Men Basketball World Championship Extra 1966 Chile 16-30.04 Winner Yugoslavia
Final Groupwlpfpa
1. Yugoslavia51441:392
2. United States51453:391
3. Soviet Union42423:367
4. Bulgaria33453:476
5. Brazil33426:436
6. Spain15413:457
7. Chile06399:487
Yugoslavia----69:59 85:6979:7368:6591:73
United States ----75:7379:6977:6190:7173:48
Soviet Union53:49 ----83:74 87:5069:59
Bulgaria ----84:8175:7282:76
Brazil 60:58 ----68:6683:74
Spain ----89:69
Chile ----
First Groups Round
Group ACuricoGroup BValdiviaGroup CAntofagasta
dateteam 1scoreteam 2HT
played at Santiago
20.04ESP Spain89-69CHI Chile
21.04BRA Brazil68-66ESP Spain34-36
21.04USA United States79-69BUL Bulgaria
played at National Stadium Santiago
22.04URS Soviet Union53-49YUG Yugoslavia24-20
22.04USA United States73-48CHI Chile37-21
23.04URS Soviet Union87-50ESP Spain42-26
23.04BUL Bulgaria84-81BRA Brazil
played at Valparaiso
24.04URS Soviet Union69-59CHI Chile29-25
24.04YUG Yugoslavia85-69BUL Bulgaria40-35
25.04YUG Yugoslavia79-73BRA Brazil39-36
25.04USA United States90-71ESP Spain34-28
played at National Stadium Santiago
26.04BRA Brazil60-58URS Soviet Union26-30
26.04BUL Bulgaria82-76CHI Chile38-37
played at Santiago ??
27.04BUL Bulgaria75-72ESP Spain29-41
27.04YUG Yugoslavia69-59USA United States34-28
28.04USA United States77-61BRA Brazil36-23
28.04YUG Yugoslavia91-73CHI Chile50-30
played at Santiago
29.04URS Soviet Union83-74BUL Bulgaria
29.04BRA Brazil83-74CHI Chile
30.04USA United States75-73URS Soviet Union
30.04YUG Yugoslavia68-65ESP Spain
Final rankingwlpfpa
1. Yugoslavia81687:596
2. United States81655:567
3. Soviet Union72620:536
4. Bulgaria54646:645
5. Brazil54648:633
6. Spain36631:648
7. Chile06399:487
Group 7-13
6. Panama44444:4482
9. Puerto Rico35234:2534
7. Mexico35447:4491
Group 7-13wlpfpa
8. Paraguay32336:351
9. Peru32302:304
10. Panama32364:343
11. Puerto Rico23336:343
12. Mexico23347:340
13. Argentina23341:345
Paraguay----68:6071:67 69:65
Peru ----74:6355:5452:51
Panama ----84:6275:6775:69
Puerto Rico83:68 bt----80:70
Mexico76:60 ----83:73
Argentina 68:61 66:57 ----
dateteam 1scoreteam 2HT
played at Punta Arenas
22.04PAR Paraguay71-67Panama
22.04PER Peru55-54Puerto Rico
23.04MEX Mexico83-73ARG Argentina46-35
23.04Puerto Rico83-68PAR Paraguay
23.04PER Peru74-63Panama
24.04MEX Mexico76-60PAR Paraguay41-30
24.04ARG Argentina68-61PER Peru
24.04Panama84-62Puerto Rico
25.04ARG Argentina66-57Puerto Rico
25.04PER Peru52-51MEX Mexico
26.04Panama75-69ARG Argentina31-29
26.04Puerto Rico80-70MEX Mexico
26.04PAR Paraguay68-60PER Peru
27.04Panama75-67MEX Mexico
27.04PAR Paraguay69-65ARG Argentina31-29
aet , FT 60-60
First Groups Round
First 2 to Final Group. Rest to Classification 8-13. Chile qualified directly to Final Group.
Group Awlpfpa
1. Soviet Union30197:169
2. Spain21218:191
3. Puerto Rico12177:187
4. Argentina03184:229
Soviet Union----69:6154:5174:57
Spain ----76:5281:70
Puerto Rico ----74:57
Argentina ----
dateteam 1scoreteam 2HT
played at Curico
16.04ESP Spain81-70ARG Argentina39-30
16.04URS Soviet Union54-51Puerto Rico
17.04URS Soviet Union69-61ESP Spain37-29
17.04Puerto Rico74-57ARG Argentina
18.04ESP Spain76-52Puerto Rico
18.04URS Soviet Union74-57ARG Argentina
Group Bwlpfpa
1. United States30202:176
2. Bulgaria21193:169
3. Mexico12170:187
4. Peru03156:189
United States----68:6071:6463:52
Bulgaria ----63:5070:51
Mexico ----56:53
Peru ----
dateteam 1scoreteam 2HT
played at Valdivia
16.04USA United States71-64MEX Mexico34-22
16.04BUL Bulgaria70-51PER Peru32-19
17.04USA United States68-60BUL Bulgaria
17.04MEX Mexico56-53PER Peru24-23
18.04USA United States63-52PER Peru32-27
18.04BUL Bulgaria63-50MEX Mexico32-20
Group Cwlpfpa
1. Yugoslavia30264:204
2. Brazil21222:195
3. Panama12234:235
4. Paraguay03189:257
Brazil ----78:7580:55
Panama ----80:73
Paraguay ----
dateteam 1scoreteam 2HT
played at Antofagasta
16.04BRA Brazil80-55PAR Paraguay
16.04YUG Yugoslavia84-79Panama44-31
17.04Panama80-73PAR Paraguay
17.04YUG Yugoslavia65-64BRA Brazil
18.04YUG Yugoslavia97-61PAR Paraguay43-33
18.04BRA Brazil78-75Panama
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