Men Basketball XL Eurobasket (European Championship) 2017 Turkey (From 1/8 Finals) - 31 August - 17 September - Winner Slovenia
Finals played at Sinan Erdem Dome, Istanbul.
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________10'HT30'attend.
Sun 17.09.1721:30SLO Slovenia93-85SRB Serbia20-2256-4771-67
3rd place Play-Off
Sun 17.09.1718:45ESP Spain93-85RUS Russia21-1345-2866-55
Semi 1: Germany-France - Spain-Turkey ; Slovenia-Ukraine - Latvia-Montenegro
Semi 2: Lithuania-Greece - Croatia-Russia ; Finland-Italy - Serbia-Hungary

Semi-Finals (1/2).

datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________10'HT30'attend.
Thu 14.09.1721:30SLO Slovenia92-72ESP Spain25-1949-4573-574,955
Fri 15.09.1721:30SRB Serbia87-79RUS Russia25-2048-3466-57

Quarter-Finals (1/4).

datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________10'HT30'attend.
Tue 12.09.1718:45ESP Spain84-72GER Germany16-1934-3365-531,845
Tue 12.09.1721:30SLO Slovenia103-97LAT Latvia34-2351-5576-662,651
Wed 13.09.1718:45RUS Russia74-69GRE Greece17-2431-3751-532,070
Wed 13.09.1721:30SRB Serbia83-67ITA Italy18-1744-3359-483,046

Eight-Finals (1/8).

datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________10'HT30'attend.
Sat 09.09.1712:30SLO Slovenia79-55UKR Ukraine26-1742-2768-43730
Sat 09.09.1715:15GER Germany84-81FRA France10-1934-4055-561,060
Sat 09.09.1718:45ITA Italy70-57FIN Finland30-1748-2958-421,411
Sat 09.09.1721:30GRE Greece77-64LTU Lithuania25-1737-3061-482,144
Sun 10.09.1712:30LAT Latvia100-68MNE Montenegro27-1553-3782-52718
Sun 10.09.1715:15SRB Serbia86-78HUN Hungary24-1648-4169-531,190
Sun 10.09.1718:45ESP Spain73-56TUR Turkey19-1033-2549-439,934
Sun 10.09.1721:30RUS Russia101-78CRO Croatia25-2346-4272-5710,153
Final Rankingwlpfpap+-ratio2015
1. Slovenia90813:693+1201.17312.
2. Serbia72741:670+711.1064.
3. Spain81771:608+1631.2681.
4. Russia63717:693+241.03517.
eliminated in Quarter-Finals (1/4).
5. Latvia52641:567+741.1318.
6. Germany43511:51101.00018.
7. Italy43483:462+211.0456.
8. Greece34567:538+291.0545.
eliminated in Eight-Finals (1/8).
9. Lithuania42490:436+541.1242.
eliminated in Groups Round.
6th places in Groups Round.
22.Great Britain05390:448-580.871
Montenegro, Hungary, Great Britain and Romania (Co-Host) replaced Netherlands, Macedonia, Estonia and Bosna Herzeg. from Eurobasket 2015.
MVP: Goran Dragic (Slovenia)
Best 5: Goran Dragic (Slovenia), Luka Doncic (Slovenia), Alexey Shved (Russia), Pau Gasol (Spain), Bogdan Bogdanovic( Serbia).
Continental 2017
EuroBasket 2017 Men
EuroBasket 2017 Women
Americas 2017 Men
Americas 2017 Women
AfroBasket 2017 Men
AfroBasket 2017 Women
Asia 2017 Men
Asia 2017 Women

Groups Round.

