Men Basketball 18th World Cup 2019 - China 31.08 - 15.09 - Winner Spain
This tournament was qualification for Olympis Games Tokyo 2020 Olympic Men 2020. Quotas best teams from: Europe - France and Spain, Americas - Argentina and United States, Asia - Iran, Africa - Nigeria, Oceania - Australia. Japan as host pre-qualified. 4 more teams from Intercontinental tournament in 2020 Men OQ 2020.

Quarter-Finals (1/4).

datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________1T2T3T
Tue 05.09.231-:00SRB Serbia87-68LTU Lithuania24-2549-3873-55
Tue 05.09.231-:00USA United States100-63ITA Italy24-1446-2483-44
Wed 06.09.231-:00GER Germany81-79LAT Latvia
Wed 06.09.231-:00CAN Canada SLO Slovenia 50-50
Ranking before 1 4wonlstpfpap+-ratioto
1.LTU Lithuania50482:375+1071.285
2.GER Germany50467:364+1031.283
3.CAN Canada41477:366+1111.303Olympic Men 2024
4.ITA Italy41404:370+341.092
5.SRB Serbia41502:380+1221.321
6.USA United States41507:398+1091.274Olympic Men 2024
7.LAT Latvia41450:410+401.098
8.SLO Slovenia41442:409+331.081
Final Rankingwonlstpfpap+-ratio
9.ESP Spain32428:369+591.160
10.AUS Australia32469:421+481.114Olympic Men 2024
11.BRA Brazil32420:401+191.047
12.MNE Montenegro32397:390+71.018
13.PUR Puerto Rico32444:449-50.989
14.DOM Dominicana32425:444-190.957
15.GRE Greece23392:419-270.936
16.GEO Georgia23379:407-280.931
eliminated after First Groups Round.
17.SSU South Sudan32456:431+251.058Olympic Men 2024
18.FRA France32405:394+111.028
19.JPN Japan32416:426-100.977Olympic Men 2024
20.EGY Egypt23412:411+11.002
21.FIN Finland23425:449-240.947
22.NZL New Zealand23429:463-340.927
23.MEX Mexico23410:467-570.878
24.LIB Lebanon23397:479-820.829
25.PHI Philippines14398:419-210.950
26.ANG Angola14368:410-420.898
27.CIV Ivory Coast14373:433-600.861
28.CPV Cabo Verde14366:432-660.847
29.CHN China14379:473-940.801
30.VEN Venezuela05371:427-560.869
31.IRI Iran05321:419-980.766
32.JOR Jordan05369:475-1060.777

Second Groups Round.

Group K and Group M.

RkGroup Iwonlstpfpap+-ratio
1.ITA Italy41404:370+341.092
2.SRB Serbia41502:380+1221.321
3.PUR Puerto Rico32444:449-50.989
4.DOM Dominicana32425:444-190.957
ITA Italy----- 78:76 73:57 90:83 81:67
SRB Serbia -----94:77112:79115:83 105:63
PUR Puerto Rico -----102:97101:96 107:89
DOM Dominicana87:82 ----- 87:81 75:67
SSU South Sudan ----- 87:6889:69101:78
PHI Philippines ----- 96:75
CHN China ----- 83:76
ANG Angola 80:70 -----
RkGroup Mwonlstpfpap+-ratio
1.SSU South Sudan32456:431+251.058
2.PHI Philippines14398:419-210.950
3.ANG Angola14368:410-420.898
4.CHN China14379:473-940.801
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________1T2T3T
Group I
Fri 01.09.231-:00ITA Italy78-76SRB Serbia23-1940-4259-62
Fri 01.09.231-:00PUR Puerto Rico102-97DOM Dominicana17-1245-4569-74
Sun 03.09.231-:00ITA Italy73-57PUR Puerto Rico25-1539-3651-47
Sun 03.09.231-:00SRB Serbia112-79DOM Dominicana29-1556-3587-53
Group M
Thu 31.08.231-:00CHN China83-76ANG Angola24-2745-4569-59
Thu 31.08.231-:00SSU South Sudan87-68PHI Philippines34-1751-3360-50
Sat 02.09.231-:00SSU South Sudan101-78ANG Angola30-1653-3973-57
Sat 02.09.231-:00CHN PHI Philippines96-75CHN China
transfered scores from First Groups Round.
Group AITA Italy81-67ANG Angola
Group AITA Italy90-83PHI Philippines
Group BSRB Serbia94-77PUR Puerto Rico
Group BSRB Serbia115-83SSU South Sudan
Group BSRB Serbia105-63CHN China
Group BPUR Puerto Rico101-96SSU South Sudan
Group BPUR Puerto Rico107-89CHN China
Group ADOM Dominicana87-82ITA Italy
Group ADOM Dominicana75-67ANG Angola
Group ADOM Dominicana87-81PHI Philippines
Group BSSU South Sudan89-69CHN China
Group AANG Angola80-70PHI Philippines

Group J and Group N.

