Men Basketball 17th World Championship 2014 - Spain 30.08 - 14.09 - Winner United States
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3Tatt.
Final played in Madrid
14.0921:00USA United States129-92Serbia35-2167-41105-6713,673 Stats
Bronze Medal Match played in Madrid
13.0918:00FRA France95-93Lithuania22-1943-4264-7111,800 Stats

Semi Finals - 1/2

datetimeteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3Tatt.
played in Madrid
12.0922:00Serbia90-85FRA France21-1546-3261-4613,570 Stats
played in Barcelona
11.0921:00USA United States96-68Lithuania21-1643-3576-4915,070 Stats

Quarter Finals - 1/4

datetimeteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3Tatt.
played in Madrid
10.0918:00Serbia84-56BRA Brazil21-1737-3266-4412,550 Stats
10.0922:00FRA France65-52ESP Spain15-1535-2842-4313,673 Stats
played in Barcelona
09.0917:00Lithuania74-61TUR Turkey13-1833-2847-449,752 Stats
09.0921:00Unites States119-76Slovenia29-2249-4286-6413,674 Stats

Eight Finals - 1/8

datetimeteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3Tatt.
played in Madrid
06.0918:00FRA France69-64Croatia7-1523-2246-3412,600 Stats
06.0922:00ESP Spain89-56Senegal23-1741-2862-4313,400 Stats
07.0918:00Serbia90-72GRE Greece23-2046-4264-5513,100 Stats
07.0922:00BRA Brazil85-65ARG Argentina13-2133-3657-4913,450 Stats
played in Barcelona
06.0916:00USA United States86-63MEX Mexico23-1343-2767-3814,200 Stats
06.0920:00Slovenia71-61Dominicana15-1538-2854-4810,324 Stats
07.0916:00Lithuania76-71NZL New Zealand23-936-2658-507,783 Stats
07.0920:00TUR Turkey65-64AUS Australia15-1834-3546-506,339 Stats

Composition and Statistics

Final Ranking
Final RankingwlpfpaWR2010
1. United States90941:6441.1.
2. Serbia54743:72011.4.
3. France63690:6568.13.
4. Lithuania63694:6544.3.
eliminated in Quarter Finals - 1/4
5. Spain61582:4342.6.
6. Brazil52556:48410.9.
7. Slovenia52572:55413.8.
8. Turkey43491:5107.2.
eliminated in Eight Finals - 1/8
9. Greece51486:4395.10.
15.New Zealand24418:45219.12.
5th places in Groups Round
19.Puerto Rico14388:44617.18.
6th places in Groups Round
23.South Korea05316:424 31.
Groups Round

Groups Round.

