Women Basketball Olympic Games 1984 qualification Havana (CUB) - 05-16.05
Final Groupwlgfga
1. China61478:422
2. Yugoslavia52473:430
3. Canada52543:511
4. Hungary43504:499
5. Cuba34483:498
6. South Korea25442:485
7. Australia25469:485
8. Czechoslovakia16432:494
China, Yugoslavia, Canada, and Hungary qualified to Olympic Women 1984
After Soviet Union led Eastern Block "Non participation" South Korea and Australia replaced Soviet Union and Hungary.
China----62:60 78:6673:6572:3769:6455:48
Yugoslavia ----83:74 56:5474:6170:5471:51
Canada82:69 ----86:85 79:6869:6171:58
Hungary 74:59 ----74:6166:63 72:69
Cuba 87:82 ----74:6967:65
South Korea ----73:6371:57
Australia 83:67 ----79:70
Czechoslovakia 79:75 ----
dateteam 1scoreteam 2HT
11.05YUG Yugoslavia56-54CUB Cuba25-26
aOT , FT 52-52
11.05AUS Australia79-70Czechoslvakia29-33
11.05CAN Canada86-85HUN Hungary45-44
11.05CHN China72-37KOR South Korea38-24
12.05CUB Cuba87-82CAN Canada46-46
12.05YUG Yugoslavia71-51Czechoslvakia35-25
12.05CHN China78-66HUN Hungary35-29
12.05KOR South Korea73-63AUS Australia38-30
13.05CAN Canada69-61AUS Australia32-25
13.05CHN China62-60YUG Yugoslavia48-49
13.05HUN Hungary74-61CUB Cuba36-45
13.05KOR South Korea71-57TCH Czechoslovakia37-25
14.05HUN Hungary72-69TCH Czechoslovakia36-45
14.05CUB Cuba67-65AUS Australia35-37
14.05CAN Canada82-69CHN China37-33
14.05YUG Yugoslavia74-61KOR South Korea46-29
15.05CAN Canada71-58TCH Czechoslovakia35-26
15.05HUN Hungary66-63KOR South Korea37-33
15.05YUG Yugoslavia70-54AUS Australia33-29
15.05CHN China73-65CUB Cuba38-36
16.05CHN China69-64AUS Australia
16.05CAN Canada79-68KOR South Korea
16.05HUN Hungary74-59YUG Yugoslavia
16.05TCH Czechoslovakia79-75CUB Cuba42-31
Final rankingwlpfpa
1. China91741:614
2. Yugoslavia72622:546
3. Canada72711:650
4. Hungary73763:689
5. Cuba64763:640
6. South Korea55666:633
7. Australia55710:674
8. Czechoslovakia46674:651
eliminated in First Groups Round
9. Italy22264:228
16.Great Britain03159:235
First Groups Round
Group AGroup B
Group CGroup D
Hungary played in Drujba Tournament.
Groups Round
First 2 to Final Group. Rest are eliminated. Scores are transferred.
Group Awlpfpa
1. Australia40324:256
2. Hungary31326:273
3. Poland22298:287
4. Sweden13312:313
5. Dominicana04256:387
Hungary -----75:6578:66106:59
Poland -----85:7785:64
Sweden -----106:70
Dominicana -----
dateteam 1scoreteam 2HT
played at Santiago de Cuba
05.05HUN Hungary68-66SWE Sweden34-37
05.05AUS Australia71-63POL Poland37-29
06.05AUS Australia90-63Dominicana
06.05HUN Hungary75-65POL Poland
07.05POL Poland85-64Dominicana39-36
07.05AUS Australia80-63SWE Sweden43-27
08.05HUN Hungary106-59Dominicana56-34
08.05POL Poland85-77SWE Sweden43-39
09.05SWE Sweden106-70Dominicana45-32
09.05AUS Australia83-67HUN Hungary40-41
transferred to Final Group
Group Bwlpfpa
1. China40318:240
2. Czechoslovakia31290:212
3. Bulgaria22260:257
4. Zaire13233:302
5. Japan04242:332
Czechoslovakia -----76:4690:4276:69
Bulgaria -----65:5788:60
Zaire -----65:51
Japan -----
dateteam 1scoreteam 2HT
played at La Habana
05.05CHN China55-48TCH Czechoslovakia32-23
transferred to Final Group
05.05BUL Bulgaria88-60JPN Japan37-30
06.05CHN China64-61BUL Bulgaria
06.05TCH Czechoslovakia90-42ZAI Zaire45-17
07.05CHN China96-69ZAI Zaire43-30
07.05TCH Czechoslovakia76-46JPN Japan40-20
08.05CHN China103-62JPN Japan53-29
08.05BUL Bulgaria65-57ZAI Zaire44-18
09.05TCH Czechoslovakia77-69BUL Bulgaria45-40
09.05ZAI Zaire65-51JPN Japan36-27
Group Cwlpfpa
1. Yugoslavia30232:190
2. Canada21242:222
3. Brazil12234:220
4. Great Britain03159:235
Canada ----85:8383:56
Brazil ----81:57
Great Britain ----
dateteam 1scoreteam 2HT
played at Santiago de Cuba
05.05YUG Yugoslavia71-46GBR Great Britain36-23
05.05CAN Canada85-83BRA Brazil45-49
06.05YUG Yugoslavia83-73CAN Canada
transferred to Final Group
06.05BRA Brazil81-57GBR Great Britain
07.05YUG Yugoslavia78-70BRA Brazil34-42
07.05CAN Canada83-56GBR Great Britain48-27
Group Dwlpfpa
1. Cuba40354:211
2. South Korea31293:222
3. Italy22264:228
4. Mexico13202:296
5. Ireland04195:351
South Korea -----67:6084:3473:54
Italy -----70:4175:49
Mexico -----76:60
Ireland -----
dateteam 1scoreteam 2HT
played at La Habana
05.05KOR South Korea67-60ITA Italy42-21
05.05CUB Cuba82-51MEX Mexico46-21
06.05CUB Cuba127-32IRL Ireland
06.05KOR South Korea84-34MEX Mexico
07.05KOR South Korea73-54IRL Ireland30-34
07.05ITA Italy70-41MEX Mexico27-28
08.05CUB Cuba71-59ITA Italy32-28
08.05MEX Mexico76-60IRL Ireland34-39
09.05CUB Cuba74-69KOR South Korea44-33
transferred to Final Group
09.05ITA Italy75-45IRL Ireland41-19
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