Women Basketball European Championship 2007 Italy - 24.09-07.10 Winner Russia
Qualification for Olympic Women 2008 Russia - qualify. And to Olympic Women OQ 2008 2nd to 5th.
Finals played at Chieti
Gamedatetimeteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
Final07.1019:30RUS Russia74-68ESP Spain23-1144-2453-45
3-407.1017:00BLR Belarus72-63Latvia16-1732-2455-37
5-607.1014:30CZE Czechia93-54Lithuania28-1249-1866-36
7-807.1012:15BEL Belgium72-63FRA France18-1932-2847-47
1/206.1018:30RUS Russia67-36Latvia16-1727-2147-29
1/206.1021:00ESP Spain70-54BLR Belarus18-1533-3052-45
5-806.1013:30Lithuania67-65FRA France13-1427-3350-57
5-806.1016:00CZE Czechia75-50BEL Belgium20-739-2458-37
1/404.1018:30Latvia66-62FRA France13-1028-1844-40
1/404.1021:00BLR Belarus52-46CZE Czechia11-1531-2739-41
1/405.1018:30RUS Russia75-58Lithuania21-2535-3759-52
1/405.1021:00ESP Spain72-53BEL Belgium18-2032-3154-44
Final rankingwlpfpa
1. Russia81641:512
2. Spain72621:551
3. Belarus54609:586
4. Latvia63564:565
5. Czechia72639:496
6. Lithuania45550:620
7. Belgium54599:591
8. France45564:549
eliminated in Second Groups Round
9. Italy24347:367
9. Turkey24394:432
eliminated in First Groups Round
Second Groups Round
Group EVastoGroup FOrthona
First Groups Round
Group AVastoGroup BLanciano
Group CChietiGroup DOrthona
Qualification Women Q 2007
Second Groups Round. First 4 to Quarter-Finals.
Group Ewlpfpa
1. Czechia41350:297
2. Latvia41322:291
3. Belgium32350:310
4. Lithuania23304:337
5. Turkey14324:374
6. Germany14274:315
Latvia ----69:6676:4673:6260:47
Belgium ----68:5385:6361:53
Lithuania ----67:6171:57
Turkey ----76:63
Germany54:47 ----
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
played at Vasto
28.0916:00BEL Belgium85-63TUR Turkey29-1049-2672-46
28.0918:30Latvia76-46Lithuania15- 935-2357-34
28.0921:00GER Germany54-47CZE Czechia17-1425-2638-38
30.0916:00TUR Turkey76-63GER Germany22-1544-2860-41
30.0918:30CZE Czechia75-67Lithuania19-2435-4556-56
30.0921:00Latvia69-66BEL Belgium11-1826-2854-44
02.1016:00Lithuania67-61TUR Turkey16-1534-3047-49
02.1018:30CZE Czechia72-70BEL Belgium19-2135-3858-58
02.1021:00Latvia60-47GER Germany23-1331-3248-37
Group Fwlpfpa
1. Russia41339:303
2. Spain41346:319
3. France32316:294
4. Belarus23340:339
5. Italy14282:312
6. Serbia14299:355
Spain ----63:5376:6279:6479:76
France ----72:6064:4868:60
Belarus ----66:5179:53
Italy ----64:43
Serbia67:65 ----
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
played at Orthona
29.0915:30ESP Spain79-64ITA Italy25-1847-3263-47
29.0918:30Serbia67-65RUS Russia25-1736-3047-44
29.0921:00FRA France72-60BLR Belarus15-1841-3353-49
01.1015:30ITA Italy64-43Serbia17-1231-2047-33
01.1018:30RUS Russia87-73BLR Belarus24-1541-3168-40
01.1021:00ESP Spain63-53FRA France13-929-2940-46
03.1015:30BLR Belarus66-51ITA Italy19-1538-3050-38
03.1018:30RUS Russia64-49ESP Spain16-1324-2245-42
03.1021:00FRA France68-60Serbia18-2339-3456-47
First Groups Round. First 3 to Second Groups Round.
Scores are transferred.
Group Awlpfpa
1. Czechia30231:149
2. Latvia21194:205
3. Turkey12194:217
4. Israel03174:222
Latvia ----73:6277:73
Turkey ----70:58
Israel ----
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
played at Vasto
24.0918:30Latvia73-62TUR Turkey18-1838-3159-49
transferred to Group E
24.0921:00CZE Czechia75-43ISR Israel17-1135-2454-31
25.0918:30Latvia77-73ISR Israel17-1230-3953-57
25.0921:00CZE Czechia86-62TUR Turkey20-1339-2368-42
^_ transferred to `Group E
26.0918:30TUR Turkey70-58ISR Israel17-1843-4161-45
26.0921:00CZE Czechia70-44Latvia15-1137-2454-33
transferred to Group E
Group Bwlpfpa
1. Belgium30203:177
2. Lithuania21191:175
3. Germany12195:210
4. Romania03199:226
Lithuania ----71:5767:50
Germany ----85:78
Romania ----
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
played at Lanciano
24.0918:00GER Germany85-78ROU Romania25-1942-4068-59
24.0920:30BEL Belgium68-53Lithuania21- 932-1957-35
transferred to Group E
25.0918:00BEL Belgium61-53GER Germany18-1033-2248-40
transferred to Group E
25.0920:30Lithuania67-50ROU Romania24-1635-2750-38
26.0918:00BEL Belgium74-71ROU Romania20-2336-4259-58
26.0920:30Lithuania71-57GER Germany20-1836-3451-47
transferred to Group E
Group Cwlpfpa
1. Russia30209:161
2. France21181:161
3. Italy12168:179
4. Greece03152:209
France ----64:4858:50
Italy ----65:55
Greece ----
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
played at Chieti
24.0915:30RUS Russia60-55ITA Italy22-1834-3142-39
transferred to Group F
24.0918:00FRA France58-50GRE Greece17-1327-1940-32
25.0915:30ITA Italy65-55GRE Greece21-1336-2749-37
25.0918:00RUS Russia63-59FRA France21-1339-2852-41
transferred to Group F
26.0915:30FRA France64-48ITA Italy11-628-1639-35
transferred to Group F
26.0918:00RUS Russia86-47GRE Greece29-1344-2265-34
Group Dwlpfpa
1. Spain30218:190
2. Belarus21233:195
3. Serbia12217:228
4. Croatia03188:243
Belarus ----79:5392:66
Serbia ----88:70
Croatia ----
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
played at Orthona
24.0918:00ESP Spain76-62BLR Belarus17-1240-2760-51
transferred to Group F
24.0920:30Serbia88-70CRO Croatia16-2138-4062-56
25.0918:00BLR Belarus92-66CRO Croatia18-1144-2568-43
25.0920:30ESP Spain79-76Serbia21-1743-3660-54
transferred to Group F
26.0918:00BLR Belarus79-53Serbia21-1643-3660-47
transferred to Group F
26.0920:30ESP Spain63-52CRO Croatia14- 929-2746-46
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