Women Basketball America World Qualification 2017 Buenos Aires (ARG) - Winner Canada
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 210'HT30'
Sun 13.08.201721:35CAN Canada67-65ARG Argentina14-1827-3456-47
Third place game
Sun 13.08.201719:05PUR Puerto Rico75-68BRA Brazil15-2030-3050-48
Semifinals (1/2)
Sat 12.08.201718:35CAN Canada84–45BRA Brazil24-1241-2267-32
Sat 12.08.201721:05ARG Argentina48–44PUR Puerto Rico13-422-1835-27
First 7 teams: Canada, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Brazil, US Virgin Islands, Paraguay and later Colombia qualified to PanAm Games Women PG 2019.
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Groups Round.

First 2 from each Group advanced to Final Four.
Group Awlpfpap+-
1. Argentina40297:203+94
2. Brazil22248:245+4
3. US Virgin Islands22257:263-6
4. Colombia22226:260-34
5. Venezuela04234:291-57
2. Brazil 3 Pts, +14 PD; 3. Virgin Islands 3 Pts, 0 PD; 4. Colombia 3 Pts, −14 PD
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 210'HT30'
Sun 06.08.1713:35BRA Brazil71–63VEN Venezuela17–1333-2454-39
Sun 06.08.1721:05ARG Argentina80-48USV US Virgin Islands18-1232-2166-28
Mon 07.08.1716:05USV US Virgin Islands79-53VEN Venezuela10-1032-2451-34
Mon 07.08.1718:35BRA Brazil68-47COL Colombia
Tue 08.08.1713:35COL Colombia70-63USV US Virgin Islands15-638-1958-45
Tue 08.08.1721:05ARG Argentina79–59VEN Venezuela21–1240-2362-35
Wed 09.08.1716:05USV US Virgin Islands67-60otBRA Brazil13–1328-2343-42
Final Time: 58-58. Overtime: 9-2
Wed 09.08.1721:05ARG Argentina70-47COL Colombia16-1036-1747-33
Thu 10.08.1718:35COL Colombia62-59VEN Venezuela14-1531-2852-42
Thu 10.08.1721:05ARG Argentina68–49BRA Brazil18-1438-2360-38
Group Bwlpfpap+-
1. Canada40307:197+110
2. Puerto Rico31279:258+21
3. Paraguay22273:300-27
4. Cuba13230:271-41
5. Mexico04206:206-63
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 210'HT30'
Sun 06.08.1716:05PUR Puerto Rico69–49MEX Mexico24-1543-2157-39
Sun 06.08.1718:35CAN Canada81-35CUB Cuba28-850-1864-24
Mon 07.08.1713:35PAR Paraguay69–66CUB Cuba20-2233-4055-50
Mon 07.08.1721:05CAN Canada75–59PUR Puerto Rico18-1238-2957-41
Tue 08.08.1716:05CAN Canada65-39MEX Mexico15-828-2049-28
Tue 08.08.1718:35PUR Puerto Rico81–67PAR Paraguay18-1937-3159-48
Wed 09.08.1713:35PAR Paraguay73–67otMEX Mexico17-1630-2841-42
Final Time: 63-63. Overtime: 10–4
Wed 09.08.1718:35PUR Puerto Rico70-67CUB Cuba17-1543-2760-47
Thu 10.08.1713:35CAN Canada86–64PAR Paraguay26-1441-3766-51
Thu 10.08.1716:05CUB Cuba61-52MEX Mexico12-1123-2545-34?
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