First 4 from each Group advanced to 1/8 Finals.
Group Awlpfpap+-ratioPot
1. Slovenia50446:384+621.1614.
2. Finland41426:408+181.0443.
3. France32450:422+281.0661.
4. Greece23421:400+211.0522.
5. Poland14411:414-30.9935.
6. Iceland05355:481-1260.7386.
Slovenia, Finland, France and Greece advanced to Eight-Finals (1/8>.
Poland and Iceland were eliminated.
Finland -----86:84ot89:7790:87ot83:79
France -----95:8778:75115:79
Greece -----95:7790:61
Poland -----91:61
Iceland -----
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________10'HT30'attend.
played at Hartwall Arena, Helsinki, Finland. +3 UTC.
Thu 31.08.1713:45SLO Slovenia90-81POL Poland24-2253-4674-58835
Thu 31.08.1716:30GRE Greece90-61ISL Iceland26-1037-3361-451,911
Thu 31.08.1721:00FIN Finland86-84otFRA France23-1532-3349-5312,167
after over time. FT: 72-72. OT: 14-12.
Rest Day Friday 01.09.2017.
Sat 02.09.1713:45POL Poland91-61ISL Iceland16-1441-2960-373,615
Sat 02.09.1716:30FRA France95-87GRE Greece27-1555-3675-575,013
Sat 02.09.1720:00SLO Slovenia81-78FIN Finland22-2252-4265-6311,963
Sun 03.09.1713:45FRA France115-79ISL Iceland29-2549-4286-563,396
Sun 03.09.1716:30SLO Slovenia78-72GRE Greece23-1335-3052-584,099
Sun 03.09.1720:00FIN Finland90-87POL Poland18-836-3252-5211,360
after over time. FT: 66-66. OT: 24-21.
Rest Day Monday 04.09.2017.
Tue 05.09.1713:45SLO Slovenia102-75ISL Iceland23-2560-4381-591,531
Tue 05.09.1716:30FRA France78-75POL Poland13-2026-3451-521,868
Tue 05.09.1720:00FIN Finland89-77GRE Greece23-1445-3367-5212,327
Wed 06.09.1714:45SLO Slovenia95-78FRA France28-2252-3577-513,166
Wed 06.09.1717:30GRE Greece95-77POL Poland23-2949-4370-673,666
Wed 06.09.1720:45FIN Finland83-79ISL Iceland24-1842-4052-5912,037
Group Bwlpfpap+-ratioPot
1. Lithuania31337:287+501.1741.
2. Germany31283:257+261.1015.
3. Italy32346:322+241.0752.
4. Ukraine23367:392-250.9366.
5. Georgia23390:394-40.9904.
6. Israel14358:429-710.8343.
Lithuania-----89:7278:7394:62 88:73
Germany -----61:5575:6367:57
Italy -----78:6671:6969:48
Ukraine -----88:8188:64
Georgia79:77 -----104:91ot
Israel 82:80 -----
Lithuania, Germany (2.), Italy (3.) and Ukraine advanced to Eight-Finals (1/8>.
Georgia and Israel was eliminated.
Tie-break: Germany 61-55 Italy, Ukraine 88-81 Gerogia.
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________10'HT30'attend.
played at Menora Mivtachim Arena, Tel-Aviv, Israel. +3 UTC.
Thu 31.08.1715:45GER Germany75-63UKR Ukraine9-1639-3358-471,362
Thu 31.08.1718:30GEO Georgia79-77LTU Lithuania18-1834-3959-572,088
Thu 31.08.1721:30ITA Italy69-48ISR Israel21-1536-3251-419,347
Rest Day Friday 01.09.2017.
Sat 02.09.1715:45GER Germany67-57GEO Georgia19-1941-3655-522,285
Sat 02.09.1718:30ITA Italy78-66UKR Ukraine16-1943-3359-481,666
Sat 02.09.1721:30LTU Lithuania88-73ISR Israel19-2338-3771-519,926
Sun 03.09.1715:45UKR Ukraine88-81GEO Georgia21-2051-3867-531,167
Sun 03.09.1718:30LTU Lithuania78-73ITA Italy23-2341-3257-492,680
Sun 03.09.1721:30ISR Israel82-80GER Germany23-1843-4357-698,843
Rest Day Monday 04.09.2017.
Tue 05.09.1715:45LTU Lithuania94-62UKR Ukraine27-1044-3072-471,331
Tue 05.09.1718:30GER Germany61-55ITA Italy16-1729-2943-382,250
Tue 05.09.1721:30GEO Georgia104-91ISR Israel21-2247-4967-709,046
after over time. FT: 89-89. OT: 15-2.
Wed 06.09.1714:45LTU Lithuania89-72GER Germany23-1947-4372-601,680
Wed 06.09.1717:30ITA Italy71-69GEO Georgia27-1038-3058-471,746
Wed 06.09.1720:45UKR Ukraine88-64ISR Israel19-1646-2871-395,036
Group Cwlpfpap+-ratioPot
1. Spain50449:303+1461.4821.
2. Croatia41397:336+611.1823.
3. Montenegro32378:367+111.0305.
4. Hungary23335:370-350.9054.
5. Czechia14356:441-850.8072.
6. Romania05316:414-980.7636.
Spain (1.), Croatia (2.), Montenegro (3.) and Hungary (4.) advanced to Eight-Finals (1/8>.
Czechia and Roamnia were eliminated.
Croatia ----76:7267:58107:6974:58
Montenegro ----72:4888:7586:69
Hungary ----85:7380:71
Czechia ----83:68
Romania ----
