Men Basketball XXVII Africa Championship 2013 Abidjan (IVC) +1 GMT 20-30.08 - Winner Angola
Gamedatetimeteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
Final31.0818:30Angola57-40Egypt12-1328-2246-29 Stats
3-431.0816:00Senegal57-56Ivory Coast9-1632-2443-43 Stats
5-630.0814:00Cameroon74-53Cabo Verde21-945-2955-46 Stats
7-830.0811:30Nigeria105-87Morocco19-1750-4178-66 Stats
1/230.0816:00Egypt70-63Senegal20-1528-2442-39 Stats
1/230.0818:30Angola66-59Ivory Coast23-1033-3654-46 Stats
5-829.0810:00Cameroon79-76Morocco22-1642-3366-58 Stats
5-829.0812:30Cabo Verde79-76Nigeria21-2337-4054-55 Stats
1/428.0812:30Angola95-73Morocco26-1250-2876-50 Stats
1/428.0815:00Egypt74-73Cabo Verde16-1936-4061-55 Stats
1/428.0817:30Ivory Coast71-56Cameroon24-1440-3450-49 Stats
1/428.0820:00Senegal64-63Nigeria16-2535-3754-49 Stats
Angola, Egypt and Senegal qualified to World Championship World Men 2014.
Final Ranking
1 8 Finals
Groups Round
Qualifications Men Q 2013.
New teams from Men 2011 Algeria (2005), Cabo Verde (2009), Burkina Faso(debutant) & Congo(2009).
replacing: Madagascar, South Africa, Chad & Togo.

Qualification Afrobasket 2013

Final rankingwlpfpa
1. Angola70551:411
2. Egypt34456:468
3. Senegal52431:447
4. Ivory Coast52493:394
5. Cameroon52531:411
6. Cabo Verde43477:494
7. Nigeria52614:523
8. Morocco34547:536
eliminated in 1/8 Finals.
9. Tunisia41382:311
13.Centr. Africa14367:420
16.Burkina Faso05299:435
Groups Round
Classification 9-16
Gamedatetimeteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
9-1028.0816:30Tunisia76-54Rwanda23-1335-3858-46 Stats
11-1228.0814:00Mozambique78-56Algeria13-1339-2458-42 Stats
13-1428.0811:30Central Africa64-63Congo10-1626-2847-45 Stats
15-1628.0809:00Mali71-70Burkina Faso11-1928-2844-49 Stats
after Over Time: FT: 64-64 ; OT 7-6
The placement pairs were decided of overall ranking of eliminated teams of 1/8 Finals, taking in consideration only the Group Games.
1. Tunisia30239:1801st Gr.B9-10
9. Rwanda12218:2313rd Gr.B9-10
10.Algeria12171:1893rd Gr.A11-12
11.Mozambique12196:2223rd Gr.C11-12
12.Congo12205:2443rd Gr.D13-14
14.Centr. Africa03228:2454th Gr.B13-14
15.Mali03171:2504td Gr.D15-16
16.Burkina Faso03169:2644th Gr.B15-16
1/8 Finals
Gamedatetimeteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
1/826.0812:30Morocco86-81Algeria14-1231-2649-50 Stats
after Over Time: FT: 72-72 ; OT 14-9
1/826.0815:00Cameroon75-42Mozambique14-1435-2250-31 Stats
1/826.0812:30Ivory Coast100-60Burkina Faso19-1545-2874-43 Stats
1/826.0817:30Angola82-36Mali29-539-1557-24 Stats
1/827.0812:30Egypt77-67Tunisia19-1535-2855-46 Stats
1/827.0815:00Cabo Verde67-60Congo11-2123-3238-50 Stats
1/827.0817:30Senegal67-57Rwanda13-1533-3547-42 Stats
1/827.0820:00Nigeria112-75Central Africa24-2758-3984-54 Stats
Winners progressed to 1/4 Finals. Loosers went to Classification 9-16.

