Women Basketball Olympic Games 2020 Intercontinental Qualification Tournaments
10 teams will qualify to the main tournament Women 2020.
ESP Spain1stEurope Women 2019
FRA France2ndEurope Women 2019
SRB Serbia3rdEurope Women 2019
GBR Great Britain4thEurope Women 2019
BEL Belgium5thEurope Women 2019
SWE Sweden6thEurope Women 2019
Reigning Olympic Champion United States from Rio de Janeiro 2016
First team to qualifiy Winner of World Cup World Women 2018 - United States, altough will play in Qualifiyng Phases.
Host Japan - pre-qualified but will play in Qualifiyng Phases.
10 teams will qualify from 4 Olympic Qualifiyng Tournaments. 2 tournaments will qualify 3 teams and 2 tournaments (with Japan and World Champion) will qualify 2 teams.
16 quotas for Olympic Qualifiyng Tournaments including Japan and World Champion.
Europe best 6 teams from Eurobasket Europe/Women 2019.
America 4 quotas from 2 tournaments with 4 teams. 8 will advance to those tournaments from AmeriCup America Women 2019.
Asia 4 quotas from 2 tournaments with 4 teams. 1 of those quotas to Japan. 7 will advance to those tournaments from FIBA Women Asia Cup Asia Women 2019 and Japan.
Africa 2 quotas from 1 tournament with 6 teams. 6 will advance to those tournament from Afrobasket Africa Women 2019.
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