Women Basketball II (XXVIII) Asia Cup 2018 Bangalore, India - 24th to 29th September - Winner Japan
Played at Kanteerava Indoor Stadium, Bangalore.
Gamedatetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________10'HT30'
FinalSun 29.09.1917:45JPN Japan71-68CHN China17-1734-3554-51
3-4Sun 29.09.1915:30AUS Australia98-62KOR South Korea24-948-1967-38
5-6Sat 28.09.1915:30NZL New Zealand71-56TPE Taiwan15-1436-2758-43
7-8Fri 27.09.1915:30PHI Philippines92-78IND India28-1641-3863-57
1/2Sat 28.09.1917:45JPN Japan76-64AUS Australia15-2335-2852-48
1/2Sat 28.09.1920:00CHN China80-52KOR South Korea25-1843-3163-33
POFri 27.09.1917:45KOR South Korea58-52NZL New Zealand20-1433-3050-39
POFri 27.09.1920:00AUS Australia90-51TPE Taiwan26-952-2373-36
Final Rankingwonlstpfpap+-ratio
1.JPN Japan50430:269+1611.599
2.CHN China41389:293+961.328
3.AUS Australia42526:360+1661.461
4.KOR South Korea33378:438-600.863
5.NZL New Zealand23286:320-340.894
6.TPE Taiwan14287:345-580.832
7.PHI Philippines13263:380-1170.692
8.IND India04225:379-1540.594

Groups Round.

Group Awonlstpfpap+-ratio
1.JPN Japan30283:137+1462.066
2.KOR South Korea21206:208-20.944
3.TPE Taiwan12180:184-40.978
4.IND India03147:287-1400.539
JPN Japan-----102:6178:49103:27
KOR South Korea -----48:4497:62
TPE Taiwan -----87:58
IND India -----
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________10'HT30'
Tue 24.09.1915:30KOR South Korea48-44TPE Taiwan12-1422-2439-35
Tue 24.09.1920:00JPN Japan103-27IND India28-750-1881-24
Wed 25.09.1915:30JPN Japan78-49TPE Taiwan21-1227-3354-42
Wed 25.09.1920:00KOR South Korea97-62IND India20-2244-2874-43
Thu 26.09.1917:45JPN Japan102-61KOR South Korea24-545-2675-42
Thu 26.09.1920:00TPE Taiwan87-58IND India28-1041-2463-40
Group Bwonlstpfpap+-ratio
1.CHN China30241:170+711.418
2.AUS Australia21274:171+1031.602
3.NZL New Zealand12163:206-430.791
4.PHI Philippines03171:302-1310.566
CHN China-----70:6967:44104:57
AUS Australia -----82:44123:57
NZL New Zealand -----75:57
PHI Philippines -----
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________10'HT30'
Tue 24.09.1915:15AUS Australia123-57PHI Philippines38-1661-3486-40
Tue 24.09.1917:45CHN China67-44NZL New Zealand8-821-1742-29
Wed 25.09.1913:15AUS Australia82-44NZL New Zealand17-1143-2563-31
Wed 25.09.1917:45CHN China104-57PHI Philippines21-1147-2671-47
Thu 26.09.1913:15NZL New Zealand75-57PHI Philippines14-1540-3259-46
Thu 26.09.1915:30CHN China70-69AUS Australia19-2044-3556-51
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