Men Pole Vault Athletics X World Championship 2005 Helsinki (FIN) - Thursday 11.08 - Gold Medal: Rens Blom, Netherlands
Final 18:35Height535550565575580585
2. Brad WalkerUSAUSA5.75m-XXOXOXOX-XX
3. Pavel GerasimovRUSRUS5.65m-OXOXXX
4. Igor PavlovRUSRUS5.65m-OXXOXXX
5. Tim LobingerGERGER5.50m-OXXX
5. Giuseppe GibiliscoITAITA5.50m-OXXX
5. Nick HysongUSAUSA5.50m-OXXX
8. Daichi SawanoJPNJPN5.50mXOOXXX
9. Patrik KristianssonSWESWE5.50m-XXOXXX
10.Kevin RansBELBEL5.35mOXXX
-. Danny EckerGERGERNM-XXX
-. Dmitri MarkovAUSAUSNM-XXX

Men Pole Vault History

The qualifying round featured a long delay after Matti Mononen demolished one of the uprights after failing at 5.45. In that time weather conditions grew worse and after an infield debate including athletes, officials and IAAF Council member Sergey Bubka it was agreed to reduce the qualifying height from 5.75 to 5.60. Ultimately, vaults of 5.45 were sufficient for progression.
The weather was 10° colder for the final. The average lifetime best for the finalists was 5.90, but 5.65 proved too difficult for all but four of the jumpers. The height of 5.75 was too much for European Indoor champion Pavlov and his team-mate Gerasimov, but US favourite Walker and rank outsider Blom cleared on their second attempts. Walker failed once at 5.80 and then, when Blom cleared first time, twice more at 5.85. Blom later said “when I woke up this morning and saw what the weather was like I thought I had a good chance of doing well.” He became the first Dutchman ever to win a World or Olympic title.

Qualification - Tuesday 09.08 12:10

mark 5.60m, Stand.A 5.75m, Stand.B 5.60m
Group AHeight530545560
1. Nick HysongUSAUSA5.60m--O
2. Igor PavlovRUSRUS5.60mXOXOO
3. Tim LobingerGERGER5.60m-OXO
3. Dmitri MarkovAUSAUS5.60m--XO
3. Patrik KristianssonSWESWE5.60m--XO
6. Daichi SawanoJPNJPN5.45m-OXXX
6. Kevin RansBELBEL5.45mOOXXX
8. Jean GalfioneFRAFRA5.45mXOOXXX
9. Piotr BuciarskiDENDEN5.30mXOXXX
-. Toby StevensonUSAUSANM---
-. Vladyslav RevenkoUKRUKRNM--XXX
-. Leonid AndreevUZBUZBNMXXX
-. Feiliang LiuCHNCHNNMXXX
Group BHeight530545560
1. Pavel GerasimovRUSRUS5.60m-OXXO
2. Giuseppe GibiliscoITAITA5.45m-OXXX
2. Danny EckerGERGER5.45m-OXXX
2. Rens BlomNEDNED5.45m-OXXX
2. Brad WalkerUSAUSA5.45m-OXXX
6. Konstadinos FilippidisGREGRE5.45mOXOXXX
6. Damiel DosseviFRAFRA5.45m-XOXXX
8. Giovanni LanaroMEXMEX5.45mXXOXOXXX
9. Denys YurchenkoUKRUKR5.45m-XXOXXX
9. Steven HookerAUSAUS5.45m-XXOXXX
11.Jurij RovanSLOSLO5.30mOXXX
11.Matti MononenFINFIN5.30mOXXX
-. Lars BorgelingGERGERNM-XXX
Toby StevensonUSAUSAA55.90m6.00m
Brad WalkerUSAUSAB45.90m5.90m
Igor PavlovRUSRUSA45.90m5.90m
Steven HookerAUSAUSB135.87m5.87m
Denys YurchenkoUKRUKRB125.85m5.85m
Daichi SawanoJPNJPNA15.83m5.83m
Tim LobingerGERGERA75.82m6.00m
Giuseppe GibiliscoITAITAB15.80m5.90m
Rens BlomNEDNEDB55.80m5.81m
Vladyslav RevenkoUKRUKRA125.80m5.80m
Lars BorgelingGERGERB65.77m5.85m
Dmitri MarkovAUSAUSA25.75m6.05m
Danny EckerGERGERB25.75m6.00m
Jean GalfioneFRAFRAA85.75m6.00m
Damiel DosseviFRAFRAB85.75m5.75m
Konstadinos FilippidisGREGREB115.72m5.72m
Nick HysongUSAUSAA105.71m5.90m
Feiliang LiuCHNCHNA65.70m5.70m
Pavel GerasimovRUSRUSB75.65m5.90m
Giovanni LanaroMEXMEXB145.65m5.65m
Kevin RansBELBELA95.62m5.62m
Patrik KristianssonSWESWEA135.61m5.85m
Yoo-Suk KimKORKORB95.61m5.61m
Matti MononenFINFINB105.60m5.66m
Leonid AndreevUZBUZBA115.60m5.60m
Piotr BuciarskiDENDENA35.50m5.75m
Jurij RovanSLOSLOB35.35m5.61m
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