Men Basketball European Championship Chalenge Round 1975 Hagen (FRG) 12-21.05
II 2nd Level European Championship.
The best 4 teams: Greece, Romania, Poland and Netherlands qualify to the main tournament Men 1975.
Final Groupwlpfpa
1. Greece41384:375
2. Romania41421:378
3. Poland32468:458
4. Netherlands32409:397
5. Hungary14365:405
6. France05399:433
Greece------81:6888:82 67:6580:77
Romania ------88:7184:6190:8291:83
Poland ------95:93114:89106:100
Netherlands83:68 ------82:6390:87
Hungary ------66:52
France ------
dateteam 1scoreteam 2HT
18.05POL Poland106-100FRA France47-45
aOT ; FT 95-95
18.05GRE Greece81-68ROU Romania39-31
18.05NED Netherlands82-63HUN Hungary40-31
19.05ROU Romania88-71POL Poland46-43
19.05GRE Greece67-65HUN Hungary39-36
19.05NED Netherlands90-87FRA France40-40
20.05ROU Romania90-82HUN Hungary37-48
20.05GRE Greece80-77FRA France33-35
20.05POL Poland95-93NED Netherlands42-40
21.05ROU Romania91-83FRA France53-43
21.05POL Poland114-89HUN Hungary48-39
21.05NED Netherlands83-68GRE Greece38-29
First Groups Round. Best 2 progress. Scores are transferred.
Group Awlpfpa
1. Romania50523:278
2. Netherlands41502:305
3. West Germany32446:315
4. Switzerland23352:417
5. Morocco14278:488
6. Wales05274:572
Netherlands -----80:7093:48134:54134:49
West Germany -----94:54100:50113:47
Switzerland -----96:6996:76
Morocco -----65:52
Wales -----
dateteam 1scoreteam 2HT
played at Hagen (FRG)
12.05SUI Switzerland96-69Morocco45-21
12.05NED Netherlands134-49WAL Wales64-21
12.05ROU Romania84-69FRG West Germany38-39
13.05Morocco65-52WAL Wales32-20
13.05ROU Romania85-58SUI Switzerland44-26
13.05NED Netherlands80-70FRG West Germany42-32
14.05ROU Romania106-40Morocco50-15
14.05NED Netherlands93-48SUI Switzerland48-26
14.05FRG West Germany113-47WAL Wales58-16
15.05NED Netherlands134-54Morocco69-32
15.05ROU Romania164-50WAL Wales80-29
15.05FRG West Germany94-54SUI Switzerland46-24
16.05ROU Romania84-61NED Netherlands43-29
transferred to Final Group
16.05SUI Switzerland96-76WAL Wales53-31
16.05FRG West Germany100-50Morocco46-24
Group Bwlpfpa
1. Hungary40381:257
2. France31349:266
3. Austria22339:304
4. Algeria13263:439
5. Scotland04281:347
France -----92:76117:6188:63
Austria -----119:6376:73
Algeria -----74:73
Scotland -----
dateteam 1scoreteam 2HT
played at Boblingen (FRG)
12.05FRA France88-63SCO Scotland48-30
12.05HUN Hungary76-68AUT Austria35-41
13.05AUT Austria119-63ALG Algeria66-30
13.05HUN Hungary66-52FRA France34-28
transferred to Final Group
14.05HUN Hungary109-72SCO Scotland46-34
14.05FRA France117-61ALG Algeria47-38
15.05FRA France92-76AUT Austria51-31
15.05ALG Algeria74-73SCO Scotland41-34
16.05HUN Hungary130-65ALG Algeria68-26
16.05AUT Austria76-73SCO Scotland33-41
Group Cwlpfpa
1. Greece50440:356
2. Poland41460:378
3. Albania32434:401
4. Sweden23411:336
5. Iceland14358:519
6. Luxembourg05301:414
Poland -----98:8877:75123:7180:56
Albania -----82:71112:7795:71
Sweden -----109:5983:41
Iceland -----73:67
Luxembourg -----
dateteam 1scoreteam 2HT
plated at Wolfenbuttel (FRG)
12.05SWE Sweden83-41Luxembourg44-24
12.05POL Poland123-71ISL Iceland61-34
12.05GRE Greece84-57ALB Albania40-34
13.05SWE Sweden109-59ISL Iceland43-34
13.05GRE Greece83-66Luxembourg42-35
13.05POL Poland98-88ALB Albania54-40
14.05GRE Greece108-78ISL Iceland45-36
14.05ALB Albania95-71Luxembourg50-30
14.05POL Poland77-75SWE Sweden48-35
15.05ALB Albania112-77ISL Iceland50-35
15.05POL Poland80-56Luxembourg46-25
15.05GRE Greece77-73SWE Sweden40-43
16.05ISL Iceland73-67Luxembourg44-42
16.05ALB Albania82-71SWE Sweden40-37
16.05GRE Greece88-82POL Poland41-41
transferred to Final Group
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