danny EckerGERGER5.70m-XOXOO
5. Patrik KristianssonSWESWE5.60mOOOXXX
6. Piotr BuciarskiDENDEN5.60mOOXOXXX
7. Montxu MirandaESPESP5.60mXXOXOXOXXX
8. Russ BullerUSAUSA5.60m-OXXOXXX
9. Stepan JanacekCZECZE5.50mOOXXX
10.Vesa RantanenFINFIN5.50mXXOOXXX
11.Nick BuckfieldGBRGBR5.30mXOXXX
11.Rob PikeCANCAN5.30mXOXXX
-. Giuseppe GibiliscoITAITANMXXX
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