Men Basketball Olympic Games 2008 Intercontinetal qualification Athens (GRE) - 14-20.07
Greece, Croatia and Germany qualified for Olympic Men 2008
There was not played a final to find the winner.
Elimination Round
Gamedatetimeteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
3-420.0719:30GER Germany96-82PUR Puerto Rico22-2348-3974-58
1/219.0719:00CRO Croatia76-70GER Germany24-1436-3147-48
1/219.0721:30GRE Greece88-63PUR Puerto Rico19-1148-3568-50
1/418.0713:00CRO Croatia83-62CAN Canada18-1636-2962-42
1/418.0715:30PUR Puerto Rico81-70SLO Slovenia21-1534-3459-52
1/418.0719:30GER Germany78-65BRA Brazil14-1345-2662-39
1/418.0722:00GRE Greece75-48NZL New Zealand22-1237-2055-36
GreeceGermanyCroatiaSloveniaEurope Men 2007
BrazilPuerto RicoCanada America Men 2007
CameroonCabo Verde Africa Men 2007
LebanonSouth Korea Asia Men 2007
New Zealand Oceania/Men 2007
Final rankingwlpfpa
1. Greece50467:324
2. Croatia41429:388
3. Germany31341:280
4. Puerto Rico22306:325
5. Slovenia21244:227
6. Brazil12228:221
7. New Zealand12196:214
8. Canada12211:246
eliminated in Groups Round
9. South Korea02153:167
11.Cabo Verde02118:181
Groups Round>. First 2 progress to Elimination Round
Group Awlpfpa
1. Greece20208:131
2. Brazil11163:143
3. Lebanon02116:213
Brazil -----94:54
Lebanon -----
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
14.0722:00GRE Greece119-62Lebanon32-1754-2776-41
15.0722:00BRA Brazil94-54Lebanon27-848-2173-37
16.0722:00GRE Greece89-69BRA Brazil18-1740-3066-50
Group Bwlpfpa
1. Germany20193:139
2. New Zealand11148:139
3. Cabo Verde02118:181
New Zealand -----77:50
Cabo Verde -----
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
14.0713:00NZL New Zealand77-50Cabo Verde21-442-2060-32
15.0715:30GER Germany104-68Cabo Verde34-1159-2481-40
16.0719:30GER Germany89-71NZL New Zealand23-2647-3368-57
Group Cwlpfpa
1. Slovenia20174:146
2. Canada11149:163
3. South Korea02153:167
Canada ----79:77
South Korea ----
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
14.0715:30SLO Slovenia88-76KOR South Korea24-1753-3769-58
15.0713:00SLO Slovenia86-70CAN Canada27-2241-3464-49
16.0713:00CAN Canada79-77KOR South Korea20-2033-4959-64
Group Dwlpfpa
1. Croatia20188:160
2. Puerto Rico11162:167
3. Cameroon02151:174
Puerto Rico ----81:72
Cameroon ----
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
14.0719:30CRO Croatia93-79CMR Cameroon19-1645-2565-53
15.0719:30PUR Puerto Rico81-72CMR Cameroon22-746-2961-44
16.0715:30CRO Croatia95-81PUR Puerto Rico14-2643-4070-58
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