Men Basketball European Championship 1949 Cairo (EGY) - 15-22.05 Winner Egypt
Final Groupwlpfpa
France ----41:3647:3358:2556:2243:26
Greece ----54:4146:2849:4545:36
Turkey ----38:2443:3348:41
Netherlands ----40:3734:22
Siria ----38:28
Lebanon ----
dateteam 1scoreteam 2HT
15.05GRE Greece46-28NED Netherlands21-11
15.05EGY Egypt71-44Siria33-27
16.05GRE Greece45-36Lebanon24-14
16.05FRA France58-25NED Netherlands30-13
17.05NED Netherlands40-37Siria22-21
17.05FRA France43-26Lebanon16-13
17.05GRE Greece54-41TUR Turkey20-18
18.05FRA France47-33TUR Turkey25-24
18.05EGY Egypt54-23NED Netherlands27-10
19.05FRA France41-36GRE Greece32-22
19.05EGY Egypt57-30Lebanon28-14
19.05TUR Turkey43-33Siria24-15
20.05NED Netherlands34-22Lebanon15-13
20.05EGY Egypt57-44TUR Turkey25-27
20.05GRE Greece49-45Siria19-24
21.05TUR Turkey38-24NED Netherlands22-16
21.05EGY Egypt50-39GRE Greece15-20
21.05FRA France56-22Siria25-12
22.05TUR Turkey48-41Lebanon20-25
22.05EGY Egypt57-36FRA France36-16
Eastern European Countries did not participate because they did not agree Egypt to be a host.
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