Women Basketball Olympic Games 1976 qualification Hamiltom (CAN) - 24.06-02.07
United States and Bulgaria qualified for Olympic Games Montreal Women 1976.
This is first time when Women Basketball was included in the Olympic Games programme.
Final GroupwlpfpaTBratio
1. United States30249:214 1.164
2. Bulgaria12228:227+21.004
3. Poland12228:244+20.934
4. Cuba12225:245-40.918
United States----76:7584:6689:73
Bulgaria ---- 77:68
Poland 83:76----
Cuba 84:79----
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HT
02.0712:30United States89-73Cuba60-34
After Over Time; FT: 69-69; Over Time (15-10)
03.0714:30United States76-75Bulgaria42-46
Final rankingwlpfpa
1. United States50408:330
2. Bulgaria33441:396
3. Poland32375:382
4. Cuba42440:394
eliminated in Groups Round
5. South Korea31289:243
6. Italy13237:215
7. France12175:179
8. Mexico03169:217
9..Great Britain04139:317
-. North Korea DNS
Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia and Japan pre-qualified from World Women 1975
and Canada as Host.
Teams qualified from
Bulgaria, France, Poland, Italy from Europe Women 1976.
United States, Mexico and Cuba from Panamerican Games America Women PG 1975.
South Korea from Asia Women 1974.
Teams not participating in Continental Championships: Great Britain and North Korea.

First Groups Round.

First 2 to Final Group. Rest are eliminated. Scores are transferred.
Group Awlpfpa
1. United States30243:182
2. Poland21213:222
3. France12175:179
4. Mexico03169:217
-. North Korea DNS
United States----84:6679:5980:57
Poland ----65:6182:77
France ----55:35
Mexico ----
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HT
24.0619:00United States80-57Mexico37-21
25.0619:00United States79-59France39-34
28.0615:00United States84-66Poland42-29
transferred to Final Group
Group Bwlpfpa
1. Bulgaria31290:237
2. Cuba31283:226
3. South Korea31289:243
4. Italy13237:215
5. Great Britain04139:317
Bulgaria----77:65 77:5771:45
Cuba ----77:7051:5087:29
South Korea67:65 ----62:6190:40
Italy ----69:25
Great Britain ----
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HT
24.0611:00South Korea67-65Bulgaria31-34
25.0611:00Italy69-25Great Britain38-14
25.0621:00Cuba77-70South Korea35-39
26.0613:30South Korea90-40Great Britain40-19
transferred to Final Group
28.0611:00Bulgaria71-45Great Britain40-24
28.0619:00South Korea62-61Italy31-36
30.0611:00Cuba87-29Great Britain43-16
1. United StatesptsPFFTG
4. Cindy Brogdon2967/104
5. Sue Rojcewiz3684/64
6. Ann Meyers34146/85
7. Lusia Harris611715/245
8. Nancy Dunkle48156/125
9. Charlotte Lewis630/22
10.Nancy Liebermann2292/44
11.Gail Marquis6 2
12.Patricia Roberts461514/205
13.Mary Anne O'Connor2363/45
14.Patricia Head4793/65
15.Julienne Simpson42166/85
2. BulgariaptsPFFTG
4. Nadka Golcheva4082/45
5. Penka Metodieva42132/46
6. Petkana Makaveeva962112/186
7. Snehana Mihailova311413/184
8. Krassimira Gyurova642/44
9. Krassimira Bogdanova411513/286
10.Todorka Yordanova1143/63
11.Diana Dilova8102/65
12.Margarita Sgtarkelova49107/166
13.Maria Stoyanova12212/46
14.Guirguina Skerlatova2163/45
15.Penka Stoyanova842030/386
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