First 4 progress to 1/8 Finals. Rest were eliminated.
Group AwlpfpaTBWR
1. Spain50441:313 2.
2. Brazil41415:335 10.
3. France32376:357 8.
4. Serbia23387:378 11.
5. Iran14344:406 20.
6. Egypt05312:486 46.
Spain 1st, Brazil 2nd, France 3rd and Serbia 4th progressed to 1/8 Finals.
Even matches between Brazil, France and Spain. Dificult wins for France and Serbia against Iran!
Spain dominated all its matches.
Brazil -----65:6381:7379:50128:66
France -----74:7381:7694:55
Serbia -----83:7085:64
Iran -----88:73
Egypt -----
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3Tatt.
played at Palacio Municipal de Deportes de Granada
30.0815:30Serbia85-64EGY Egypt21-1343-3168-433,000 Stats
30.0818:00BRA Brazil65-63FRA France11-1828-2646-414,200 Stats
30.0822:00ESP Spain90-60Iran27-1848-3370-507,000 Stats
31.0815:30FRA France74-73Serbia20-2134-4260-627,070 Stats
31.0818:00BRA Brazil79-50Iran17-1840-2461-367,070 Stats
31.0822:00ESP Spain91-54EGY Egypt26-1042-2464-377,691 Stats
01.0915:30Serbia83-70Iran21-1841-3866-516,597 Stats
01.0918:00FRA France94-55EGY Egypt23-1549-2668-366,597 Stats
01.0922:00ESP Spain82-63BRA Brazil30-1445-3366-488,810 Stats
Rest Day Tuesday 2nd September
03.0915:30Iran88-73EGY Egypt27-1548-4164-564,122 Stats
03.0918:00BRA Brazil81-73Serbia23-1648-3260-644,122 Stats
03.0922:00ESP Spain88-64FRA France22-1944-3465-508,849 Stats
04.0915:30BRA Brazil128-66EGY Egypt37-1067-2391-486,928 Stats
04.0918:00FRA France81-76Iran13-2337-3363-496,928 Stats
04.0922:00ESP Spain89-73Serbia34-2054-3571-568,559 Stats
Group BwlpfpaTBWR
1. Greece50414:349 5.
2. Croatia32414:398+516.
3. Argentina32418:371-53.
4. Senegal23348:396 41.
5. Puerto Rico13388:446+417.
6. Philippines14383:402-434.
Greece, Argentina, Croatia and Senegal progressed to 1/8 Finals.
The big suprise, Senegal 77-75 Croatia did not change any thing in the ranking!
Croatia -----90:85 103:8281:78
Argentina -----81:4698:7583:81
Senegal 77:75 -----82:75
Puerto Rico -----77:73
Philippines 81:79 -----
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3Tatt.
played at Palacio Municipal de Deportes San Pablo, Sevilla
30.0812:30Croatia81-78Philippines23-937-3157-493,500 Stats
After Over Time. FT: 71-71. OT (10-7)
30.0817:30ARG Argentina98-75Puerto Rico27-1945-3869-495,300 Stats
30.0820:00GRE Greece87-64Senegal18-945-1764-363,100 Stats
31.0813:30Croatia90-85ARG Argentina28-2046-4475-636,109 Stats
31.0817:30Senegal82-75Puerto Rico20-2941-4063-585,554 Stats
31.0820:00GRE Greece82-70Philippines20-1037-2758-455,554 Stats
01.0912:30Senegal77-75Croatia18-1641-3259-524,380 Stats
01.0917:30ARG Argentina85-81Philippines22-2543-3871-616,071 Stats
01.0920:00GRE Greece90-79Puerto Rico20-1941-3368-526,071 Stats
Rest Day Tuesday 2nd September
03.0913:30Puerto Rico77-73Philippines13-2539-4461-574,998 Stats
03.0917:30ARG Argentina81-46Senegal20-1541-2453-385,725 Stats
03.0920:00GRE Greece76-65Croatia16-1436-2351-395,725 Stats
04.0914:00Philippines81-79Senegal13-1937-2449-445,132 Stats
After Over Time. FT 64-64. OT (17-15)
04.0918:00Croatia103-82Puerto Rico28-1653-3684-577,047 Stats
04.0922:00GRE Greece79-71ARG Argentina28-1644-3364-507,047 Stats
Group CwlpfpaTBWR
1. United States50511:345 1.
2. Turkey32365:372 7.
3. Dominicana23347:386+326.
4. New Zealand23347:376-119.
5. Ukraine23344:369-245.
6. Finland14342:408 39.
United States, Turkey, Dominicana and New Zealand progressed to 1/8 Finals.
Ukraine was eliminated by 1 point in triple tie-break with Dominicana and New Zealand.
Easy first place for United States.
United States-----98:77106:7198:7195:71114:55
Turkey -----77:6476:73 77:73
Dominicana -----76:63 74:68
New Zealand -----73:6167:65
Ukraine 64:5872:62 -----
Finland 81:76-----
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3Tatt.
played at Bizkaia Arena, Barakaldo
30.0812:30Ukraine72-62Dominicana12-1327-2748-406,500 Stats
30.0816:00TUR Turkey76-73NZL New Zealand8-1728-3852-566,800 Stats
30.0821:30USA United States114-55FIN Finland31-1660-1889-3911,300 Stats
31.0812:30Dominicana76-63NZL New Zealand14-1634-2751-5014,427 Stats
31.0816:00FIN Finland81-76Ukraine20-2235-3757-5214,427 Stats
31.0821:30USA United States98-77TUR Turkey16-1635-4066-6014,637 Stats
Rest Day Monday 1st September
02.0915:00Ukraine64-58TUR Turkey13-1325-2641-3914,399 Stats
02.0917:30USA United States98-71NZL New Zealand27-2057-3575-5414,399 Stats
02.0921:30Dominicana74-68FIN Finland16-1541-3260-5014,446 Stats
03.0915:00NZL New Zealand73-61Ukraine18-1936-3053-457,290 Stats
03.0917:30TUR Turkey77-73FIN Finland15-1041-2759-537,290 Stats
After Over Time. FT: 68-68.
03.0921:30USA United States106-71Dominicana25-2256-4181-5214,104 Stats
04.0915:00NZL New Zealand67-65FIN Finland18-1244-3257-4515,483 Stats
04.0917:30USA United States95-71Ukraine14-1944-3269-54 Stats
04.0921:30TUR Turkey77-64Dominicana14-1341-2360-4110,303 Stats
Group DwlpfpaTBWR
1. Lithuania41383:331+34.
2. Slovenia41425:374-313.
3. Australia32404:373 9.
4. Mexico23370:372+2424.
5. Angola23375:399-2415.
6. South Korea05316:424 31.
Lithuuania, Slovenia, Australia and Mexico progressed to 1/8 Finals.
Angola beat Australia and relegated it to 3rd place.
Mexico big win against Angola was decisive.
Lithuania----67:64 87:7475:6279:49
Slovenia ----90:8089:6893:8789:72
Australia82:75 ----70:62 89:55
Mexico ----79:5587:71
Angola 91:83 ----80:69
South Korea ----
datetimeteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3Tatt.
played at Gran Canaria Arena, Las Palmas
30.0812:30Angola80-69KOR South Korea16-636-1852-482,700 Stats
30.0816:30Slovenia90-80AUS Australia27-1949-4369-605,900 Stats
30.0819:00Lithuania87-74MEX Mexico22-2745-4167-536,200 Stats
31.0812:30AUS Australia89-55KOR South Korea26-1744-2966-415,524 Stats
31.0816:30Slovenia89-68MEX Mexico24-1846-3765-505,680 Stats
31.0821:00Lithuania75-62Angola23-2238-3563-495,680 Stats
Rest Day Monday 1st September
02.0912:30MEX Mexico79-55Angola15-2036-3557-455,565 Stats
02.0916:30AUS Australia82-75Lithuania30-2047-2862-565,657 Stats
02.0919:00Slovenia89-72KOR South Korea19-2140-3970-568,190 Stats
03.0912:30AUS Australia70-62MEX Mexico22-1933-3259-455,494 Stats
03.0916:30Slovenia93-87Angola17-1744-4365-665,558 Stats
03.0919:00Lithuania79-49KOR South Korea17-1939-2957-337,850 Stats
04.0912:30Angola91-83AUS Australia17-2229-4262-655,647 Stats
04.0916:30MEX Mexico87-71KOR South Korea18-1140-3061-47 Stats
04.0920:30Slovenia67-64Lithuania22-2436-4455-629,713 Stats