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________10'HT30'attend.
played in Polyvalent Hall, Cluj-Napoca, Romania. +3 UTC.
Fri 01.09.1715:00CRO Croatia67-58HUN Hungary20-2039-3652-531,680
Fri 01.09.1717:45ESP Spain99-60MNE Montenegro26-1451-2970-442,300
Fri 01.09.1720:30CZE Czechia83-68ROU Romania21-2240-3862-472,260
Sat 02.09.1715:00MNE Montenegro72-48HUN Hungary14-1139-2960-402,434
Sat 02.09.1717:45ESP Spain93-56CZE Czechia33-1456-2376-383,033
Sat 02.09.1720:30CRO Croatia74-58ROU Romania20-1242-2957-424,754
Rest Day Sunday 03.09.2017.
Mon 04.09.1715:00HUN Hungary85-73CZE Czechia23-1644-3366-581,893
Mon 04.09.1717:45CRO Croatia76-72MNE Montenegro25-1743-3162-521,983
Mon 04.09.1720:30ESP Spain91-50ROU Romania21-1941-2770-358,163
Tue 05.09.1715:00MNE Montenegro88-75CZE Czechia24-1749-3478-552,424
Tue 05.09.1717:45ESP Spain79-73CRO Croatia21-2038-3253-546,089
Tue 05.09.1720:30HUN Hungary80-71ROU Romania16-1538-3250-529,121
Rest Day Wednesday 06.09.2017.
Thu 07.09.1714:30CRO Croatia107-69CZE Czechia28-1754-4078-60737
Thu 07.09.1717:15ESP Spain87-64HUN Hungary22-1041-2960-463,180
Thu 07.09.1720:45MNE Montenegro86-69ROU Romania24-1942-3066-433,419
Group Dwlpfpap+-ratioPot
1. Serbia41400:353+471.1331.
2. Latvia41444:396+481.1212.
3. Russia41378:366+121.0334.
4. Turkey23388:380+81.0213.
5. Belgium14353:410-570.8615.
6. Great Britain05390:448-580.8716.
Serbia, Latvia, Russia and Turkey advanced to Eight-Finals (1/8>.
Belgium and Great Britain were eliminated.
Serbia-----92:82 80:7474:5482:68
Latvia -----84:6989:7992:6497:92
Russia75:72 -----76:7376:6782:70
Turkey -----78:6584:70
Belgium -----103:90
Great Britain -----
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________10'HT30'attend.
played at Ulker Sports Arena, Istanbul, Turkey. UTC +3.
Fri 01.09.1714:15BEL Belgium103-90GBR Great Britain24-2654-5373-67322
Fri 01.09.1717:00SRB Serbia92-82LAT Latvia21-2445-4765-601,050
Fri 01.09.1721:00RUS Russia76-73TUR Turkey20-1536-3355-517,296
Sat 02.09.1714:15LAT Latvia92-64BEL Belgium24-2547-3363-551,038
Sat 02.09.1717:00RUS Russia75-72SRB Serbia18-2140-3858-511,603
Sat 02.09.1721:00TUR Turkey84-70GBR Great Britain23-1849-3664-545,538
Rest Day Sunday 03.09.2017.
Mon 04.09.1714:15LAT Latvia97-92GBR Great Britain25-2050-4084-58817
Mon 04.09.1717:00RUS Russia76-67BEL Belgium19-1835-3353-471,144
Mon 04.09.1721:00SRB Serbia80-74TUR Turkey21-1336-3153-459,692
Tue 05.09.1714:15LAT Latvia84-69RUS Russia12-1534-4452-52944
Tue 05.09.1717:00SRB Serbia82-68GBR Great Britain25-1447-3865-551,080
Tue 05.09.1721:00TUR Turkey78-65BEL Belgium23-1440-3355-537,919
Rest Day Wednesday 06.09.2017.
Thu 07.09.1714:30RUS Russia82-70GBR Great Britain23-1643-3161-54529
Thu 07.09.1717:15SRB Serbia74-54BEL Belgium18-1342-2556-36761
Thu 07.09.1720:45LAT Latvia89-79TUR Turkey24-2247-3869-6310,323
Pre-qualified - 13 teams.
Israel (10.), Turkey (14.), Finland (16.) and Romania (NP) as hosts of Euro Men 2017.
Prequalified from Euro Men 2015 as qualifed to Olympic Men 2016: Spain (1.) and Lithuania (2.).
Qualified to Olympic Men OQ 2016: France (3.), Serbia (4.), Greece 95.), Italy (6.) and Czechia (7.)
Qualified as Wild Cards in Olympic Men OQ 2016: Latvia (8.), Croatia (9.) - Turkey qualified as Host.
Via Men Euro 2017 Qualification - 11 teams.
Group Winners: 7 teams - Belgium, Germany, Russia, Poland, Slovenia, Georgia and Hungary.
Group 2nd places: 4 teams - Montenegro, Iceland, Ukraine and Great Britain.
Draw - November 22nd 2016
Group Phase 31 August 2017
Final Phase 9 September 2017
Final 17 September 2017
In brackets ranking in Euro Men 2015.
From Euro Men 2015 did not qualify: Netherlands (19.), Macedonia (21.), Estonia (22.) and Bosna Herzegovina (23.).
New teams: Romania (co-host), Montenegro, Hungary and Great Britain.
Semi 1: Germany-France - Spain-D4 ; Slovenia-Ukraine - D2-Montenegro
Semi 2: Lithuania-Greece - Croatia-D3 ; Finland-Italy - D1-Hungary
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