Men Basketball Oceania Championships
From 1971 Basketball Games between Australia and New Zealand were Qualifications for Major Championships.
Only in 2001 New Zealand eliminated Australia.
datetimevenueteam 1scoreteam 21T2T3T
2015 for Olympic Men 2016
15.0820:30MelbourneAUS Australia71-59NZL New Zealand12-1634-2649-44
18.0819:30WellingtonNZL New Zealand79-89AUS Australia14-2133-4054-66
2013 for World Men 2014
14.0819:30AucklandNZL New Zealand59-70AUS Australia18-2139-3252-54
North Shore Events Centre
18.0816:00CanberraAUS Australia78-63NZL New Zealand20-1733-3961-46
Australian Institute of Sport Arena
2011 for Olympic Men 2012
07.0919:30MelbourneAUS Australia91-78NZL New Zealand26-1847-4573-58
09.0919:30BrisbaneAUS Australia81-64NZL New Zealand24-1536-3453-54
11.0916:00SydneyAUS Australia92-68NZL New Zealand23-2445-4176-57
2009 for World Men 2010
23.0818:00SydneyAUS Australia84-77NZL New Zealand25-2143-4261-64
25.0819:30WellingtonNZL New Zealand100-78AUS Australia17-1638-4074-55
2007 for Olympic Men 2008
20.0819:30MelbourneAUS Australia79-67NZL New Zealand18-1643-3759-46
22.0819:30SydneyAUS Australia93-67NZL New Zealand25-1741-4269-51
24.0819:30BrisbaneNZL New Zealand67-58AUS Australia18-1228-2441-45
2005 for World Men 2006
17.0819:30WaitekereAUS Australia82-69NZL New Zealand17-1542-3158-51
20.0815:00AucklandAUS Australia82-71NZL New Zealand18-2034-2957-47
21.0815:00DunedinAUS Australia91-80NZL New Zealand12-1734-3964-55
2003 for Olympic Men 2004
01.0919:30BendigoAUS Australia79-66NZL New Zealand25-1444-2560-46
03.0919:30GeelongAUS Australia90-76NZL New Zealand17-2139-4364-56
04.0919:30MelbourneAUS Australia84-75NZL New Zealand24-2045-3967-55
2001 for World Men 2002
21.0919:30AucklandNZL New Zealand85-78AUS Australia28-1553-4468-68
22.0919:00WellingtonAUS Australia81-79NZL New Zealand18-1840-4155-60
after Over Time ; FT 70-70
23.0913:00HamiltonNZL New Zealand89-78AUS Australia21-2945-5170-67
datevenueteam 1scoreteam 2
1999 for Olympic Men 2000
Australia pre-qualified as a Host.
02.10AucklandNZL New Zealand125-43Guam
1997 for World Men 1998
01.09WellingtonNZL New Zealand138-46New Caledonia62-17
02.09 AUS Australia97-75NZL New Zealand49-44
03.09 AUS Australia138-46New Caledonia62-17
04.09Palmerston NAUS Australia85-67NZL New Zealand43-43
1995 for Olympic Men 1996
18.06SydneyAUS Australia141-49Amer. Samoa
19.06SydneyNZL New Zealand137-66Amer. Samoa
20.06SydneyAUS Australia107-88NZL New Zealand
22.06SydneyAUS Australia102-62NZL New Zealand
1993 for World Men 1994
07.06AucklandNZL New Zealand92-59Samoa
08.06AuckalndAUS Australia94-65NZL New Zealand
09.06AucklandAUS Australia103-72Samoa
10.06AucklandAUS Australia86-78NZL New Zealand
1991 for Olympic Men 1992
01.06 AUS Australia74-57NZL New Zealand50-35
07.06 AUS Australia96-79NZL New Zealand25-30
1989 for World Men 1990
28.08SydneyAUS Australia91-54NZL New Zealand43-26
03.09SydneyAUS Australia106-55NZL New Zealand54-23
1987 for Olympic Men 1988 Timaru and Christchurch
31.08 AUS Australia116-31Tahiti
01.09 AUS Australia88-75NZL New Zealand
02.09 NZL New Zealand119-53Tahiti
04.09 AUS Australia115-59NZL New Zealand
AUS Australia91-54NZL New Zealand
1985 for World Men 1986
24.11SydneyAUS Australia92-66NZL New Zealand49-29
26.11 AUS Australia96-75NZL New Zealand44-35
27.11NewcastleAUS Australia98-62NZL New Zealand45-19
1983 for Olympic Men 1984
30.08WhangarieAUS Australia89-52NZL New Zealand37-22
03.09WhangarieAUS Australia87-76NZL New Zealand48-36
1981 for World Men 1982 Christchurch
07.08ChristchurchAUS Australia78-55NZL New Zealand33-26
09.08ChristchurchAUS Australia80-71NZL New Zealand49-35
1979 for Olympic Men 1980
05.08SydneyAUS Australia65-41NZL New Zealand32-16
06.08 AUS Australia62-53NZL New Zealand25-21
08.08MelbourneAUS Australia115-73NZL New Zealand47-40
1978 for World Men 1978
01.08AucklandAUS Australia93-71NZL New Zealand47-30
--.08Lower HuttNZL New Zealand67-65AUS Australia29-28
08.08ChristchurchAUS Australia76-69NZL New Zealand44-36
1975 for Olympic Men 1976
06.11MelbourneAUS Australia83-57NZL New Zealand41-23
--.11HobartAUS Australia87-67NZL New Zealand42-23
09.11LauncestonAUS Australia101-63NZL New Zealand49-40
1971 for Olympic Men 1972
07.08AucklandAUS Australia91-56NZL New Zealand51-33
--.08RoturuaAUS Australia107-58NZL New Zealand48-30
13.08ChristchurchAUS Australia117-72NZL New Zealand44-37
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