Women Basketball XXV Olympic Games 1992 Barcelona (ESP) - 30.07-07.08 - Winner Soviet Union
All matches played at Palau d`Esports de Badalona.
Gamedatetimeteam 1scoreteam 210mHT30m
FinalFri 07.0822:00Soviet Union76-66China28-1643-3555-48
3-4Fri 07.0813:00United States88-74Cuba25-2744-4462-63
5-6Fri 07.0811:00Spain59-58Czechoslovakia4-1725-2938-40
7-8Fri 07.0820:00Brazil86-83Italy17-1841-4157-63
after Over Time FT 78-78
1/2Wed 05.0813:00China109-70Cuba21-1657-3082-49
1/2Wed 05.0822:00Soviet Union79-73United States20-2247-4159-59
5-8Wed 05.0811:00Czechoslovakia74-62Brazil10-2224-3448-49
5-8Wed 05.0820:00Spain92-80Italy15-1537-3349-52
Italy replaced Yugoslavia
Final Rankingwlpfpap+-ratio
1. Soviet Union41399:361+381.105
2. China32380:372+81.022
3. United States41479:334+1451.434
4. Cuba32390:427-370.913
eliminated after Groups Round.
5. Spain32332:376-440.883
6. Czechoslovakia14315:363-480.868
7. Brazil23385:398-130.967
8. Italy05353:402-490.878
Spain - Host. Best 3 from World Women 1990 - 1. United States, 2. Yugoslavia, 3. Cuba.
First 4 from Women OQ 1992 - 1. China, 2. Soviet Union, 3. Brazil, 4. Czechoslovakia. 5. Italy (replaced Yugoslavia).

Groups Round.

First 2 to 1/2Finals. Rest to Classification Matches.
Group Awlpfpap+-ratio
1. United States30318:181+1371.757
2. China21205:226-210.907
3. Spain12181:238-570.761
4. Czechoslovakia03183:242-590.756
United States-----93:67114:59111:55
China -----66:6372:70
Spain -----59:58
Czechoslovakia -----
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 210mHT30m
Thu 30.0716:30United States111-55Czechoslovakia23-1853-3379-44
Thu 30.0720:00China66-63Spain13-1327-3146-43
Sat 01.0811:00United States93-67China16-1847-3365-52
Sat 01.0820:00Spain59-58Czechoslovakia13-1127-3041-45
Mon 03.0820:00China72-70Czechoslovakia21-1038-3156-44
Mon 03.0822:00United States114-59Spain24-1851-3278-41
Group Bwlpfpap+-ratio
1. Cuba30246:230+161.070
2. Soviet Union21244:222+221.099
3. Brazil12237:241-40.983
4. Italy03190:224-340.848
Soviet Union ----76:6479:67
Brazil ----85:70
Italy ----
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 210mHT30m
Thu 30.0713:00Cuba91-89Soviet Union25-1344-4468-70
Thu 30.0720:00Brazil85-70Italy15-1541-3565-54
Sat 01.0813:00Cuba95-88Brazil14-1334-4258-65
Sat 01.0822:00Soviet Union79-67Italy25-1449-3763-48
Mon 03.0811:00Soviet Union76-64Brazil25-1448-3359-50
Mon 03.0813:00Cuba60-53Italy23-2036-2651-39
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