19:00 03 February 2014 at the Palau de la Musica Catalana, Barcelona.
Draw Pots
Pot 1 - First 4 in WR: United States, Spain, Argentina and Lithuania.
Pot 2 - Africa and Finland: Angola, Egypt, Senegal and Finland.
Pot 3 - Asia and New Zealand: Iran, South Korea, Philippines and New Zealand.
Pot 4 - Europe 2: Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia and Ukraine.
Pot 5 - Americas: Brazil, Dominicana, Nexico and Puerto Rico.
Pot 6 - Eurioe 1 and Australia: Greece, Turkey, France and Australia.
Draw rules
1. Spain and as top 2 teams, were to be placed on oppsite side of the bracket.
2. Finland could not be placed in a group that already had European team - Spain or Lithuania.
3. Australia could not be place in the Group of New Zeadand.


Qualified teams
ESP Spain Host - 3rd in Europe
USA United StatesOlympic Men 20121st10.08.2012Spain107-100London (GBR)
FRA FranceEurope Men 20131st18.09.2013Slovenia72-62Ljubljana (SLO)
LithuaniaEurope Men 20132nd19.09.2013Italy81-77Ljubljana (SLO)
CroatiaEurope Men 20134th19.09.2013Ukraine84-72Ljubljana (SLO)
SloveniaEurope Men 20135th19.09.2013Serbia92-74Ljubljana (SLO)
UkraineEurope Men 20136th20.09.2013Italy66-58Ljubljana (SLO)
SerbiaEurope Men 20137th21.09.2013Italy76-64Ljubljana (SLO)
MEX MexicoAmerica Men 20131st08.09.2013Puerto Rico66-59Caracas (VEN)
Puerto RicoAmerica Men 20132nd07.09.2013Venezuela86-85Caracas (VEN)
ARG ArgentinaAmerica Men 20133rd08.09.2013Canada73-67Caracas (VEN)
DominicanaAmerica Men 20134th08.09.2013Uruguay86-78Caracas (VEN)
AUS AustraliaMen Oceania1st18.08.2013New Zealand78-63Canberra (AUS)
NZL New ZealandMen Oceania2nd18.08.2013Australia63-78Canberra (AUS)
AngolaAfrica Men 20131st30.08.2013Ivory Coast66-59Abidjan (IVC)
EGY EgyptAfrica Men 20132nd30.08.2013Senegal70-63Abidjan (IVC)
SenegalAfrica Men 20133rd31.08.2013Ivory Coast57-56Abidjan (IVC)
IranAsia Men 20131st10.08.2013Taiwan79-60Manila (PHI)
PhilippinesAsia Men 20132nd10.08.2013South Korea76-69Manila (PHI)
KOR South KoreaAsia Men 20133rd11.08.2013Taiwan75-57Manila (PHI)
Wild Cards - 4 teams - Turkey, Greece, Brazil and Finland.
Italy, Russia amd China rejected invitations.
France, Lithuania, Croatia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Serbia
Australia, New Zealand
Angola, Egypt, Senegal
Iran, Philippines, South Korea
Mexico, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Dominicana
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