Men European Championship 2007 - Additional Qualification - Winner Israel
Tournament for teams of Division A who did not qualify to Men 2007
Award to the Winner Israela is a qualification for Men 2007. Last 2 teams relegated to Division B Men Q II 2009.
Final ad Relegation Groups were played just before the European Championship Men 2007 in Menorca.
Final Groupwlpfpa
1. Israel20159:147
2. Macedonia11160:155
3. Bosna Herzeg.02123:140
Macedonia ----73:63
Bosna Herzeg. ----
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
29.0820:30Macedonia73-63Bosna Herzeg.31-1341-3053-51
30.0820:30Israel67-60Bosna Herzeg.23-738-3454-49
Releg. Groupwlpfpa
1. Hungary20176:134
2. Sweden11130:130
3. Denmark02125:167
Sweden -----66:55
Denmark -----
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
29.0818:00SWE Sweden66-55DEN Denmark21-1132-2544-38
30.0818:00HUN Hungary101-70DEN Denmark25-2954-4480-59
31.0818:00HUN Hungary75-64SWE Sweden24-1734-2959-58
Extra Groups Round>. Winners qulify to 1Play-off. 3rd to Relegation.
Group qAwlpfpa
1. Bosna Herzeg.22297:283
2. Bulgaria22287:292
3. Hungary22290:299
Bosna Herzeg.----75:7170:74
datetimevenueteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
08.0820:30CazinBosna Herzeg.75-71Bulgaria19-1729-2952-52
aOT ; FT 65-65
15.0819:00NyregyhazaHungary68-83Bosna Herzeg.15-1431-3452-59
18.0818:00SofiaBulgaria70-69Bosna Herzeg.13-1733-3653-53
25.0820:30CazinBosna Herzeg.70-74Hungary21-2142-3055-47
Group qBwlpfpa
1. Macedonia31314:253
2. Estonia31247:265
3. Sweden04235:278
datetimevenueteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
09.0819:00StockholmSWE Sweden50-57Estonia10-1224-2534-40
17.0820:30SkopjeMacedonia75-58SWE Sweden15-1632-3651-44
20.0819:00TallinnEstonia68-54SWE Sweden12-1837-3455-45
25.0819:30LuleaSWE Sweden73-78Macedonia21-2143-3658-58
Group qCwlpfpa
1. Israel51485:421
2. Belgium51442:400
3. Ukraine15409:445
4. Denmark15417:487
Belgium 83:74----- 72:6980:66
Ukraine 63:6845:70-----74:64
Denmark60:72 61:71 90:85-----
datetimevenueteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
08.0819:00AarhusDEN Denmark60-72Israel19-1634-3349-49
08.0819:00KievUKR Ukraine45-70BEL Belgium13-1626-2940-47
11.0821:00Tel AvivIsrael81-73UKR Ukraine17-1342-3258-57
11.0820:00CharleroiBEL Belgium80-66DEN Denmark18-2133-3763-51
15.0819:00Tel AvivIsrael85-66BEL Belgium28-1747-2569-51
15.0819:00KievUKR Ukraine74-64DEN Denmark18-1128-2755-48
18.0820:00CharleroiBEL Belgium72-69UKR Ukraine16-1131-3446-52
18.0821:00Tel AvivIsrael105-76DEN Denmark32-2059-3588-51
22.0817:00AarhusDEN Denmark61-71BEL Belgium9 -1722-2636-54
22.0819:00KievUKR Ukraine63-68Israel15-1834-3651-52
25.0814:30AarhusDEN Denmark90-85UKR Ukraine22-2340-4066-57
25.0820:00CharleroiBEL Belgium83-74Israel25-2541-4160-56
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