Women Basketball European Championship 1972 Qualification - 4 quotas from 11 teams
Direct Qualification - Host and Best 7 from Eurobasket Women 1970.
Bulgaria - Host 4th, Soviet Union - 1st, Yugoslavia - 2nd, France - 3rd, Czehoslovakia - 5th, Poland - 6th, Netherlands - 7th, Romania - 8th,
Groups Round
Group AEast Germany, Hungary, Denmark, Albania and Switzerland in Halle (GDR).
Group BItaly, Austria, Israel, Greece, England and Scotland in Bari (ITA).
Qualified to Eurobasket Women 1972 - East Germany (7.), Hungary (6.), Italy (10.) and Austria (12.).

Groups Round

Group A_w__l_pfpap+-ratio
1.GDR East Germany40312:136+1762.294
2.HUN Hungary31321:153+1682.098
3.DEN Denmark22169:256-870.660
4.ALB Albania13174:253-790.688
5.SUI Switzerland04148:326-1780.454
GDR East Germany-----62:5879:2475:2696:28
HUN Hungary -----84:2874:30105:33
DEN Denmark -----56:5461:39
ALB Albania -----64:48
SUI Switzerland -----
East Germany (7.) and Hungary (6.) qualified to Eurobasket Women 1972.
Played in Halle , East Germany.
dateteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HT
Fri 12.05.72GDR East Germany96-28SUI Switzerland
Fri 12.05.72DEN Denmark56-54ALB Albania
Sat 13.05.72GDR East Germany75-26ALB Albania
Sat 13.05.72HUN Hungary105-33SUI Switzerland
Sun 14.05.72ALB Albania64-48SUI Switzerland29-24
Sun 14.05.72HUN Hungary84-28DEN Denmark
Mon 15.05.72GDR East Germany79-24DEN Denmark
Mon 15.05.72HUN Hungary74-30ALB Albania
Tue 16.05.72GDR East Germany62-58HUN Hungary
Tue 16.05.72DEN Denmark61-39SUI Switzerland
Group B_w__l_pfpap+-ratio
1.ITA Italy41335:192+1431.745
2.AUT Austria41329:263+661.251
3.ISR Israel41331:238+931.391
4.SCO Scotland23192:318-1260.604
5.GRE Greece14203:310-1070.655
6.ENG England05193:262-690.737
ITA Italy---- 54:4394:3170:2864:36
AUT Austria54:53---- 67:4378:4663:50
ISR Israel 71:67----79:3877:4061:39
SCO Scotland ----48:4732:31
GRE Greece ----42:37
ENG England ----
Italy (10.) and Austria (12.) qualified to Eurobasket Women 1972.
Tie-break for 1st-3rd places: 1. Italy +10, 2. Austria -3, 3. Israel -7.
Played in Bari, Italy.
dateteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HT
Wed 03.05.72ISR Israel77-40GRE Greece
Wed 03.05.72AUT Austria63-50ENG England
Wed 03.05.72ITA Italy94-31SCO Scotland
Thu 04.05.72GRE Greece42-37ENG England
Thu 04.05.72ISR Israel79-38SCO Scotland
Thu 04.05.72AUT Austria54-53ITA Italy26-30
Fri 05.05.72AUT Austria67-43SCO Scotland
Fri 05.05.72ISR Israel61-39ENG England
Fri 05.05.72ITA Italy70-28GRE Greece
Sat 06.05.72SCO Scotland32-31ENG England
Sat 06.05.72AUT Austria78-46GRE Greece28-16
Sat 06.05.72ITA Italy54-43ISR Israel
Sun 07.05.72SCO Scotland48-47GRE Greece
Sun 07.05.72ISR Israel71-67AUT Austria33-29
Sun 07.05.72ITA Italy64-36ENG England
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