Men Basketball World Championship 1986 Spain 05-20.07 Winner United States
Finals played at Madrid
Gamedateteam 1scoreteam 2HT
Final20.07USA United States87-85URS Soviet Union48-38
3-420.07YUG Yugoslavia117-91BRA Brazil59-47
5-620.07ESP Spain87-69ITA Italy43-36
7-820.07ISR Israel97-84CAN Canada64-45
9-1020.07CHN China112-111GRE Greece58-54
11-1220.07CUB Cuba85-81ARG Argentina45-43
1/219.07USA United States96-80BRA Brazil60-37
1/219.07URS Soviet Union91-90YUG Yugoslavia37-40
aOT , FT 85-85
5-819.07ESP Spain100-80CAN Canada48-37
5-819.07ITA Italy100-78ISR Israel48-43
9-1219.07GRE Greece102-88ARG Argentina44-38
9-1219.07CHN China93-78CUB Cuba51-33
Second Groups RoundGroup EBarcelonaGroup FOviedo
First Groups RoundGroup AZaragozaGroup BFerrol
Group CMalagaGroup DTenerife
Final rankingwlpfpa
1. United States91845:712
2. Soviet Union911044:823
3. Yugoslavia82989:773
4. Brazil64939:900
5. Spain62743:625
6. Italy62666:624
7. Canada53756:603
8. Argentina53655:623
9. Israel44657:707
eliminated in First Groups Round
15.Puerto Rico23383:373
16.West Germany23382:397
21.New Zealand14362:476
22.South Korea05414:534
23.Ivory Coast05322:460
Second Groups Round
First 2 to Semi-Finals. Rest to classification games.
Group Ewlpfpa
1. Soviet Union50546:441
2. Brazil41491:435
3. Spain32414:402
4. Israel23387:455
5. Cuba14399:460
6. Greece05419:463
Soviet Union------110:10188:83114:77129:87105:93
Brazil ------86:7290: 7599: 83115:95
Spain ------94: 6578: 7787:86
Israel ------88:7882: 79
Cuba ------74: 66
Greece ------
dateteam 1scoreteam 2HT
played at Barcelona
13.07URS Soviet Union105-93GRE Greece59-46
13.07ESP Spain94-65Israel48-34
13.07BRA Brazil99-83CUB Cuba53-37
14.07URS Soviet Union88-83ESP Spain47-40
14.07BRA Brazil90-75Israel40-40
14.07CUB Cuba74-66GRE Greece43-37
15.07URS Soviet Union110-101BRA Brazil62-50
15.07ESP Spain78-77CUB Cuba47-37
15.07Israel82-79GRE Greece35-42
Group Fwlpfpa
1. United States41409:344
2. Yugoslavia41438:375
3. Italy32405:431
4. Canada23422:412
5. Argentina23391:411
6. China05411:503
United States-----69:6086:6477:65 107:81
Yugoslavia -----102:7683:8087:68106:82
Italy -----89:8678:7098:87
Canada -----96:8295:81
Argentina74:70 -----97:80
China -----
dateteam 1scoreteam 2HT
played at Oviedo
13.07ARG Argentina74-70USA United States37-34
13.07ITA Italy89-86CAN Canada43-43
13.07YUG Yugoslavia106-82CHN China60-45
14.07YUG Yugoslavia102-76ITA Italy52-39
14.07ARG Argentina97-80CHN China45-45
14.07USA United States77-65CAN Canada38-26
15.07CAN Canada95-81CHN China48-48
15.07ITA Italy78-70ARG Argentina38-31
15.07USA United States69-60YUG Yugoslavia37-30
First GroupsRound
First 3 to Second Groups Round. Rest are eliminated. Scores are transferred.
