Men Basketball XXVIII Olympic Games 2004 Athens (GRE) - 15-28.08 Winner Argentina (1st)
Final Four
Gamedatetimeteam 1scoreteam 210'HT30'
FinalSat 28.0822:30ARG Argentina84-69ITA Italy23-1643-4160-54
3-4Sat 28.0820:00USA United States104-96Lithuania24-2449-4474-71
1/2Fri 27.0820:00ITA Italy100-91Lithuania20-2649-4373-63
1/2Fri 27.0822:15ARG Argentina89-81USA United States24-2043-3870-57

Quarter-Finals (1/4)

Gamedatetimeteam 1scoreteam 210'HT30'
1/4Thu 26.0814:30USA United States102-94ESP Spain25-2544-4374-67
1/4Thu 26.0816:45Lithuania95-75CHN China25-1953-3774-57
1/4Thu 26.0820:00ITA Italy83-70PUR Puerto Rico23-2041-3560-52
1/4Thu 26.0822:15ARG Argentina69-64GRE Greece22-1429-3553-53


Gamedatetimeteam 1scoreteam 210'HT30'
5-6Sat 28.0811:15GRE Greece85-75PUR Puerto Rico25-1544-3666-56
Argentina and Italy poolled Grece and Puerto Rico for 5th place Game.
7-8Sat 28.0809:00ESP Spain92-76CHN China25-2142-3265-50
9-10Tue 24.0816:45AUS Australia98-90NZL New Zealand28-1548-3474-52
11-12Tue 24.0814:30Serbia Mont.85-62ANG Angola18-1034-2561-44
Final Rankingwlpfpap+-ratio
1. Argentina62656:610+461.075
2. Italy53623:586+371.063
3. United States53705:668+371.055
4. Lithuania62750:693+571.082
eliminated in Quarter Finals (1/4).
5. Greece43538:487+511.105
6. Puerto Rico34555:579-240.959
7. Spain61591:527+641.121
8. China25454:569-1150.798
eliminated in Groups Round.
9. Yugoslavia24462:450+121.027
11.New Zealand15479:511-320.937
Serbia Mont.World Men 20021st
LithuaniaEurope Men 20031st
United StatesAmerica Men 20031st
AngolaAfrica Men 20031st
ChinaAsia Men 20031st
AustraliaWorld Men Oceania1st
from 2nd to 6th from World Men 2002 Continentwise
SpainEurope Men 20032nd
New ZealandOceania
ItalyEurope Men 20033rd
ArgentinaAmerica Men 20032nd
Puerto RicoAmerica Men 20033rd

Groups Round.

First 4 to 1/4 Finals. Rest to Classification Matches.
Group Awlpfpap+-ratio
1. Spain50405:349+561.160
2. Italy32371:341+301.088
3. Argentina32414:396+181.045
4. China23303:382-790.793
5. New Zealand14399:413-140.966
6. Yugoslavia14377:388-110.972
Italy ----76:7589:5271:69
Argentina ----82:5798:9483:82
China ----69:6267:66
New Zealand ----90:87
Yugoslavia 74:72 ----
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 210'HT30'
Sun 15.0811:15ITA Italy71-69NZL New Zealand25-1339-2256-46
Sun 15.0814:35ESP Spain83-58CHN China18-1842-3061-43
Sun 15.0816:45ARG Argentina83-82Serbia Mont.27-1549-3961-59
Mon 17.0809:00CHN China69-62NZL New Zealand17-1429-2051-45
Mon 17.0816:45Serbia Mont.74-72ITA Italy16-1736-3655-50
Mon 17.0820:00ESP Spain87-76ARG Argentina25-1835-4058-60
Wed 19.0809:00NZL New Zealand90-87Serbia Mont.22-2039-4455-66
Wed 19.0811:15ESP Spain71-63ITA Italy17-2235-3348-52
Wed 19.0820:00ARG Argentina82-57CHN China22-1441-2165-39
Fri 21.0811:15ESP Spain76-68Serbia Mont.18-1431-3151-52
Fri 21.0814:00ARG Argentina98-94NZL New Zealand23-2547-4276-71
Fri 21.0816:45ITA Italy89-52CHN China22-1144-2660-39
Sun 23.0809:00ESP Spain88-84NZL New Zealand19-1148-3773-68
Sun 23.0816:45CHN China67-66Serbia Mont.16-2131-3451-54
Sun 23.0820:00ITA Italy76-75ARG Argentina13-2335-3653-54
Group Bwlpfpap+-ratio
1. Lithuania50468:414+541.130
2. Greece32389:343+461.134
3. Puerto Rico32410:411-10.998
4. United States32418:389+291.075
5. Australia14383:411-280.932
6. Angola05321:421-1000.762
Lithuania----- 98:9094:90100:8578:73
Puerto Rico -----92:7387:8283:80
United States -----89:7989:53
Australia -----83:59
Angola -----
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 210'HT30'
Sun 15.0809:00Lithuania78-73ANG Angola14-2428-3256-55
Sun 15.0820:00PUR Puerto Rico92-73USA United States21-2049-2765-48
Sun 15.0822:15GRE Greece76-54AUS Australia23-1835-3359-51
Mon 17.0811:15AUS Australia83-59ANG Angola21-1345-2972-44
Mon 17.0814:30Lithuania98-90PUR Puerto Rico26-3249-4471-66
Mon 17.0822:15USA United States77-71GRE Greece18-1737-3157-53
Wed 19.0814:30USA United States89-79AUS Australia21-3147-5165-67
Wed 19.0816:45PUR Puerto Rico83-80ANG Angola19-1737-3263-66
Wed 19.0822:15Lithuania98-76GRE Greece28-1054-2576-44
Fri 21.0809:00Purto Rico87-82AUS Australia13-2341-5165-68
Fri 21.0820:00Lithuania94-90USA United States23-2644-4967-69
Fri 21.0822:15GRE Greece88-56ANG Angola23-1543-2567-35
Sun 23.0811:15Lithuania100-85AUS Australia20-1952-2875-66
Sun 23.0814:30USA United States89-53ANG Angola23-1446-2675-39
Sun 23.0822:15GRE Greece78-58PUR Puerto Rico20-2240-2856-46
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