Men Basketball Olympic Games 1964 Intercontinental Qualification YokahamaHamiltom (CAN) -
Best 4 qualify to the main tournament Men 1964. This tournament was only from teams outside Europe.
Round Robinwlpfpa
1. Mexico81792:665
2. Australia81624:534
3. Canada72641:565
4. South Korea63738:637
5. Cuba54698:637
6. Philippines36709:698
7. Thailand36580:675
8. Taiwan36620:653
9. Malaysia18512:750
Mexico-----75:6364:6176:7581:6390:8594:59 124:82112:84
Australia -----73:5371:5377:6571:6958:4564:6265:4482:68
Canada -----73:6572:6368:6470:5286:7988:4570:60
South Korea -----67:6190:5874:6293:71118:80103:85
Cuba -----84:6983:5687:7493:4599:96
Philippines -----98:7195:7185:55
Thailand -----71:7079:7885:50
Taiwan93:76 -----98:812: -
Malaysia -----2: -
Indonesia 98:86 -----
dateteam 1scoreteam 2HT
01.THA Thailand85-50INA Indonesia41-16
02.TPE Taiwan98-81Malaysia39-30
03.KOR South Korea67-61CUB Cuba25-32
04.MEX Mexico90-85PHI Philippines51-42
05.AUS Australia73-53CAN Canada22-20
06.PHI Philippines85-55Malaysia39-31
07.CAN Canada70-52THA Thailand27-17
08.TPE Taiwan2-0INA Indonesia
09.MEX Mexico81-63CUB Cuba36-28
10.AUS Australia71-53KOR South Korea33-32
11.CAN Canada70-60INA Indonesia38-38
12.KOR South Korea74-62THA Thailand33-40
13.CUB Cuba93-45Malaysia43-18
14.PHI Philippines95-71TPE Taiwan39-30
15.MEX Mexico75-63AUS Australia29-36
16.CUB Cuba87-74TPE Taiwan30-34
17.MEX Mexico94-59THA Thailand40-19
18.AUS Australia65-44Malaysia37-20
19.INA Indonesia98-86PHI Philippines48-35
20.CAN Canada73-65KOR South Korea34-26
21.THA Thailand79-78Malaysia38-43
22.KOR South Korea103-85INA Indonesia45-37
23.AUS Australia64-62TPE Taiwan32-28
24.MEX Mexico64-61CAN Canada36-36
25.CUB Cuba84-69PHI Philippines40-27
26.MEX Mexico76-75KOR South Korea30-38
27.AUS Australia71-69PHI Philippines29-32
28.CUB Cuba99-96INA Indonesia49-46
aot, FT 86-86
29.CAN Canada88-45Malaysia32-10
30.THA Thailand71-70TPE Taiwan39-32
31.CAN Canada86-79TPE Taiwan38-33
32.PHI Philippines98-71THA Thailand45-40
33.KOR South Korea118-80Malaysia46-44
34.AUS Australia77-65CUB Cuba38-26
35.MEX Mexico112-84INA Indonesia62-41
36.AUS Australia82-68INA Indonesia39-29
37.MEX Mexico124-82Malaysia55-34
38.CUB Cuba83-56THA Thailand40-20
39.KOR South Korea93-71TPE Taiwan45-30
40.CAN Canada68-64PHI Philippines34-31
41.CAN Canada72-63CUB Cuba32-29
42.Malaysia2-0INA Indonesia
43.AUS Australia58-45THA Thailand31-32
44.TPE Taiwan93-76MEX Mexico46-33
45.KOR South Korea90-58PHI Philippines25-32
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