RkGroup Jwonlstpfpap+-ratio
1.LTU Lithuania50482:375+1071.285
2.USA United States41507:398+1091.274
3.MNE Montenegro32397:390+71.018
4.GRE Greece23392:419-270.936
LTU Lithuania------110:10491:71 92:6793:67 96:66
USA United States ------ 85:73109:81 99:72 110:62
MNE Montenegro ------ 73:6989:74 91:71
GRE Greece ------ 83:74 92:71
EGY Egypt ------ 100:72 85:69
NZL New Zealand 88:86------ 95:87
MEX Mexico 108:100------ 93:80
JOR Jordan ------
RkGroup Nwonlstpfpap+-ratio
1.EGY Egypt23412:411+11.002
2.NZL New Zealand23429:463-340.927
3.MEX Mexico23410:467-570.878
4.JOR Jordan05369:475-1060.777
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________1T2T3T
Group J
Fri 01.09.231-:00USA United States85-73MNE Montenegro19-1837-3861-55
Fri 01.09.231-:00LTU Lithuania92-67GRE Greece20-2039-4364-58
Sun 03.09.231-:00MNE Montenegro73-69GRE Greece19-1436-3050-42
Sun 03.09.231-:00LTU Lithuania110-104USA United States31-1254-3771-65
Group N
Thu 31.08.231-:00MEX Mexico108-100NZL New Zealand31-2257-4178-68
Thu 31.08.231-:00EGY Egypt85-69JOR Jordan22-1440-3659-56
Sat 02.09.231-:00NZL New Zealand88-86EGY Egypt22-2547-3568-61
Sat 02.09.231-:00MEX Mexico93-80JOR Jordan24-2443-4368-65
transfered scores from First Groups Round.
Group DLTU Lithuania91-71MNE Montenegro
Group DLTU Lithuania93-67EGY Egypt
Group DLTU Lithuania96-66MEX Mexico
Group CUSA United States109-81GRE Greece
Group CUSA United States99-72NZL New Zealand
Group CUSA United States110-62JOR Jordan
Group DMNE Montenegro89-74EGY Egypt
Group DMNE Montenegro91-71MEX Mexico
Group CGRE Greece83-74NZL New Zealand
Group CGRE Greece92-71JOR Jordan
Group DEGY Egypt100-72MEX Mexico
Group CNZL New Zealand95-87JOR Jordan
RkGroup Kwonlstpfpap+-ratio
1.GER Germany50467:364+1031.283
2.SLO Slovenia41442:409+331.081
3.AUS Australia32469:421+481.114
4.GEO Georgia23379:407-280.931
Germany and Slovenia advanced to Quarter-Finals (1/4).
GER Germany-----100:7185:82100:7381:63101:75
SLO Slovenia ----- 91:8088:67 92:77100:85
AUS Australia -----100:84109:8998:72
GEO Georgia ----- 85:6070:59
JPN Japan -----98:88 80:71 86:77
FIN Finland -----100:77 90:75
CPV Cabo Verde -----81:75
VEN Venezuela -----
RkGroup Owonlstpfpap+-ratio
1.JPN Japan32416:426-100.977
2.FIN Finland23425:449-240.947
3.CPV Cabo Verde14366:432-660.847
4.VEN Venezuela05371:427-560.869
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________1T2T3T
Group K
Fri 01.09.231-:00GER Germany100-73GEO Georgia22-1643-4170-57
Fri 01.09.231-:00SLO Slovenia91-80AUS Australia28-1649-4066-62
Sun 03.09.231-:00AUS Australia100-84GEO Georgia23-1754-3779-67
Sun 03.09.231-:00GER Germany100-71SLO Slovenia11-2538-3468-52
Group O
Thu 31.08.231-:00FIN Finland100-77CPV Cabo Verde28-1654-3977-56
Thu 31.08.231-:00JPN Japan86-77VEN Venezuela15-1936-4153-62
Sat 02.09.231-:00FIN Finland90-75VEN Venezuela13-1748-3567-62
Sat 02.09.231-:00JPN Japan80-71CPV Cabo Verde17-1950-3773-55
transfered scores from First Groups Round.
Group EGER Germany85-82AUS Australia
Group EGER Germany81-63JPN Japan
Group EGER Germany101-75FIN Finland
Group FSLO Slovenia88-67GEO Georgia
Group FSLO Slovenia92-77CPV Cabo Verde
Group FSLO Slovenia100-85VEN Venezuela
Group EAUS Australia109-89JPN Japan
Group EAUS Australia98-72FIN Finland
Group FGEO Georgia85-60CPV Cabo Verde
Group FGEO Georgia70-59VEN Venezuela
Group EJPN Japan98-88FIN Finland
Group FCPV Cabo Verde81-75VEN Venezuela
RkGroup Lwonlstpfpap+-ratio
1.CAN Canada41477:366+1111.303
2.LAT Latvia41450:410+401.098
3.ESP Spain32428:369+591.160
4.BRA Brazil32420:401+191.047
CAN Canada-----101:75 88:84 95:65128:73
LAT Latvia ----- 74:69104:8488:86109:70
ESP Spain -----96:78 94:6485:65
BRA Brazil 69:65 ----- 89:77100:59
FRA France -----85:79 87:77 82:55
LIB Lebanon ----- 94:84 81:73
CIV Ivory Coast -----71:69
IRI Iran -----
RkGroup Pwonlstpfpap+-ratio
1.FRA France32405:394+111.028
2.LIB Lebanon23397:479-820.829
3.CIV Ivory Coast14373:433-600.861
4.IRI Iran05321:419-980.766
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________1T2T3T
Group L
Fri 01.09.231-:00LAT Latvia74-69ESP Spain17-1229-3247-58
Fri 01.09.231-:00BRA Brazil69-65CAN Canada16-1327-3745-52
Sun 03.09.231-:00LAT Latvia104-84BRA Brazil22-2045-4281-63
Sun 03.09.231-:00CAN Canada88-85ESP Spain21-2138-4861-73
Group P
Thu 31.08.231-:00LIB Lebanon94-84CIV Ivory Coast32-2055-4173-66
Thu 31.08.231-:00FRA France82-55IRI Iran9-1235-2754-36
Sat 02.09.231-:00FRA France87-77CIV Ivory Coast25-2140-4162-61
Sat 02.09.231-:00LIB Lebanon81-73IRI Iran20-1348-3662-49
transfered scores from First Groups Round.
Group HCAN Canada101-75LAT Latvia
Group HCAN Canada95-65FRA France
Group HCAN Canada128-73LIB Lebanon
Group HLAT Latvia88-86FRA France
Group HLAT Latvia109-70LIB Lebanon
Group GESP Spain96-78BRA Brazil
Group GESP Spain94-64CIV Ivory Coast
Group GESP Spain85-65IRI Iran
Group GBRA Brazil89-77CIV Ivory Coast
Group GBRA Brazil100-59IRI Iran
Group HFRA France85-79LIB Lebanon
Group GCIV Ivory Coast71-69IRI Iran

