Women Basketball European Championship 1991 pre-Qualification played 1989
Denmark, Sweden, Poland and Greece advanced to Main Qualification for Women Eurobasket 1991 - Women Q 1990. Poland managed to qualifiy to Women 1991.
_ Group A - Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Engalnd, Belgium and Scotland played in Tampere, Finland.
_ Group B - Poland, Greece, Turkey, Albania, Austria and Portugla played in Steyer, Austria.
Eurobasket Women 1991
Qualification Women 1990

Groups Round

Group A_w__l_pfpap+-ratio
1.DEN Denmark41288:221+671.303
2.SWE Sweden41351:270+811.300
3.FIN Finland41329:251+781.311
4.ENG England23270:298-280.906
5.BEL Belgium14270:269+11.004
6.SCO Scotland05177:376-1990.471
DEN Denmark---- 45:4256:4549:4773:21
SWE Sweden66:65---- 75:4263:5882:39
FIN Finland 66:65----77:5568:4976:37
ENG England ----52:4776:43
BEL Belgium ----69:37
SCO Scotland ----
Denmark and Sweden qualified to Women Q 1990.
Tie-Break: 1. Denmark +2, 2. Sweden 0, 3. Finland -2
Matches played in Tampere, Finland.
dateteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HT
Wed 10.05.89ENG England76-43SCO Scotland40-12
Wed 10.05.89SWE Sweden66-65DEN Denmark37-29
Wed 10.05.89FIN Finland68-49BEL Belgium29-22
Thu 11.05.89SWE Sweden63-58BEL Belgium39-33
Thu 11.05.89DEN Denmark56-45ENG England
Thu 11.05.89FIN Finland76-37SCO Scotland
Fri 12.05.89SWE Sweden82-39SCO Scotland32-26
Fri 12.05.89FIN Finland77-55ENG England
Fri 12.05.89DEN Denmark49-47BEL Belgium
Sat 13.05.89BEL Belgium69-37SCO Scotland35-19
Sat 13.05.89SWE Sweden75-42ENG England42-25
Sat 13.05.89DEN Denmark45-42FIN Finland
Sun 14.05.89ENG England52-47BEL Belgium25-19
Sun 14.05.89FIN Finland66-65SWE Sweden35-32
Sun 14.05.89DEN Denmark73-21SCO Scotland
Group B_w__l_pfpap+-ratio
1.POL Poland50450:329+1211.368
2.GRE Greece32382:348+341.098
3.TUR Turkey23342:392-500.872
4.ALB Albania23405:442-370.916
5.AUT Austria23348:362-140.961
6.POR Portugal14355:409-540.868
POL Poland-----85:7188:56102:7883:6192:63
GRE Greece -----89:6088:73 82:70
TUR Turkey -----77:7181:74
ALB Albania -----85:8498:91
AUT Austria 60:52 -----69:61
POR Portugal 70:68 -----
Poland and Greece qualified to Women Q 1990.
Poland qualified to Eurobasket Women 1991.
Tie-Break: 3. Turkey 2 wins, 4. Albania 1 win, 5. Austria 0 wins.
Matches played in Steyer, Austria.
dateteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________HT
Wed 10.05.89POL Poland92-63POR Portugal
Wed 10.05.89GRE Greece89-60TUR Turkey
Wed 10.05.89ALB Albania85-84AUT Austria43-40
Thu 11.05.89POL Poland85-71GRE Greece
Thu 11.05.89ALB Albania98-91POR Portugal58-46
Thu 11.05.89TUR Turkey81-84AUT Austria
Fri 12.05.89POL Poland102-78ALB Albania
Fri 12.05.89AUT Austria60-52GRE Greece
Fri 12.05.89POR Portugal70-68TUR Turkey
Sat 13.05.89POL Poland88-56TUR Turkey
Sat 13.05.89GRE Greece88-73ALB Albania
Sat 13.05.89AUT Austria69-61POR Portugal
Sun 14.05.89POL Poland83-61AUT Austria
Sun 14.05.89GRE Greece82-70POR Portugal
Sun 14.05.89TUR Turkey77-71ALB Albania
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