Group Awlpfpaseed
1. Brazil41478:4192.
2. Spain41488:3951.
3. Greece32476:4474.
4. France32449:4286.
5. Panama14435:5173.
6. South Korea05414:5345.
Brazil------86:72115:95 88:85104:74
Spain ------87:8684:80125:70120:73
Greece ------87:84110:8198:80
France93:85 ------91:88101:84
Panama ------111:103
South Korea ------
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HT
played at Zaragoza
05.0718:00ESP Spain84-80FRA France45-50
05.0720:00BRA Brazil104-74KOR South Korea48-35
05.0722:00GRE Greece110-81Panama33-45
06.0719:00ESP Spain120-73KOR South Korea50-42
06.0721:00GRE Greece87-84FRA France53-39
07.0719:00ESP Spain87-86GRE Greece43-41
transferred to Group E
07.0721:00BRA Brazil88-85Panama45-50
aOT , FT 80-80
08.0719:00FRA France93-85BRA Brazil46-41
08.0721:00Panama111-103KOR South Korea61-50
09.0718:00BRA Brazil115-95GRE Greece56-45
transferred to Group E
09.0720:00ESP Spain125-70Panama58-43
09.0722:00FRA France101-84KOR South Korea49-43
10.0718:00FRA France91-88Panama50-48
10.0720:00BRA Brazil86-72ESP Spain44-37
transferred to Group E
10.0722:00GRE Greece98-80KOR South Korea53-38
Group Bwlpfpaseed
1. Soviet Union50565:3691.
2. Israel32435:4444.
3. Cuba23399:4185.
4. Australia23405:4302.
5. Uruguay23377:4373.
6. Angola14334:4176.
Soviet Union-----114:77129:87122:92111:6289:51
Israel -----88:78 84:7995:75
Cuba ----- 87:7681:53
Australia 98:9172:66-----
Uruguay 77:74-----83:81
Angola 74:69 -----
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HTFT
played at Ferrol
05.0718:00AUS Australia72-66CUB Cuba32-37
05.0720:00Israel84-79URU Uruguay46-38
05.0722:00URS Soviet Union89-51Angola45-29
06.0721:00URS Soviet Union129-87CUB Cuba60-53
transferred to Group E
07.0719:00URS Soviet Union114-77Israel58-36
transferred to Group E
07.0721:00URU Uruguay77-74AUS Australia39-32
08.0719:00CUB Cuba87-76URU Uruguay42-38
08.0721:00Angola74-69AUS Australia36-34
09.0718:00CUB Cuba81-53Angola46-32
09.0720:00URS Soviet Union111-62URU Uruguay58-33
09.0722:00AUS Australia98-91Israel48-40
10.0718:00URU Uruguay83-81Angola29-34
aOT , FT 73-73
10.0720:00URS Soviet Union122-92AUS Australia45-46
10.0722:00Israel88-78CUB Cuba45-32
transferred to Group E
Group Cwlpfpaseed
1. United States50446:3481.
2. Italy41423:3662.
3. China23430:4425.
4. Puerto Rico23383:3733.
5. West Germany23382:3974.
6. Ivory Coast05322:4606.
United States-----86:64107:8173:7281:6899:63
Italy -----98:8778:5585:7698:62
China -----98:84 84:72
Puerto Rico -----81:6991:55
West Germany 81:80 -----88:70
Ivory Coast -----
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HT
played at Malaga
05.0718:00ITA Italy98-87CHN China60-41
transferred to Group F
05.0720:00USA United States99-63Ivory Coast50-22
05.0722:00Puerto Rico81-69FRG West Germany38-31
06.0719:00FRG West Germany88-70Ivory Coast47-38
06.0721:00USA United States107-81CHN China57-39
transferred to Group F
07.0719:00USA United States81-68FRG West Germany47-39
07.0721:00ITA Italy78-55Puerto Rico35-25
08.0719:00CHN China98-84Puerto Rico48-42
08.0721:00ITA Italy98-62Ivory Coast48-35
09.0718:00CHN China84-72Ivory Coast48-35
09.0720:00ITA Italy85-76FRG West Germany39-38
09.0722:00USA United States73-72Puerto Rico42-40
10.0718:00Puerto Rico91-55Ivory Coast43-23
10.0720:00FRG West Germany81-80CHN China46-41
10.0722:00USA United States86-64ITA Italy40-25
transferred to Group F
Group Dwlpfpaseed
1. Yugoslavia50514:3641.
2. Canada41510:3562.
3. Argentina32414:3953.
4. Netherlands23422:4054.
5. New Zealand14362:4766.
6. Malaysia05313:5395.
Canada -----96:8296:79110:74128:38
Argentina -----82:7589:6493:73
Netherlands -----84:66110:66
New Zealand -----77:75
Malaysia -----
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 2HTFT
played at Tenerife
05.0718:00ARG Argentina82-75NED Netherlands36-44
aOT , FT 71-71
05.0720:00YUG Yugoslavia118-81NZL New Zealand61-43
05.0722:00CAN Canada128-38Malaysia71-17
transferred to Group F
06.0719:00NED Netherlands84-66NZL New Zealand36-32
06.0721:00YUG Yugoslavia131-61Malaysia64-31
07.0719:00CAN Canada96-82ARG Argentina51-30
07.0721:00YUG Yugoslavia95-74NED Netherlands54-47
08.0719:00CAN Canada110-74NZL New Zealand43-48
08.0721:00ARG Argentina93-73Malaysia53-30
09.0718:00YUG Yugoslavia87-68ARG Argentina40-41
transferred to Group F
09.0720:00CAN Canada96-79NED Netherlands41-41
09.0722:00NZL New Zealand77-75Malaysia43-35
10.0718:00NED Netherlands110-66Malaysia56-28
10.0720:00YUG Yugoslavia83-80CAN Canada45-42
transferred to Group F
10.0722:00ARG Argentina89-64NZL New Zealand40-36
Soviet UnionWorld Men 19821st
ItalyEurope Men WQ 1986Gr.A 1st
YugoslaviaEurope Men WQ 1986Gr.B 1st
GreeceEurope Men WQ 1986Gr.C 1st
IsraelEurope Men WQ 1986Gr.D 1st
West GermanyEurope Men WQ 1986Gr.A 1st
NetherlandsEurope Men WQ 1986Gr.B 2nd
United StatesNorth America
CanadaNorth America
BrazilSouth America Men 19851st
UruguaySouth America Men 19852nd
ArgentinaSouth America Men 19853rd
Puerto RicoCentrobasket Men 19851st
PanamaCentrobasket Men 19852nd
CubaCentrobasket Men 19853rd
PhilippinesAsia Men 19851st
South KoreaAsia Men 19852nd
ChinaAsia Men 19853rd
MalaysiaAsia Men 19854th
Ivory CoastAfrica Men 19851st
AngolaAfrica Men 19852nd
Australia Men Oceania 19851st
Wild Cards
FranceEurope Men WQ 1986Gr.C 2nd
New Zealand Men Oceania 19852nd
Malaysia replaced Philippines after the withdrawl of the second on 31st of March for economic reasons.
Groups for the draw
4. Brazil
Marcel de Souza
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