First Groups Round.

RkGroup Aptswindrwlstgfgag+-
1.DOM Dominicana6300249:230+19
2.ITA Italy4201253:237+16
3.ANG Angola2102214:226-12
4.PHI Philippines0003234:257-23
DOM Dominicana----87:8275:6787:81
ITA Italy ----81:6790:83
ANG Angola ----80:70
PHI Philippines ----
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________1T2T3Tatt
played at Philippine Arena, Bocaues, Philippines UTC+8.
Fri 25.08.2316:00ITA Italy81-67ANG Angola23-1743-4061-5721,214
Fri 25.08.2320:00DOM Dominicana87-81PHI Philippines22-1842-4266-6438,115
played at Araneta Coliseum, Quezon City, Philippines UTC +8.
Sun 27.08.2316:00DOM Dominicana87-82ITA Italy13-1938-3969-566,298
Sun 27.08.2320:00ANG Angola80-70PHI Philippines12-1936-3356-5212,784
Tue 29.08.2316:00DOM Dominicana75-67ANG Angola20-1137-3259-604,769
Tue 29.08.2320:00ITA Italy90-83PHI Philippines20-2348-3973-6011,821
RkGroup Bwonlstpfpap+-ratio
1.SRB Serbia30314:223+911.408
2.PUR Puerto Rico21285:279+61.022
3.SSU South Sudan12268:285-170.940
4.CHN China03221:301-800.734
SRB Serbia-----94:77115:83105:63
PUR Puerto Rico -----101:96107:89
SSU South Sudan -----89:69
CHN China -----
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________1T2T3T
Fri 25.08.231-:00SRB Serbia105-63CHN China
Fri 25.08.231-:00PUR Puerto Rico101-96aotSSU South Sudan
Sun 27.08.231-:00SRB Serbia94-77PUR Puerto Rico
Sun 27.08.231-:00SSU South Sudan89-69CHN China
Tue 29.08.231-:00SRB Serbia115-83SSU South Sudan
Tue 29.08.231-:00PUR Puerto Rico107-89CHN China
RkGroup Cwonlstpfpap+-ratio
1.USA United States30318:215+1031.479
2.GRE Greece21256:254+21.008
3.NZL New Zealand12241:269-280.896
4.JOR Jordan03220:297-770.741
USA United States-----109:8199:72110:62
GRE Greece -----83:7492:71
NZL New Zealand -----95:87
JOR Jordan -----
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________1T2T3T
Fri 25.08.231-:00USA United States99-72NZL New Zealand
Fri 25.08.231-:00GRE Greece92-71JOR Jordan
Sun 27.08.231-:00USA United States109-81GRE Greece
Sun 27.08.231-:00NZL New Zealand95-87JOR Jordan
Tue 29.08.231-:00USA United States110-62JOR Jordan
Tue 29.08.231-:00GRE Greece83-74NZL New Zealand
RkGroup Dwonlstpfpap+-ratio
1.LTU Lithuania30280:204+761.373
2.MNE Montenegro21251:236+151.064
3.EGY Egypt12241:254-130.949
4.MEX Mexico03209:287-780.728
LTU Lithuania-----91:7193:6796:66
MNE Montenegro -----89:7491:71
EGY Egypt -----100:72
MEX Mexico -----
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________1T2T3T
Fri 25.08.231-:00LTU Lithuania93-67EGY Egypt
Fri 25.08.231-:00MNE Montenegro91-71MEX Mexico
Sun 27.08.231-:00LTU Lithuania96-66MEX Mexico