Groups Round.

All teams qualify to 1/8 Finals.
Group Awlpfpa
1. Ivory Coast30207:155
2. Senegal21180:201
3. Algeria12171:189
4. Egypt03195:208
Ivory Coast---74:4664:4769:62
Senegal ---62:5772:70
Algeria ---67:63
Egypt ---
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
20.0815:00Senegal72-70Egypt18-1641-3259-46 Stats
20.0817:30Ivory Coast64-47Algeria16-830-2145-38 Stats
22.0815:00Algeria67-63Egypt14-2129-2844-54 Stats
22.0817:30Ivory Coast74-46Senegal18-1429-2654-36 Stats
24.0815:00Senegal62-57Algeria10-1830-2852-40 Stats
24.0817:30Ivory Coast69-62Egypt21-1633-3156-48 Stats
From this Group emrged 3 of the 4 Semi-Finalists.
The 4th Egypt eliminated the reigning champions of Tunisia and lost the Final against Angola.
Group Bwlpfpa
1. Tunisia30239:180
2. Morocco21225:176
3. Rwanda12218:231
4. Burkina Faso03169264
Morocco ---87:5784:63
Rwanda ---80:61
Burkina Faso ---
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
21.0812:30Rwanda80-61Burkina Faso17-1732-3854-47 Stats
21.0820:00Tunisia56-54Morocco16-1637-2949-41 Stats
23.0812:30Morocco87-57Rwanda30-1050-2566-45 Stats
23.0815:00Tunisia100-45Burkina Faso28-1456-2474-37 Stats
25.0812:30Morocco84-63Burkina Faso13-1637-2261-38 Stats
25.0817:30Tunisia83-81Rwanda26-1739-4159-61 Stats
after Over Time: FT: 74-74 ; OT 9-7
Group Cwlpfpa
1. Angola30251:203
2. Cabo Verde21205:210
3. Mozambique12196:222
4. Centr. Africa03228:245
Cabo Verde ---65:5390:82
Mozambique ---70:66
Centr. Africa ---
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
20.0812:30Mozambique70-66Central Africa8-1727-3955-51 Stats
20.0820:00Angola75-50Cabo Verde25-1038-2866-38 Stats
22.0812:30Cabo Verde90-82Central Africa23-1145-3864-55 Stats
22.0820:00Angola91-73Mozambique17-1437-3860-51 Stats
24.0812:30Cabo Verde65-53Mozambique16-1335-2746-41 Stats
24.0820:00Angola85-80Central Africa20-1243-3467-56 Stats
Angola won the Group.
Central Africa is 4th.
Group Dwlpfpa
1. Nigeria30258:218
2. Cameroon21247:169
3. Congo12205:244
4. Mali03171:250
Cameroon ---74:4389:35
Congo ---87:77
Mali ---
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
21.0815:00Cameroon74-43Congo18-933-2654-34 Stats
21.0817:30Nigeria74-59Mali14-831-1757-36 Stats
23.0817:30Nigeria93-75Congo28-1853-3272-58 Stats
23.0820:00Cameroon89-35Mali29-649-1278-17 Stats
25.0815:00Congo87-77Mali24-1834-3763-55 Stats
25.0820:00Nigeria91-84Cameroon24-1839-4062-65 Stats


Ivory CoastHost4thZone III
From Men 2011
TunisiaMen 20131stZone I
AngolaMen 20132ndZone VI
NigeriaMen 20133rdZone III
MoroccoZone I1st8th
AlgeriaZone I2ndDNP
SenegalZone II1st5th
Cabo VerdeZone II2ndDNP
Burkina FasoZone III1stDNP
Central AfricaZone IV1st6th
CameroonZone IV2nd7th
CongoZone IV3rdDNP
EgyptZone V1st11th
MozambiqueZone VI1st10th
Wild Cards
MaliZone II3rd9th
RwandaZone V2nd12th
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