Women Basketball America World Qualification 2005 Hato Mayor (DOM) - 14-18.09 Winner Cuba
Round Robinwlpfpa
1. Cuba50421:323
2. Brazil41410:327
3. Canada32374:344
4. Argentina23401:379
5. Puerto Rico14369:396
6. Dominicana05259:465
Brazil ----76:6486:6983:6792:46
Canada ----77:5783:8189:57
Argentina ----91:7396:54
Puerto Rico ----94:55
Dominicana ----
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
14.0916:45CUB Cuba73-61CAN Canada24-1832-2648-45
14.0919:00BRA Brazil86-69ARG Argentina27-1947-3564-50
14.0921:45PUR Puerto Rico94-55Dominicana26-1453-2476-37
15.0916:45CAN Canada77-57ARG Argentina23-1340-3157-45
15.0919:00BRA Brazil83-67PUR Puerto Rico18-1733-2750-45
15.0921:45CUB Cuba94-47Dominicana28-1049-1879-29
16.0916:45CUB Cuba84-54PUR Puerto Rico25-1947-2868-38
16.0919:00BRA Brazil76-64CAN Canada21-1435-3657-52
16.0921:45ARG Argentina96-54Dominicana19-1345-3067-40
17.0916:45CAN Canada83-81PUR Puerto Rico16-2134-3863-60
17.0919:0CUB Cuba89-88ARG Argentina21-1539-3857-55
aOT ; FT 82-82
17.0921:45BRA Brazil92-46Dominicana33-1053-2578-35
18.0916:45ARG Argentina91-73PUR Puerto Rico22-1239-3366-51
18.0919:00CUB Cuba81-73BRA Brazil21-2035-3364-47
18.0921:45CAN Canada89-57Dominicana20-1548-2770-44
Cuba, Brazil, Canada and Argentina qualified to World Women 2006
United States qualify as 1st from World Women 2002
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Last updated: 12 Aug 2019
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