Sun 27.08.231-:00MNE Montenegro89-74EGY Egypt
Tue 29.08.231-:00LTU Lithuania91-71MNE Montenegro
Tue 29.08.231-:00EGY Egypt100-72MEX Mexico
RkGroup Ewonlstpfpap+-ratio
1.GER Germany30267:220+471.214
2.AUS Australia21289:246+431.175
3.JPN Japan12250:278-280.899
4.FIN Finland03235:297-620.791
GER Germany-----85:8281:63101:75
AUS Australia -----109:8998:72
JPN Japan -----98:88
FIN Finland -----
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________1T2T3T
Sat 26.08.231-:00GER Germany81-63JPN Japan
Sat 26.08.231-:00AUS Australia98-72FIN Finland
Mon 28.08.231-:00GER Germany85-82AUS Australia
Mon 28.08.231-:00JPN Japan98-88FIN Finland
Wed 30.08.231-:00GER Germany101-75FIN Finland
Wed 30.08.231-:00AUS Australia109-89JPN Japan
RkGroup Fwonlstpfpap+-ratio
1.SLO Slovenia30280:229+511.223
2.GEO Georgia21222:207+151.072
3.CPV Cabo Verde12218:252-340.865
4.VEN Venezuela03219:251-320.873
SLO Slovenia-----88:6792:77100:85
GEO Georgia -----85:6070:59
CPV Cabo Verde -----81:75
VEN Venezuela -----
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________1T2T3T
Sat 26.08.231-:00SLO Slovenia100-85VEN Venezuela
Sat 26.08.231-:00GEO Georgia85-60CPV Cabo Verde
Mon 28.08.231-:00SLO Slovenia88-67GEO Georgia
Mon 28.08.231-:00CPV Cabo Verde81-75VEN Venezuela
Wed 30.08.231-:00SLO Slovenia92-77CPV Cabo Verde
Wed 30.08.231-:00GEO Georgia70-59VEN Venezuela
RkGroup Gwonlstpfpap+-ratio
1.ESP Spain30275:207+681.329
2.BRA Brazil21267:232+351.151
3.CIV Ivory Coast12212:252-400.841
4.IRI Iran03193:256-630.754
ESP Spain-----96:7894:6485:65
BRA Brazil -----89:77100:59
CIV Ivory Coast -----71:69
IRI Iran -----
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________1T2T3T
Sat 26.08.231-:00ESP Spain94-64CIV Ivory Coast
Sat 26.08.231-:00BRA Brazil100-59IRI Iran
Mon 28.08.231-:00ESP Spain96-78BRA Brazil
Mon 28.08.231-:00CIV Ivory Coast71-69IRI Iran
Wed 30.08.231-:00ESP Spain85-65IRI Iran
Wed 30.08.231-:00BRA Brazil89-77CIV Ivory Coast
RkGroup Hwonlstpfpap+-ratio
1.CAN Canada30324:213+1111.521
2.LAT Latvia21272:257+151.058
3.FRA France12236:262-260.901
4.LIB Lebanon03222:322-1000.689
CAN Canada-----101:7595:65128:73
LAT Latvia -----88:86109:70
FRA France -----85:79
LIB Lebanon -----
datetimeteam 1 _________scoreteam 2 _________1T2T3T
Sat 26.08.231-:00CAN Canada95-65FRA France
Sat 26.08.231-:00LAT Latvia109-70LIB Lebanon
Mon 28.08.231-:00CAN Canada128-73LIB Lebanon
Mon 28.08.231-:00LAT Latvia88-86FRA France
Wed 30.08.231-:00CAN Canada101-75LAT Latvia
Wed 30.08.231-:00FRA France85-79LIB Lebanon
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