Men Basketball Olympic Games 2012 Qualification Caracas (VEN) 02-08.07 - 4:30 GMT
First 3 teams Russia, Lithuania and Nigeria qualified to the main tournament Men 2012.
Final rankingwlpfpa
1. Russia40340:267
1. Lithuania31365:323
3. Nigeria32400:388
4. Dominicana23406:442
5. Angola12217:232
5. Puerto Rico12249:226
5. Greece21284:227
5. Macedonia12242:238
eliminated in Groups Round.
9. New Zealand11132:146
9. Venezuela11153:169
9. South Korea02141:186
9. Jordan02115:200
Russia3rdEurope Men 2011
Macedonia4thEurope Men 2011
Lithuania5thEurope Men 2011
Greece6thEurope Men 2011
Dominicana3rdAmerica Men 2011
Puerto Rico4thAmerica Men 2011
Venezuela5thAmerica Men 2011
Angola2ndAfrica Men 2011
Nigeria3rdAfrica Men 2011
Iran2ndAsia Men 2011
South Korea3rdAsia Men 2011
New Zealand2ndOceania 2011
Gamedatetimeteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
3-408.0719:30NGR Nigeria88-73Dominicana24-1947-3959-57 Stats
1-407.0717:00RUS Russia85-77NGR Nigeria26-2346-3166-39 Stats
1-407.0719:30Lithuania109-83Dominicana21-1652-3675-61 Stats
1/406.0711:00RUS Russia80-65ANG Angola25-2143-2660-42 Stats
1/406.0713:30NGR Nigeria80-79GRE Greece21-2130-4250-56 Stats
1/406.0717:00Dominicana86-76Macedonia10-2328-4154-56 Stats
1/406.0719:30Lithuania76-72PUR Puerto Rico16-2240-3857-55 Stats
Groups Round. First 2 to Quarter-Finals. 3rds are eliminated.
Group Awlpfpa
1. Greece20205:147
2. Puerto Rico11177:150
3. Jordan02115:200
Puerto Rico -----93:52
Jordan -----
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 11T2T3T
02.0713:30GRE Greece107-63Jordan33-1256-2385-43 Stats
03.0717:00PUR Puerto Rico93-52Jordan29-1154-2272-32 Stats
04.0719:30GRE Greece98-84PUR Puerto Rico30-2749-4770-62 Stats
Group Bwlpfpa
1. Lithuania11180:168
2. Nigeria11155:151
3. Venezuela11153:169
Lithuania----- 100:82
Venezuela 71:69-----
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 11T2T3T
02.0719:30VEN Venezuela71-69NGR Nigeria17-1829-2751-50 Stats
03.0719:30Lithuania100-82VEN Venezuela23-2149-3680-64 Stats
04.0717:00NGR Nigeria86-80Lithuania20-2041-3867-57 Stats
Group Cwlpfpa
1. Russia20175:125
2. Dominicana11164:169
3. South Korea02141:186
Dominicana ----95:85
South Korea ----
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 11T2T3T
02.0711:00RUS Russia91-56KOR South Korea27-1645-2667-40 Stats
03.0711:00Dominicana95-85KOR South Korea17-1937-4161-55 Stats
04.0713:30RUS Russia84-69Dominicana23-1844-3865-53 Stats
Group Dwlpfpa
1. Macedonia11166:152
2. Angola11152:152
3. New Zealand11132:146
Macedonia---- 82:64
New Zealand 68:64----
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 11T2T3T
02.0716:30ANG Angola88-84Macedonia32-2153-4072-59 Stats
03.0713:30Macedonia82-64NZL New Zealand26-1144-3160-48 Stats
04.0711:00NZL New Zealand68-64ANG Angola14-1240-2658-52 Stats
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