Women Basketball Europe Championship 2011 Extra Qualification
Can be classified as 2nd level Championship. The Winner Gemrnay is awared qualification to the Finals.
datetimevenueteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3Taggr.
12.0618:30OberhausenGER Germany59-53HUN Hungary15-1631-3045-44126-109
15.0618:00SopronHUN Hungary56-67GER Germany17-1333-3340-49
Main Tournament - Women 2011
Main qualification - Women Q 2011
Second Level - Women QII 2011
Group Awlpfpa
1. Hungary40272:203
2. Bulgaria22254:262
3. Netherlands22236:269
4. Ukraine13257:266
5. Finland13268:287
Bulgaria ----70:6270:68
Netherlands ----52:5183:80
Ukraine ----82:76
Finland 61:57 ----
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
played in Sopron
03.0618:00HUN Hungary68-39NED Netherlands20-441-1751-28
03.0620:15FIN Finland61-57BUL Bulgaria16-1932-3248-44
04.0618:00HUN Hungary65-51FIN Finland18-1539-2648-36
04.0620:15BUL Bulgaria70-68UKR Ukraine19-1536-3250-53
05.0618:00HUN Hungary68-56UKR Ukraine16-1335-2957-42
05.0620:15NED Netherlands83-80Finland22-2844-4073-60
07.0618:00HUN Hungary71-57BUL Bulgaria25-2034-3357-51
07.0620:15NED Netherlands52-51UKR Ukraine14-1726-2038-42
08.0618:00UKR Ukraine82-76FIN Finland20-1840-4158-53
08.0620:15BUL Bulgaria70-62NED Netherlands18-1439-2453-42
Group Bwlpfpa
1. Germany31280:243
2. Italy31277:239
3. Serbia22278:284
4. Belgium13243:282
5. Romania13252:282
Italy ----76:5568:4676:60
Serbia ----82:7077:64
Belgium ----70:63
Romania65:59 ----
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
played in Taranto (ITA)
03.0617:45GER Germany69-57BEL Belgium25-1738-2950-43
03.0620:30Serbia77-64ROU Romania32-1453-3165-49
04.0617:15ITA Italy76-55Serbia20-1740-3158-49
04.0620:30ROU Romania65-59GER Germany22-1435-3052-45
05.0617:45BEL Belgium70-63ROU Romania13-2031-3251-46
05.0620:30GER Germany78-57ITA Italy22-2142-3358-43
07.0617:45GER Germany74-64Serbia12-1034-3354-48
07.0620:30ITA Italy68-46BEL Belgium19-1732-2656-37
08.0617:45Serbia82-70BEL Belgium23-2541-4362-55
08.0620:30ITA Italy76-60ROU Romania20-1534-3655-50
Women Q 2011
Women Q II 2011
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